What are Coursera Professional Certificates?

Coursera, as a pioneer of the MOOC phenomenon, has evolved the development of its online education model, offering not only short virtual courses lasting 1 month, but also more robust studies, lasting up to one year, such as its Certificates. Professionals.
What are Coursera Professional Certificates

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Coursera, the e-Learning platform created more than a decade ago by Stanford University, has developed new products to keep up with the changes and current pace of training needs in different industries, especially focusing on training on information technologies. the Fourth Industrial Revolution. One of these new products are the so-called Professional Certificates, developed in alliance with technological giants such as Google or IBM.

The current e-Learning offer, especially that of platforms with the academic support of Coursera, every day offers more options for the education and training of professionals to be developed with the highest quality standards of materials and functionalities. This is why these platforms are consolidated as a great alternative for updating professionals in the challenges that Digital Transformation demands in today's organizations.

The Coursera platform begins to develop different innovative formats, different from those MOOCs, to meet various needs, such as Specialized Programs, The master track, but in this article we will talk about another of its most evolved educational formats: The Professional Certificate.

What are the characteristics of a Coursera Professional Certificate?

A Coursera Professional Certificate is designed to offer an in-depth training option in currently highly demanded technological topics, such as Artificial Intelligence, IT, Programming, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Data Science, among others. However, it is not only these topics that these studies address, since there are also, for example, English courses, within the current offer of Coursera. Other features are:

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  • Deep training on a subject: The Professional Certificates deal with essential subjects, especially technological ones, which still do not have a sufficient academic offer available, in study formats such as the usual postgraduate courses.
  • Short study: Coursera Professional Certificates can be obtained in less than a year, and if the student increases dedication, it could take less time than suggested to complete the study.
  • Career Changer: A Professional Certificate can be a booster for a student's professional career or even completely turn around a completely different field. Even Google has developed its Professional Certificates, linked to employability programs that validate them in exchange for a 4 or 5-year undergraduate study, for entry-level or start-up jobs in the technology sector. This is currently valid in the US but it could be an initiative replicated soon in other regions and countries.
  • Academic support: Coursera Professional Certificates are developed in partnership with giants in the technology industry, or world-renowned universities.
  • Reduced costs: The costs of studying a study with this depth and academic quality are the lowest that can be found, with monthly payment values ​​sometimes (not always) of less than USD $40. But since it is a study that is normally studied at the student's own pace, this could, for example, go from a study with a suggested dedication of 6 months, 8 months to only 3 or 4, increasing their weekly hours of study, thus allowing them to further reduce plus its final value.
  • Industry Certificate: Some of the Professional Certificates, such as those of Google or IBM, offer additional to the Coursera certificate, digital badges or certifications endorsed by the industry, and recognized by recruiters. They could also be the ideal preparation to present and later obtain an official certification.
  • Technological resources: The study resources of a Professional Certificate not only include videos, readings and tests, but could also have very real tests through virtual laboratories.

A Coursera Professional Certificate is a great opportunity to train in high-demand, high-paying digital skills across industries with expert instructors from leading companies. These are important advantages to decide to take a step forward in your training.


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