How important is online education in the academic offer of the institution?

In our special "E-learning in Colombia in times of pandemic" We asked the Universities in Colombia: How important is online education in the academic offer of the institution?

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Online education is without a doubt, according to what is stated by the institutions, a priority at the moment. The covid-19 pandemic has put virtual education platforms on the world scene, and for institutions that have all the physical and technological infrastructure, it is an added value that will allow them to develop the offer that is not only necessary, but also viable for current times. .

At AulaPro we believe that the process of educational alternation that the Ministry of Education has been implementing in higher education institutions, can be a great alternative in the medium term, to get the most out of educational facilities, which, like the coworking model, would allow sharing physical, technological, teaching and administrative resources, to serve a greater number of students, while promoting inclusion and the final cost of education.

En AulaPro We invited a group of Colombian universities to tell us about their reactions, actions, perspectives and challenges that they were facing due to the "new normality" derived from the pandemic, by covid-19, and how online education or e-learning can play a fundamental role in the near future of higher education in Colombia.

These are the answers of CESA, Autonomous University of Colombia and the free University, whom we thank for their interest in participating.

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Table of Contents

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Higher College of Higher Administration Studies CESA

It's very important. The new generations and cultural evolution invite us to make more and more use of new technologies to get closer to knowledge. After what we live in this time, educational institutions must rethink their modalities and methodologies.

We consider that we cannot be 100% face-to-face again. We verified that there are other ways of transmitting knowledge and that mixed scenarios can be generated that strengthen the academic offer and that allow students to access higher education in different ways. This is a possibility of constituting an inclusive education.


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Autonomous University of Colombia

The Autonomous University of Colombia has been going through particular circumstances for months and the academic offer through online education is an alternative that is strongly outlined in the strategic horizon for institutional growth.

Its long history and the recognition it has enjoyed from Colombian society creates a good setting to bring the principles and legacy of our Founders to new populations and regions with the quality that characterizes it.

We hope to have internal and external allies that contribute to this project, joining forces in synergy for management, training, extension and research.

Free University Logo

free University

At this time it is of very high importance, we have designed a new pedagogical strategy mediated by information and communication technologies, integrating our personalized LMS to the "e-Libre" Free University, for better academic management and with the support of Microsoft TEAMS as a virtual classroom for synchronous communication and integrating another series of ICT tools that complement the process of this online education modality, providing our highly committed teachers with a training plan coordinated with our University Teacher Training School and the e-learning project so that they know and appropriate these technologies, improving pedagogical didactics in the classroom mediated by information and communication technologies.

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At this time it is of very high importance because through the Microsoft Teams tool, the Universidad Libre has assumed the great challenge of offering classes, evaluations and presentation of works virtually to its more than 29.787 students in the seven sections around the country. : Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cali, Cúcuta, Pereira and Socorro.

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