New Coursera Professional Certificates

The e-Learning platform Coursera presents new professional certificates on topics related to the fourth industrial revolution, hand in hand with technology giants such as IBM, Salesforce and Facebook.
Coursera Professional Certificates

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Coursera expands its catalog of Professional Certificates, thus adding 20 of these postgraduate-level studies, with a dedication of between 5 to 10 months, with depth and guarantee of academic quality thanks to its relevant allies, behind the development of the materials, all of them protagonists of the first order in the latest technological advances and digital transformation.

new Professional Certificates available on Coursera, have similar characteristics to those already available on the platform: they are in-depth studies on topics of high relevance and current demand, which can be taken autonomously by their students, and their completion depends largely on the weekly dedication they want or can assign to their study. Generally, the time to complete them can vary between 5 to 10 months.

Become a Data Analyst with IBM

In the case of IBM the Professional Certificate in Data Analysis, joins six other Professional Certificates that were already available on the Coursera platform, such as its Data Science Professional Certificate   or the Applied Artificial Intelligence. The New IBM Data Analytics Professional Certificate is an in-depth study of one of the topics that is becoming imperative for today's large corporations, and of course thousands of mid-tier companies. Data Analytics is estimated to have a 20% growth in job demand through 2028. This IBM Certificate offers your students in-depth and relevant training in this field, which will enable your students to gain the skills necessary to apply for a contract job, which, it is worth mentioning today, has some of the best entry salaries in the market, no matter where in the world you are.

This IBM Professional Certificate is made up of 8 courses, with all the information that a data analyst may require to learn, even without having more knowledge on the subject. Topics such as Data Analysis in Excel, Python for data analysis, databases and SQL for data science, or data analysis and visualization with Python are covered.

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Sales Development Representative: The new must-have role at Tech

This Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional Certificate in Coursera is focused on offering the knowledge and skills that a commercial consultant focused on the technology industry must develop. The SDR (Sales Development Representative) are the vanguard of the technology business. They offer top level support to their customers with sophisticated solutions for their problems. This program consists of 5 courses, developed by Salesforce for the first time for Coursera, in partnership with SV Academy, a company specializing in training for the technology sector, which was recently listed by Fast Company as the second most innovative company in the education sector, in the world.

Completely dominate marketing on Facebook

Finally, perhaps one of the most anticipated programs by those looking for a robust study that reveals the secrets, techniques, tactics, and strategies to develop successful marketing campaigns on Facebook, and what better if the study is developed by Facebook!


This is the first Professional Certificate that the giant of social networks develops on Coursera, where other technology giants such as IBM and Google already have several programs.

This study begins with an introduction to digital marketing and the major social media platforms, then instructs your students on how to establish an online presence, create posts, build followers, and manage social media accounts. In a robust 5-course study, students will develop skills in creating and managing social media advertising campaigns and learn how to evaluate the results of their Social Media Marketing efforts. This study delivers a Coursera professional certificate and also the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate.

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