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In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in International Business and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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Find in this special content, information on International Business  and related programs such as international business and trade – international business administration – international business – virtual – technology in international trade – international business and business administration – international business administration – international economic relations .
Undergraduate programs at a technological, professional technical and professional level, face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, distance blended or 100% virtual. 
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What are the international business

According to Wikipedia: The term international business refers to all commercial transactions (private and government; sales, investments, logistics, and transportation) that take place between two or more regions, cities, and/or nations within political boundaries. Private companies usually undertake such profitable transactions; the government undertakes them for profit or for politics. Refers to all businesses with activities involving cross-border transactions for goods, services between two or more nations, transactions for economic resources, including capital, skills, people, etc., for the international production of physical goods and services, as well as for finance, banks, insurance, construction and others.

Simon Bolivar University

Trade and international business

International Commerce and Business - Simón Bolívar University
Trade and International Business - Simón Bolívar University

Trade and International Business: professionals with an international vision

The International Trade and Business Program of the Simón Bolívar University was created to respond to the local, regional and national needs that are generated from the Globalization phenomenon such as the projects of the port corridor of Barranquilla, the super deepwater port, international treaties and free trade zones where Colombia participates, among others.

Barranquilla and Cucuta

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Its main characteristic is the preparation of a comprehensive professional who, in addition to being able to direct internationalization processes in the company, masters everything related to international trade and foreign trade processes, framed in the Bolivarian values ​​of humanism and professional ethics.

In their professional practice, the student of the International Commerce and Business program of the Simón Bolívar University can make contact with the productive sector in organizations of the sector, at a local and national level.

In this regard, the director Angélica María Jiménez Chávez details that the Unisimón international business and trade professional has knowledge and skills in the areas of logistics and international physical distribution, marketing, international relations, international trade, international business, foreign trade, research and finance, it is also prepared in more than one language. On the other hand, he says, the program has high-level national and foreign teachers implements academic internationalization strategies such as exchanges, mirror classes, shared videoconferences with students from international universities in real time through the use of new information technologies and communication, among others.

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“In their professional practice, the student of the International Commerce and Business program of the Simón Bolívar University can make contact with the productive sector in organizations of the sector, at a local and national level. In the same way, the development of international practice is allowed under the academic exchange agreements that the institution has”, explains Jiménez Chávez.

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University of Santander - UDES

International Business management

You logo
International Business Administration - University of Santander - UDES

​The International Business Administration program at the University of Santander trains administrators with a solid scientific background, ethical and moral values, leadership aptitude for efficient business management, possesses the socio-cultural, humanistic structure, entrepreneurial and creative ability, and the ability to manage organizations with national and international projection.


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EAN University

International business - virtual

Logo Ean
EAN University - International Business - Virtual

In the International Business - Virtual program, strategies are developed to encourage strategic thinking and capabilities towards global management, based on models and simulators used in the program, which will promote the acquisition of skills for negotiation, based on research, knowledge and intercultural relations, identifying, formulating and evaluating business opportunities in global trade through commercial and financial management, towards the internationalization of companies that wish to be competent in a highly volatile scenario.

Bogota – Virtual

wide recognition

The program is widely recognized by stakeholders due to the level of professional skills in the areas of being, knowing and knowing how to do, and comprehensive training; demonstrates a high social impact for communication solutions and international negotiations in the economic, political and social fields.

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Highly competitive leaders with strategic vision and a multicultural approach to manage change in a global environment". Lorena Piñeiro, professor of the Faculty of Studies in Virtual Environments.

The professional in International Business of the EAN University develops, among others, the following skills:
• Identifies business opportunities in international markets.
• Exercises ethical leadership in conducting and managing business, along with the formation and management of work groups to achieve specific goals.
• Manages international financial processes and systems, using strategies and techniques in the field of business and international treaties.
• Establishes relationships, negotiates and closes business deals and agreements with people from other cultures, looking for adaptive formulas that lead to success.
• Reduces risk and uncertainty by stimulating innovation in products as a result of the development of research processes and assuming its social responsibilities.
• Develops and evaluates investment projects, operating, administrative and marketing systems in order to increase market development.
• Leads companies oriented towards international competitiveness.
• Appropriately implements studies, analyzes and information systems of international business within the organization and its environment.

• Analyze the different cultural variables.
• Acts ethically and with social responsibility in the face of different social, cultural, economic and political realities.
• Develops sustainable business opportunities and leads projects that generate economic and social value.
• Communicates effectively in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments.
• Applies knowledge to solve current problems in various contexts.
• Handles technological tools in professional practice.

Esumer University Institution

Technology in international trade

High Quality Accredited Program 

Technology in International Trade - Institución Universitaria Esumer
Technology in international trade - Esumer University Institution

International Businesses are economic activities that link social groups separated by geographical, political-administrative borders; cultural and foreign exchange. Such activity is limited by ideological positions, macroeconomic concerns; social, sectoral and political interests, which determine the behavior of State institutions as a regulatory entity of relations with the outside world.


Then the need arises for expert professionals, with comprehensive training in the development of skills that allow the development of strategies for the internationalization of the organization, with the ability to interpret the changes in the environment and the trends of the world business scenario in order to participate in the collective construction of long-term strategies for the positioning and sustainability of the organizations involved in this sector, imprinting in their professional practice a sense of responsibility, transparency, professionalism and ethics for the sake of rebuilding our social fabric.

In the program you will learn about the structure of international trade, Colombian legislation on international trade, the economic, social, political, legal and cultural environment of International Trade, the trends and mega trends of international trade, the structure, costs and processes of the International Physical Distribution chain, international market intelligence, international business theory, financial tools for international operations, managerial conception of processes and areas of international operations

Esumer's international negotiator may work in the international trade department of production and marketing companies, financial entities, official entities involved in international trade activities, international purchase-sale, marketing, and logistics departments that support international trade operations. (transport, international insurance, customs warehouses and warehouses, customs agents, cargo agents, etc.), advisory and consultancy companies in International Physical Distribution Logistics, marketing, customs, exchange, tariff regimes, business associations with a focus on in international trade.

The objective of Esumer's International Business course is to train professionals with the ability to manage the international business of organizations, within a context of globalization and an open economy that allows them to understand the trends in international business, the conditions of the environment, while stimulating a creative attitude, based on ethical and moral values, with an entrepreneurial and prospective attitude, with a clear social and environmental responsibility for their professional performance.
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Autonomous University of Manizales

International business and business administration

Logo Autonomous University of Manizales
Business Administration and International Business - Autonomous University of Manizales

Business administration and international business at UAM

The Business Administration and International Business programs of the Faculty of Social and Business Studies of the Autonomous University of Manizales, train successful professionals, capable of directing and managing companies in international environments.


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UAM professionals are capable of solving organizational, social and economic problems, understanding cultural heterogeneity, market factors and business conditions, due to their critical, analytical and innovative capacity and their ethics.

The seal that UAM prints on Business Administration graduates and professionals in International Business, makes them recognized in the labor market, thanks to academic excellence, professional practices, research groups, connection with universities and companies in the world and language training.

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EAM University Institution

International Business management

International Business Administration - Eam University Institution
International Business Administration - EAM University Institution

A globalized world needs responsible professionals, dreamers, who like to travel and interconnect cultures, who have leadership skills and management capacity to generate positive synergies that contribute to the development of the company, the region and the country.


At EAM we train qualified human talent to formulate and execute internationalization processes in organizations, we provide academic tools and strengthen managerial and entrepreneurial skills that contribute to organizational competitiveness and facilitate international negotiation processes.

Studying International Business Administration will allow you to learn about cultures, encourage foreign investment and generate sources of employment, helping local businesses carry out import and export processes and achieve a corporate link between regional and international companies.
Come to EAM, dream, travel, meet, study the career of your dreams and obtain three degrees in four and a half years in a quality University Institution.

Augustinian University - UNIAGUSTINIANA

International Business

International Business - Universitaria Agustiniana - Uniagustiniana
International Business - Agustinian University - UNIAGUSTINIANA

The professional in International Business will have the ability to apply knowledge and innovation in negotiation processes, identifying opportunities in successful projects and emphasizing more in the development of skills, competencies and professional skills, contributing elements in decision making to guarantee the permanence and growth of national, multinational, exporting or importing companies in the public and private sectors. Those who seek to consolidate their products in the different markets, in addition to satisfying the needs of the environment.


Cafam University Foundation

International Business

Industrial Engineering - Universitaria Agustiniana - Uniagustiniana
Industrial Engineering - Augustinian University - UNIAGUSTINIANA

A world of opportunities at your fingertips.

The purpose of the International Business program of the Cafam University Foundation is to train its professionals with the ability to manage organizations in the international field, through the development of strategies that allow them to achieve competitiveness through international business negotiations, through the conceptualization of global markets.


Objective of the program

• The program seeks to train the student in an integral way, by developing transversal concepts in their training, such as communication skills, research skills and the humanistic component, maintaining the ethical principles and characteristic values ​​of the Cafam University Foundation.
• The Study Plan delves into the themes of the global cultural and economic environment, offering a panorama of different business opportunities.

• Training in second and third languages ​​is included, such as:
• 7 levels of English that allow the student to obtain mastery of the language by finishing with the first level B2 (advanced).
• 4 levels of a second language, Portuguese, ending with a medium level.
• The internship is developed in the last semester, which allows the student to have contact with the business sector at a national and international level, given the agreements that the Foundation has.

Autonomous University of Colombia - FUAC

international economic relations

Fuac Logo
International economic relations - Autonomous University of Colombia - FUAC

The International Economic Relations Program of the Autonomous University of Colombia is an academic program committed to the integral formation of its entire academic community and to the production of scientific knowledge that allows its professors and students to interpret contemporary economic and international problems for this way to direct, plan, manage and lead processes and generate proposals that allow the successful insertion of Colombia in international integration scenarios in a democratic, independent, participatory and pluralistic manner.


The Autonomous University of Colombia is a democratic, independent, participatory and pluralistic academic center, committed to the development of the human person and to the realization of the essential values ​​of the Colombian legal system through the cultivation of rational knowledge, with a view to comprehensive training. , research and the participation of the university community in the socioeconomic, cultural and political life of the nation

The International Economic Relations Program of the Autonomous University of Colombia will be an accredited program seeking to achieve an outstanding participation in the field of International Relations and Business, both at an academic, business and political level.

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CEIPA - Business School

International Business management

Logo Ceipa Business School
International Business Administration - CEIPA - Business School

How about studying International Business Administration differently?

Studying International Business Administration allows you to acquire skills to plan, organize, control and direct the organization's internationalization strategies and processes, contributing to objectives that generate value. Acting with criteria of integrity, entrepreneurship and commitment.

Face-to-face: Medellin
Blended (80% virtual – 20% face-to-face): Barranquilla
100% virtual: from anywhere in the country

Different Education is:
Graduation in 4 years
Methodology by problem cores
Face-to-face mode or 100% virtual (flexibility to change the mode at any time)
Financial Laboratory and BVC point
Entrepreneurship Center Laboratory Insight lab

Pilot university of colombia

International Business

Unipilot Logo
International business - Pilot University of Colombia

Cross borders and get to know foreign markets, study International Business at Unipiloto

The International Negotiator of the Pilot University is a creative and analytical professional with capacity and imagination, to design, develop and undertake projects and global business plans; adept at finding opportunities and closing deals; with critical capacity, open, competent for the investigation of new global markets; that they make it successful in the results and with significant profits; able to interact and adapt to changes, advances and technological innovations in global scenarios.


Professional who acts with a humanistic and ethical sense in teamwork and who exercises his profession in a fair manner towards himself and his environment, faces the challenges of market globalization and economic internationalization, to efficiently manage and administer assets and services with a social meaning.

Our traders cross borders from day one, always developing tools defined by their capabilities and imagination under the deep experience that trading opportunities provide.

The international business professional will work in their own business operating structure, in both public and private local and multinational organizations; to occupy executive, managerial, international relations, and international consulting positions. He will advise organizations on business plans and projects, markets, financial engineering operations, infrastructure projects and international trade operations. He will provide professional services for the creation of companies destined for the export or import of goods and/or services. He will work as a market researcher, teacher in related areas and manager of public policies related to trade, international relations and international diplomacy.

Escolme University Institution

International Business

International Business - Escolme University Institution
International Business - Escolme University Institution

Focus your business ideals on competent international markets

The institution stands out for providing responsible training that allows professionals in International Business to: measure the impact of their decisions at a business, environmental and social level. Understand the context in which it operates, with knowledge of the social, legal, economic and political aspects that influence various world events.


In turn, articulate the various areas of knowledge with a critical and functional sense of administrative management to undertake internationalization processes; integrating professionals with global vision, creative, flexible and innovative. Able to perform in changing environments.

Professionals in International Business are recognized for their promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit in all areas where they work.

Graduates of the International Business program will be able to prepare and design international business plans and projects in various production sectors and participate in their development. Likewise, look for the possibilities of carrying out transactions at an international level, and carry out the negotiations in an agile and adequate manner, through the information and knowledge obtained in this field.

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