Coursera Plus IS BACK in 2024! with a 50% discount

The e-Learning platform launches its end-of-year campaign. It offers discounted Coursera Plus and access to more than 7.000 courses, for just over USD $0.5 (50 cents) per day.

Coursera, the e-Learning platform founded by Stanford University, offers the opportunity to access thousands of courses of the highest academic level, developed by the main educational institutions, technology companies and cultural or scientific organizations, with its Coursera Plus program. Find out how the Coursera Plus subscription with a $100 discount works, and how to get the most out of it, paying the lowest possible amount. 

Coursera offers courses from over 200 leading universities and companies to deliver online learning around the world. With a Coursera Plus subscription, you get unlimited access to over 90% of all courses, and the most popular professional certificates and specializations on Coursera.

Data science, business and personal development. You can enroll in multiple courses at once, earn unlimited certificates, and learn in-demand job skills to start, grow, and even change careers.


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*You save up to USD$500 in 12 months, when you go from paying USD$59 for a monthly subscription, to an annual subscription with the promotion. The normal annual subscription is USD $399. With the promotion you will only pay USD $299. Find out everything by clicking the yellow button.

Find out how:

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It's a fact: Coursera Plus monthly subscription costs USD $59 which you will pay, that's right! each month. This would give us a total payable for 12 months of USD708. With an annual subscription, this $708 will drop to $299, which is already a great savings value. 

But if you are serious about your goal of acquiring training that will boost your career, and you plan to develop a long-term study plan that involves a dedication of at least 8 months or more, purchase Coursera Plus as an annual subscription, you can save practically up to USD $509, if you paid an annual or 12-month subscription, with this unbeatable promotion with which you will go from paying USD $299 to only USD $299. Find out how on the Coursera portal CLICK HERE.

Discover the complete list of courses, specialized programs and certifications that you can access by doing CLICK HERE.

It is a great opportunity for students from all over the world to access world-class education, at a price that may not be seen for a long time, at least, perhaps, all of 2024.

It is good to keep in mind that the different formats that Coursera offers have evolved from having small courses that are taken in 4-6 weeks, to robust programs that offer much more detailed and in-depth training, which in particular is being done quickly. more relevant for training in new technologies, digital transformation, programming and in disruptive sectors increasingly demanded by companies such as Big data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, among others.



Specialized programs and professional certificates offered on Coursera are typically made up of 4-8 courses, which build on each other to provide robust training. Normally, this type of training is what is taught in learning formats such as Bootcamps, which offer immersive training for 4 to 6 months, generally also on topics related to the 4th industrial revolution.

Bootcamps can generally cost between €5.000 to €7.000 and with the benefit of a scholarship, could be worth €2.500 to €3.000. Like everything, they have their advantages, such as having a more personalized education, with the follow-up of instructors and synchronous work with live classes.

However, the opportunity of a program like Coursera Plus with a discount lies not only in the opportunity to pay a fraction of the value of a Bootcamp, but also in the possibility of not only studying on the subject of a specific program, but in complete, for the same amount, the training with other complementary knowledge of said subject, which may not be found in said specialized program or professional certificate, or even acquire 2 or 3 professional certificates, which will be much more relevant in your resume of life, I repeat, for the fraction of the value of a Bootcamp study.


Over 7.000 courses from the incredible catalog of virtual courses, available on Coursera, will be available with a Coursera Plus subscription. But something very special is also having the possibility of accessing very popular and high-quality Professional Certificates, such as those offered by the technological giants Google and Meta.

The value of these Certificates consists in offering a direct and official training of these technological giants, with the most up-to-date and relevant content for those who want to be trained in different topics of high labor demand today. But additionally, at least in the United States Both Google and Meta offer the possibility of accessing job opportunities from companies that work in alliance and allow linking those who manage to complete these studies.

Some of the Professional Certificates available with the Coursera Plus subscription are:

  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  • Google User Experience Design Professional Certificate
  • Google IT Support Professional Certificate
  • Professional Certificate in Project Management (Project Management)
  • Professional Certificate of Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce of Google
  • Front-End Meta Developer Professional Certificate
  • Meta Back-end Developer Professional Certificate
  • Meta professional certificate of Database Engineer
  • Certified Professional Meta Android Developer
  • Meta Professional iOS Developer Certificate
  • Meta Professional Certificate in Social Media Marketing
  • Meta Marketing Analysis Professional Certificate


I never tire of talking about the importance of academic quality. That is why I consider that one of the most important added values ​​of the education offered by Coursera is that, for very low prices, people have access to first-class training. In this sense, Coursera's objective has always been to have the best professors, often with Phd's, deans of faculties of prestigious universities, or with experience working in the most important companies in the world, imparting literally the same knowledge that they offer in their face-to-face classes.


Part of the advantages of taking one or more professional certificates offered in a program like Coursera Plus at a discount (as if that were not enough) is that not only does the platform itself have a recognized name, but some of its allies offer additional certifications, such as for example, the digital badges offered by a technology giant like IBM, in its professional certificates offered in partnership with Coursera; that is, you would not only have the certificate offered by IBM and Coursera, but you could also obtain the IBM digital badges.

Some other powerhouses offering professional certificates on Coursera are Facebook (Meta), Salesforce, SAS, and Google. Furthermore, in some cases the courses, especially when it comes to technology topics, would even allow you to create an initial portfolio with the projects that you must develop during the training. All these elements constitute a true PLUS, to give weight to your resume and draw the attention of recruiters, which, preferably if taken as a complement to your professional training, will constitute a comprehensive profile that will help add several points in a selection process.


In short, just acquiring the Coursera Plus plan to train yourself, for a year with the best education in the world, in normal values ​​is already an advantage, but combined with Coursera's end-of-the-year proposal, it is how you would say in English "the ultimate deal”. But in general, with or without discount, the advantages of Coursera Plus would be:

First-class education with professors from the most prestigious universities in the world.

  • Possibility of studying not only one program but several to obtain more than one professional certificate, and even other complementary short courses, for the fraction of the value of a single Bootcamp or Full Stack training.
  • In some studies, in addition to the completion certificate, you could obtain digital badges from technological giants, such as IBM, recognized and desired by the industry.
  • In some courses you will have the possibility to develop a portfolio of projects that could complement your resume.
  • Not only professional certifications and specialized programs would be within your reach. You could also take advantage and take a course on something that catches your attention, for example, history, music, art, that are not part of your professional training, but are part of your personal tastes and hobbies, always with the highest academic quality.
  • This point could clearly also be the other way around, since in such fields other than technology, Coursera offers wonderful programs that would be a great complement for health professionals, artists, administrators, etc.
  • Coursera's 14-day guarantee to cancel Coursera Plus, if you're not satisfied (I can't think why you wouldn't be satisfied, but you can still cancel within that period of time).

If by chance, you are currently taking a professional certificate, specialized program or short course, you must cancel the subscription of said study and then purchase Coursera Plus, to include said study within the program and not generate additional charges.

Find out all the details and consult your concerns on Coursera, by clicking the button below.

We leave you some content that may interest you, and always remember to return to this page to click on the button that takes you directly to the Coursera Plus discount page.

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