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Jun 09

Today, MOOCs are available to anyone with an interest in learning anywhere in the world. Millions of students enroll every month in different e-Learning platforms where, by making the ideal decision, they access the best training available, often for free. That's bad? Of course not? Although MOOCs seem to be undervalued, perhaps this is about to change.

Jun 08
Future Learn arrives at AulaPro, with its offer of top universities in Europe

It is integrated into the catalog of the best online course platforms in the world offered by AulaPro, with its courses, Microcredentials and postgraduate level programs from prestigious universities and institutions in the United Kingdom and Europe, among other parts of the world.

Jun 04
Evolution of MOOCs

Moocs platforms have had an unusual role worldwide, which has once again put them in the spotlight, as a powerful tool for education to adapt to the new times. What has been the evolution of MOOCs to reach the current point?

Tue 25
The future of Web Design

What is the future of Web Design? A career always in the professional desires of young people, will be necessary along with global digitization.

Nov 25
Studying a Master in Sustainability: an environmentally responsible option

A Master's Degree in Sustainability is an environmentally responsible option with many possibilities when we increasingly need solutions to take care of our planet.

May 21
COLOMBIA ELECTIONS 2018 What does Iván Duque propose in Education?

What are the 22 proposals of the candidate for the Presidency of Colombia, Iván Duque, in terms of education?

Apr 28
Professions of the future to the year 2030

Young people today face the frustrating challenge of preparing for careers that may not exist a few years after graduation or in the wake of their professional lives. We analyze the possible Professions of the future to the year 2030.

Tue 26
What will be the future of education for Generation Z?

Generation Z has access to information beyond the traditional school and has the resources and capabilities to reach it. More and more new players are entering the race to find the education of the next half century.

Tue 22
Dear Graduating Millennial

Hello my name is Cesar*. I am an adult and university student and I am about to graduate in 2 months. Oh, and did I mention that I'm also unemployed?

Tue 22
5 professions or occupations that will disappear in 20 years

Remember when futuristic movies showed a future full of robots? Well, that future is not that far away. The robots are coming, and they will take our jobs.

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