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What is Mechatronics Engineering

According to Wikipedia: Mechatronics engineering is a discipline that is used to design robots and products that involve a control system for the design of intelligent products or processes, which seeks to create more complex machinery to facilitate the activities of the human being through of electronic processes in the mechanical industry, mainly. This discipline unites mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, control engineering and computer engineering. Because it combines several engineerings into one, its strong point is versatility.

EIA University

Mechatronics Engineering

High Quality Accredited Program.

Mechatronic Engineering - Eia University
Mechatronics Engineering - EIA University

Intelligent automation for competitive, secure and efficient organizations

Have you ever been interested in robotics and automation technology? Would you like to design and create smart equipment?

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In the modern world, machines are increasingly autonomous requiring minimal human intervention. These flexible machines, with intelligent systems capable of reprogramming, are designed to perform multiple functions that replace labor in high-risk and insecure situations, positively impacting the technological development of industries and the country in general.

Under this premise, the EIA University Mechatronics Engineering program is committed to offering an education with the highest quality standards, based on an active learning methodology that links the student to solving problems in their professional field and participates in their training through the development of experimental practices, business experiences, case studies and learning projects.

Mechatronics Engineering at EIA University

The dynamic curriculum will allow the student to know and learn about the design, commissioning and maintenance of intelligent, efficient, reliable, safe and versatile mechatronic systems, through the development of automation technologies and production flexibility, as well as intelligent robots, computer-aided monitoring and control systems, and the design of large-scale prototypes, equipment and processes using CAD/CAM/CAE tools and PLM systems.

The field of action of the Mechatronics Engineer is not restricted to the productive sector, since it can also offer technological solutions in the health, transportation, communications and environment sectors, among others.
Finally, being the first training program of this type offered in the region, the trajectory is reflected in the social recognition and national and international prestige that our students and graduates receive in the sector.

EAM University Institution

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering - Eam University Institution
Mechatronics Engineering - EAM University Institution

Mechatronics engineers are comprehensive professionals as they are capable of providing industrial solutions supported by different areas such as electronics, mechanics, programming and automation; They are trained to identify and design solutions allowing the optimization of processes in an innovative way. 


EAM mechatronics engineering, a comprehensive academic program

EAM graduates are characterized by their capacity for collaborative and individual work, developing skills in field work, research and innovation supported by the use of technologies, preparing to meet the needs demanded by industry and society.
The skills developed by these engineers are leadership, collaboration, invention, originality, mastery in the area of ​​basic sciences, responsibility, skill in experimental work, creativity and constant motivation to improve products or processes.

Augustinian University - UNIAGUSTINIANA

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering - Universitaria Agustiniana - Uniagustiniana
Mechatronics Engineering - Agustinian University - UNIAGUSTINIANA

The applicant to be a student of Mechatronics Engineering, must be a bachelor, characterized by being a person with a marked taste for the areas of science and technology, with an experimental and exploratory sense that identifies him as a proactive being in the solution of problems with an approach holistic, likewise must be a person with ethical and moral principles, with an attitude of teamwork and with the capacity for research, mathematical logical reasoning, communication and analysis.


Comprehensive engineers to solve real problems

The Mechatronics Engineer of the Agustiniana University will have the necessary skills to provide complete industrial automation, mechatronics and robotics solutions in a context that requires projects tailored to the needs of a productive sector with high potential for: technological reconversion of machinery, development of new technological systems that integrate industrial processes to increase productivity in order to make Colombian companies more competitive in the global market, development of new business units in the area of ​​products and services of mechatronic systems to control savings and efficiency energetic.

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Pilot university of colombia

Mechatronics Engineering

Unipilot Logo
Mechatronics Engineering - Pilot University of Colombia

The Mechatronics Engineer at Universidad Piloto develops the theoretical principles and their state-of-the-art technology applications, generating automation and intelligent control solutions for multiple applications in industry, agriculture and entertainment, responding to new manufacturing paradigms for the XNUMXst century; Its creative and innovative capacity based on flexibility and process updating will allow it to overcome previous stages of competitiveness, opening a vision of development that far exceeds monodisciplinary professions.


High technology, innovation in electronic systems, advances in robotics and mechanical engineering are mixed to produce solution developers that update and prepare the company for the future.

Prepare companies for the future, Study Mechatronics Engineering at Unipiloto

His engineering skills allow him to analyze, diagnose, design, create, build, evaluate, manage and audit mechanization and automation processes. Ability to work as a team managing innovation activities and technology transfer analysis.

It is the new engineering profession whose futuristic and interdisciplinary perspective allows young people to design and build intelligent products to meet the needs of future societies; As a synergistic integration of electronic engineering, high-precision mechanical engineering, intelligent control and sensor systems, it offers innovations in the design and manufacture of products and processes within the framework of a solid ethical and comprehensive training.

This program is enriched with the experience of our institution in telecommunications engineering, systems, and in specializations such as project management and telecommunications in which it has had numerous successes in international competitions, developing research projects applied to the industry.


Mechatronics Engineering

Logo - Uniagraria
Mechatronics Engineering - Uniagraria

At UNIAGRARIA we develop the device to achieve your goals in the future, study Mechatronics Engineering and discover how to do it

If you are one of those who have always dreamed of creating devices that can perform different actions or tasks, you are what we were looking for. At UNIAGRARIA you will be able to identify and differentiate chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics of materials to develop high-tech devices that make daily life processes more efficient. 


You will also be able to make the right decisions by applying clear evaluation criteria to choose the best alternatives for solving real efficiency and effectiveness problems in the primary and agro-industrial sector, a plus that only UNIAGRARIA offers you. In addition to understanding and applying the theories of dynamics, hydraulics, electronics, pneumatics and robotics for the design of equipment and the control of production systems focused mainly on agronics and interpreting the reality of the agricultural sector in the region, proposing and evaluating projects oriented to the social and economic development of the country and the region based on ethical criteria and social responsibility.

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Be our next mechatronic genius by helping your environment and letting yourself be carried away by creativity and the generation of cutting-edge devices.

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