COLOMBIA ELECTIONS 2018 What does Iván Duque propose in Education?

What are the 22 proposals of the candidate for the Presidency of Colombia, Iván Duque, in terms of education?
Contrary to popular belief, Iván Duque's candidacy for the presidency has education as one of its main sectors to work on. Of 9 categories in which he has divided his government program, Education ranks 3rd in terms of the number of proposals with 22, after the categories of justice and employment with 35 and 32 respectively.

The country has become aware of education and this component of the proposals has gained more and more strength, as a factor that will make a difference in the social and economic transformation of the country. Some candidates have taken it as their campaign flag, but in recent interviews the strength of those proposals thatHowever, they are unaware of the needs of key sectors in education such as teachers. This is why, as has always been known, what is truly important will be to give each of the candidates the benefit of the doubt, not to take anything for granted and to carefully review what the candidates are proposing, regardless of whether they have decided to take one flag or another. The sensible and balanced thing is to review what each candidate proposes and determine the viability and convenience of their proposals and how much they can benefit us not only personally but as a society.


The nutritional quality of Colombians, mainly of the most vulnerable, is the basis for preparing children for learning, in a way that ensures comprehensive nutrition and stimulation for all. Here begins to guarantee true equity in opportunities.

Preschool education will focus on the development of children's cognitive and non-cognitive abilities. After growing up well, our children need to learn how to learn. Our best teachers should focus on early childhood education, and a significant portion of the royalties will go towards creating a fund to make this a sustainable reality.

Pre-school education will also focus on skills development. We will implement the plan of 1.000 public and public-private preschools in partnership with private providers and teacher associations.

There will be no first and second grade students in Colombia. Unique day for all. Everyone to classrooms all day, all week! Complete education from mathematics to the arts is a right that will be enforced for all Colombians.

Secondary education will have, in the last three years of training, a technical degree in skills related to the economic vocation of each region.

School directives for the future. School boards must be the best of the best. From leadership to knowledge to administration we must seduce our best people.

We will give you recognition and rewards, not only in money, but in training, validation and status, your rewards will be proportional to the result of your students. The "contemporary teacher" who is committed to the future of our country deserves all our support and recognition. But just as the commitment is serious, so will the rewards, based on quality, commitment and results.

Icetex will partially forgive the debt of those students who, after receiving the credit, obtain Magna Cum Laude degrees or honors average in their careers. Additionally, new and better term and interest rate offers will be identified for lower-income students.

We will promote accessible programmed savings for higher education, so that the middle class guarantees the completion of their studies.

We will create family schools. Everything is accompanied by mothers and fathers (plus the rest of the community), particularly in marginal areas, who need to learn to develop and apply constructive capacities for the education of the following generations.

I want us to work together for a Colombia, where education is the path to social mobility and equity.

We will strengthen the Sena and its relations with the private sector, so that technical training can be truly aligned with the needs of the economy.

We will establish a financial vehicle to strengthen public universities and promote an agenda of quality and relevance in association with the private sector that links university education with the quality of human capital that the Colombian labor market demands. Programmed savings accessible for higher education, so that the middle class guarantees the completion of their studies.

We will create 1.400 SACUDETE centers (health, culture, sports, technology and entrepreneurship) as meeting points for young people, in which we will seek to grow and consolidate basic skills, to participate in the benefits of the Orange Economy. At the same time, citizenship is built and situations of teenage pregnancy, gangs and vandalism, among others, are prevented.

We will encourage the development of talent with the expansion of musical programs such as Batuta, and the creation of similar initiatives in other creative disciplines. In addition, we will ensure the existence of effective social protection for artists and cultural managers with a functional accreditation system.

We will activate and strengthen alliances between communities and cultural foundations, with support from the State, articulating a local cultural offer throughout the territory.

Early access to culture, connecting existing libraries with a national program of
traveling libraries, and the delivery and support in the use of cultural kits for parents to read with their children from early childhood.

We will promote the development and dissemination of local content, particularly with children and young people, taking advantage of social networks and mobile devices, seeking to develop communication skills and active participation in the Internet. Our festivals and carnivals will be supported as cultural heritage to strengthen their offer to the world.

Museums for all, we will develop traveling galleries and take advantage of virtual platforms to bring permanent and temporary exhibitions to all municipalities in the country.

We will encourage corporate volunteering and other forms of donating time to social and humanitarian causes, supported by contests, recognitions and the configuration of public-private partnerships (PPPs). Social and religious organizations will be allies in the design and execution of social programs that have a favorable impact on the community.

We will promote community sports by offering decent spaces for recreation, with illuminated parks, green areas in new urban developments and articulation with local sports leagues, to detect and develop talent early, in addition to extending physical health practices and fighting sedentary lifestyle .

We will expand the competitive offer to stimulate the professionalization of sports talents with high performance potential, articulating with the private sector the most efficient use of public resources at the national and territorial level, to promote participation in international competitions.

We set ourselves the goal of tripling medals and awards in international competitions in a decade.



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