COLOMBIA ELECTIONS 2018 What does Iván Duque propose in Education?

What are the 22 proposals of the candidate for the Presidency of Colombia, Iván Duque, in terms of education?

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Contrary to popular belief, Iván Duque's candidacy for the presidency has education as one of its main sectors to work on. Of 9 categories in which he has divided his government program, Education ranks 3rd in terms of the number of proposals with 22, after the categories of justice and employment with 35 and 32 respectively.

The country has become aware of education and this component of the proposals has gained more and more strength, as a factor that will make a difference in the social and economic transformation of the country. Some candidates have taken it as their campaign flag, but in recent interviews the strength of those proposals thatHowever, they are unaware of the needs of key sectors in education such as teachers. This is why, as has always been known, what is truly important will be to give each of the candidates the benefit of the doubt, not to take anything for granted and to carefully review what the candidates are proposing, regardless of whether they have decided to take one flag or another. The sensible and balanced thing is to review what each candidate proposes and determine the viability and convenience of their proposals and how much they can benefit us not only personally but as a society.


I want us to work together for a Colombia, where education is the path to social mobility and equity.

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