Udemy Promotion: Vue: The Complete Guide (With Router, Vuex, Compositing API) – Online Course

VUE virtual course on Udemy promotion. Course with more than 170.000 students on Udemy, with an average grade of 4.8.

come. js is an awesome JavaScript framework for building frontend applications. VueJS mixes the best of Angular + React!

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Udemy Promotion: Vue: The Complete Guide (With Router, Vuex, Compositing API) – Online Course

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No matter what metric you look at (Google Trends, Github Stars, Tweets…): VueJS is the shooting star in the world of JavaScript frameworks , it's just amazing !

This best-selling course teaches the latest version of vue (Vue.js 3) right from the start and in great detail. We'll cover all the basic basics, but we won't stop thereafter - this course also dives into advanced concepts like the Compositing API introduced with Vue 3.

Frontend frameworks like Vue JS are extremely popular because they give us this great responsive user experience that we know from mobile apps, but now in the browser! It is not surprising that the work that require frontend framework skills like VueJS are among the best paid of the industry!

You may know Angular 2+ and ReactJS, well, VueJS combines the best of both frameworks and makes the creation of anything from small widgets to large enterprise-grade applications, be it very easy and very fun.

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And if you don't know the two mentioned frameworks: That's fine too, this course does not expect any knowledge from no other frontend framework; You will learn it all throughout this course!

This course covers it all!

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We'll start with the basics, what Vue.js is and how it works before moving on to more complex and advanced topics, but I'll be honest: It's too much to fit all in one sentence, so here's what I'll learn in this course:

  • What is VueJS and by what I would use?

  • concepts basic (including basic syntax, understanding templates, and much more)

  • How generate reactive data and listen events

  • Interact with DOM (render lists, conditionally attach/detach elements...)

  • Configuration of a development environment or with a workflow

  • Use of  components (and what components are for starters)

  • Una deep look behind the scenes by Vue

  • Link to entries form

  • Send of http requests to backend APIs

  • Authentication and view

  • How to make your app more beautiful with animations y transitions

  • How to create an amazing single page application (SPA) with routing

  • How to improve state administration using vuex

  • How to implement application

  • And much more …

All these topics are taught with real examples and demo projects. This course is packed with exercises, challenges, and larger course projects that allow you to practice what you've learned.

Together with many other smaller projects , we will build a couple of bigger main projects :

  • El monster slayer game - A game that runs in the browser, 100% powered by Vue

  • El “Learning Resources Manager” - A web application that allows you to manage (add, remove, list) your favorite learning resources

  • Application "Find a Coach" - A web application that allows you to register/login, register as a coach, list and filter available coaches, and message coaches.

At the moment, this course includes both my new Vue 3 course and my old Vue 2 course (the section marked “VUE2”). The Vue 2 course will be removed at the end of this year.

Is this course for you?

Now that you know what this course is about, let's see if this course is for you!

Here are three types of students who will love this course:

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Student #1:

You have some JavaScript experience and are interested in what this language can do. You've heard and read that JavaScript allows you to create beautiful web applications and enhance existing web pages. VueJS is your choice!

Student #2:

You already have some experience with other frontend frameworks like Angular (2+) or ReactJS. But whether due to interest or disappointment in existing frameworks, look for some alternatives - VueJS might be what you've been looking for!

Student #3:

You have experience with backend frameworks/languages, but now you want to enter the frontend world as well. VueJS is an awesome option here, it's fun, uses native JS, and is extremely powerful!

Bonus: Student #4

You are disappointed by Angular 2+. Does a good framework need 2 hours to set up? No, certainly not, as VueJS will demonstrate to this student!

Let's dive into VueJS right now!

Visit this course on the Udemy platform

Visit the page of this course on the platform, and learn more details.

Visit this course on the Udemy platform

Visit the page of this course on the platform, and learn more details.


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