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Jun 09

Today, MOOCs are available to anyone with an interest in learning anywhere in the world. Millions of students enroll every month in different e-Learning platforms where, by making the ideal decision, they access the best training available, often for free. That's bad? Of course not? Although MOOCs seem to be undervalued, perhaps this is about to change.

Jun 08
Future Learn arrives at AulaPro, with its offer of top universities in Europe

It is integrated into the catalog of the best online course platforms in the world offered by AulaPro, with its courses, Microcredentials and postgraduate level programs from prestigious universities and institutions in the United Kingdom and Europe, among other parts of the world.

Jun 04
Evolution of MOOCs

Moocs platforms have had an unusual role worldwide, which has once again put them in the spotlight, as a powerful tool for education to adapt to the new times. What has been the evolution of MOOCs to reach the current point?

Tue 18
5 Specialized Business Programs on Coursera [2020]

The following is a selection of the best specialized business programs offered by major universities on the Coursera platform, whose theme is focused on offering tools to manage a business successfully.

Tue 18
What are Coursera Specialized Programs?

What are Coursera Specialized Programs? How are they different from MOOCs? What level of study do they have? We resolve these and other concerns.

Tue 17
16 of the best productivity and personal development online courses [2021]

At AulaPro we offer you a special selection of the main productivity and personal development online courses from world-renowned e-learning platforms, such as Coursera, Future Learn, Udemy, edX, Linkedin Learning, among others.

Tue 16
13 Best Online Courses in Digital Marketing [2022]

In this article you will find the "The best online courses in Digital Marketing". Moocs from world-renowned E-learning platforms.

Tue 16
The best virtual courses or moocs of programming in Python 3+ [2020]

Explore in this article some of the best specialized online mooc courses in the Python programming language, which were highly valued by thousands of students, so you can start your career or reinforce your knowledge and profile as a professional programmer.

Nov 16
The best virtual courses of Udemy in Spanish [2022]

In this article you will find the best Udemy virtual courses in Spanish, developed by experts, and positively valued by thousands of students.

Tue 04
Aulapro will offer information on MOOCs virtual courses from the Coursera platform

Coursera, the E-learning platform developed by Stanford University and with more than 20 million registered users, has an offer of virtual courses of different levels, developed by the best universities in the world.

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