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The owner of the site (hereinafter the OWNER), as owner of the portal, hereinafter the PORTAL, is respectful of the personal data and information provided by the visiting users of the portal. This Privacy Policy details the process of collecting, processing and protecting the data that is provided by our visiting users of the PORTAL, recipients, customers and/or readers (hereinafter, "the Recipients"). By filling out the data form, their subscription to the PORTAL's social networks and/or the express or unequivocal authorization of the Recipients, they declare that they have been duly informed and that they unequivocally accept the treatment policies and purposes described herein. . 

  1. RESPONSIBLE AND IN CHARGE OF DATA PROCESSING.The person responsible and/or in charge of the processing of personal data of the Recipient is the OWNER, a Colombian citizen; domiciled in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, telephone: 305 4679699 and email  [email protected].
  1. PURPOSE OF THE DATABASE. The database managed by the OWNER (hereinafter, the Database), consisting of the information and personal data provided by the Recipient, has as its main purpose the communication with the Recipients for the purpose of offering information on education, academic offer of educational institutions, marketing, as well as its analysis to establish trends or consumption profiles of the Recipients.
  1. DATA THAT WILL BE OBTAINED FROM THE RECIPIENTS. The OWNER will have the power to request their Recipients or collect from their behavior, personal data to fulfill the purpose of the Database. The requested data may be in part or in its entirety, some such as: your name, your surname, address, city of residence, telephone, cell phone, profession, place of work, position you hold, as well as the information that is collected from your computer and your internet browser, such as IP address, data collected through "cookies", software and hardware attributes, among others.
  1. AUTHORIZATION FOR THE COLLECTION AND PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA. By sending your personal data once you have had access to this Privacy Policy, the Recipient grants the OWNER your express, informed and unequivocal authorization for the storage and processing of your personal data.   
  1. PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA HOSTED IN THE DATABASE OF THE PORTAL. The PORTAL will collect, store, use, process and circulate the personal data and other information of the Recipient only for the purposes described and authorized uses in this Privacy Policy and/or in the current laws. Consequently, the Recipient expressly authorizes the OWNER, among other treatments in accordance with the data purposes, for the collection, storage, use and circulation of their personal data for the following purposes and in the following circumstances: (a) Establish communication between the OWNER or the PORTAL and the Recipients for any purpose related to advertising offers and electronic marketing of any product or service of the OWNER or third parties. (b) Analyze, monitor, study and analyze the information in the Database to maintain, increase and improve the services offered by the OWNER (c) Provide the OWNER's clients with the personal data of the Recipients who have registered for the events or advertising campaigns of said clients (d) Report to clients the habits of opening, forwarding, deleting their advertising pieces. (e) Provide the competent authorities with the information that is required in compliance with the laws, regulations or judicial or administrative processes, (f) Prevent technical problems and stop or prevent fraud, attacks on the security of the OWNER or others (g ) Assign, move, transfer or modify the ownership of the Database to other companies or legal entities in case of business reorganization (h) Delegate to third parties, as Managers, the described treatments, within Colombia or outside of it ( i) Protect the intellectual property rights of the OWNER, the Recipients, and the Clients of the OWNER. (j) respond to requirements of the Recipients, confirm their attendance at events, confirmation of information, presentation of proposals, confirmation of data and billing of services.”
  1. REQUEST FOR AUTHORIZATION FOR NEW USES. In case of a new purpose different from the one expressed in this Privacy Policy and in the Terms and Conditions, the OWNER will request the express authorization of the Recipient. 
  1. SUPPLY OF THE PERSONAL DATA OF THE RECIPIENTS TO THE CLIENTS OF THE OWNER. In the event that any of our Recipients responds to the advertising of any Client by registering their personal data in the form provided for it, the Recipient expressly and unequivocally authorizes the OWNER to provide their personal data to the Client who advertises the product or service for which the Recipient has shown interest. This authorization includes your consent for the Client to contact the Recipient interested in advertising through any of the contact information provided by the Recipient, as well as for said Client to incorporate and store the personal data of the Recipient in its own database. for marketing purposes of its products and services.
  1. REFERENCE TO OTHER WEB SITES. When the websites of the OWNER, such as the PORTAL, refer to websites that are not the domain of the OWNER, the OWNER is not responsible for the information or the treatment that these web pages carry out on the data that is provided there.
  1. INFORMATION AND DATA OF MINORS. The PORTAL does not collect information on the age of its users through forms, since within the data requested in the fields to be filled out, the age of said user is not found. However, in the case in which the OWNER, through the PORTAL, collects the information and data of minors, provided that this situation is known to the OWNER, these data will have two handlings:

In the case of the minor's interest in receiving personalized attention and information from an educational institution that is published on the portal, it will be the sole responsibility and management of said institution, once the information from the interested minor has been received, to apply treatment to the information according to what the current law provides in the case of information of minors, ensuring that its handling meets the following requirements:

  1. that respond to and respect the best interests of children and adolescents
  2. to ensure respect for their fundamental rights
  3. that there is authorization from the parent or guardian of the child or adolescent

In the eventual case in which the OWNER develops the collection of data for clients of different educational institutions, and due to some fraud or error, information of a minor is stored, it will be deleted from our databases immediately, once it is known that the data belongs to a minor. 

  1. STORAGE OF PERSONAL DATA. The Recipient expressly authorizes the OWNER to store it in the way it deems most appropriate and complies with the security required for the protection of the Recipient's data.
  1. SECURITY MEASURES FOR THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA AND OTHER INFORMATION. The security measures available to the OWNER seek to protect the data of the Recipients in order to prevent their adulteration, loss, use and unauthorized access. To this end, the OWNER diligently implements human, administrative and technical protection measures that are reasonably within its reach, among which are the contractual obligations of privacy and confidentiality for the employees, contractors and suppliers of the OWNER. However, the Recipient acknowledges that there is no method that is totally secure, therefore absolute security cannot be guaranteed. In these terms, the Recipient accepts this form of protection, declaring that it considers it sufficient for all purposes.
  1. RIGHTS OF THE RECIPIENTS. The OWNER informs its Recipients that, in accordance with current legislation, they have the right to know, update, rectify their information, and/or revoke the authorization for their treatment.
  1. The person in charge of requests, queries and claims. The area in charge of dealing with the requests, queries and claims of the owners to exercise their rights to know, update, rectify and delete their data and revoke their authorization is the OWNER. 
  1. Procedure to exercise your rights. In case you wish to exercise your rights, the Recipient must send an email or physical mail to the contact addresses established in this Privacy Policy. The procedure to be followed for such communications will be as follows: 
  1. Requests and Queries on Personal Data. When the owner of the data or his assignees wish to consult the information that rests in the database, the OWNER will respond to the request within a maximum period of ten (10) days. In compliance with the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012, when it is not possible to attend the query within said term, the Recipient will be informed, the reasons for the delay will be expressed and the date on which your query will be attended will be indicated. which may not exceed five (5) business days following the expiration of the first term.
  1. Revocation of authorization, withdrawal or deletion of the Database. The OWNER guarantees the Recipient the disaffiliation of the PORTAL database, when so desired. The revocation of your authorization, request for withdrawal or deletion of your data from the Database may be done expeditiously and immediately, through the "unsubscribe" or "unsubscribe" option that is included in the communications sent by the PORTAL, sending the request via email to [email protected] .
  1. Complaints About Personal Data. When the owner of the data or their assignees consider that the information contained in the databases should be corrected, updated or deleted, or when they notice the alleged breach of any of the duties contained in Law 1581 of 2012, they may do so. expeditiously and immediately, through the “unsubscribe” or “unsubscribe” option that is included in all communications sent by the PORTAL. In the event that for any reason this is not effective, or if the Recipient prefers, he may submit the corresponding claim to the OWNER, which will be processed under the following rules: 1. The claim will be made by means of a request addressed to the PORTAL with the identification of the Recipient, the description of the facts that give rise to the claim, the address, and the documents that you want to assert will be attached. If the claim is incomplete, the OWNER may require the interested party within five (5) days after receipt of the claim to correct the faults. After two (2) months from the date of the request, without the applicant submitting the required information, it will be understood that he has withdrawn the claim. In the event that the OWNER is not competent to resolve the claim, it will transfer it to the appropriate person within a maximum period of two (2) business days and will inform the Recipient of the situation, with which it will be relieved of any claim or responsibility for the use, rectification or deletion of data. 2. Once the complete claim is received, a legend will be included in the database that says "claim in process" and the reason for it, in a term not exceeding two (2) business days. This legend must be kept until the claim is decided. 3. The maximum term to address the claim will be fifteen (15) business days from the day following the date of receipt. When it is not possible to attend the claim within said term, the Recipient will be informed of the reasons for the delay and the date on which his claim will be addressed, which in no case may exceed eight (8) business days following the expiration of the first finished.
  1. CONTACT. Any questions or additional information will be received and processed by sending them to the contact addresses established in this Privacy Policy. 
  1. PERIOD OF VALIDITY OF THE DATABASE. The data incorporated will remain valid for the time necessary to fulfill the aforementioned purpose.
  1. CHANGES IN THE PRIVACY POLICY. Any material changes we make to our privacy policy will be posted on our web pages. In the case of substantial changes or those that significantly affect our Recipients, we will communicate said changes by email. 
  1. FRAUDULENT USE OF THE PORTAL: the OWNER will not be responsible for the processing of data that is captured by unscrupulous third parties that misuse our brand. For any questions related to the legitimacy or veracity of any advertising made on behalf of the PORTAL or the OWNER, the Recipient may contact the contact information indicated in this Privacy Policy.
  1. RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONTENT OF THE ADVERTISING AND TRUTHFULNESS OF THE INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THEM: The content and information of the advertising messages that are sent through our emails, do not engage the responsibility of the PORTAL or the OWNER, and are of the entire responsibility of the client or person offering the products or services. However, in the event of any problem with the products or services offered through the services of the PORTAL, the Recipients may inform the OWNER so that he may take the measures that, in his own judgment and sole discretion, he deems necessary to avoid future problems.
  1. CURRENT LEGISLATION. The current national legislation on the protection of personal data is contained in Law 1581 of 2012, Decree 1377 of 2013 and Law 1266 of 2008, and other concordant regulations. The OWNER reserves the right to modify this Data Processing policy when deemed necessary, always keeping the most updated version of it at this URL.

Adding, updating or removing personal data 

If you wish to add, update, modify or delete your personal data included in our databases, you may do so by sending the request via email to [email protected].


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