Online Course How to monetize your passions and create a business from scratch

How to achieve a profitable business from your own home? The impulse of your passions and the things that you really like, can be a great engine to achieve it.

Course description

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to work from home being your own boss and doing the things that you are really passionate about?

This for many people is already a reality, the barriers to entry on the path of the entrepreneur have been eliminated by the Internet and social networks. This course is a clear map for anyone with enough desire and motivation to achieve their business dreams. From the housewife who wants to monetize her passion for puppies, to the young entrepreneur with a millionaire idea.

What things will you learn?

In the author's words:

We will learn strategies around social networks, we will analyze the competition and references, we will explain advanced business and marketing concepts, we will systematize our business to be more productive and much more.

Learn what you want. There are thousands of popular courses to choose from.

Not everyone has the skills to build a multi-million dollar business, but by following the steps in this course, anyone can build a profitable business around their passion or idea.

Some topics that will be covered in the course:

Social media strategies

Strategies to monetize

Strategies to continue growing

Practical cases

Aimed at:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to create a profitable business
  • People frustrated with their work
  • Entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales



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