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In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in Zootechnics and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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What is Zootechnics

According to Wikipedia: Zootechnics is a science that studies various parameters for the best use of domestic and wild animals, but always taking into account animal welfare above all and if these will be useful to man in order to obtain the maximum performance, managing resources properly under environmental sustainability criteria.

Catholic University of the East - UCO


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Zootechnics - Catholic University of the East - UCO

Zootechnician of the Catholic University of the East

The development of the competencies mentioned and others that are not stated, will allow the graduate to develop the following profile:

• Propose and develop adequate processes in sustainable livestock production systems.
• Provide technical advice in the livestock sector, especially to small and medium producers, without neglecting the large ones.

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Rionegro, Antioquia.

• Generate, adapt and transfer the appropriate technologies for the needs and resources available in the immediate environment in sustainable animal production systems.
• Understand, manage and develop industrial processes of livestock production, which also integrate marketing and commercialization.
• Identify and manage problems inherent to the livestock sector and implement the most appropriate solutions.
• Formulate, evaluate and execute plans and projects for development in an integral way.

Advisor on animal management and production at the national and international levels

• Know and know how to process the resources of the financial sources available to the livestock sector.
• Advise, manage, produce and administer your own company or the company or section you are in charge of.
• Propose and develop basic research and especially applied research, which ultimately directly benefits the livestock producer or himself, in conjunction with other interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams.
• Know, evaluate and work on the environmental impact of livestock production processes in sustainable systems of animal production to achieve projects with sustainability, equity and profitability.
Know, participate and interact with community organizations, associations and solidarity economy entities in the sector.
• Develop attitudes, values, ethical and moral principles for the exercise of their profession so that all their actions have coherence and responsibility.

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Uniagraria - Zootechnics

Help animals by studying Zootechnics at UNIAGRARIA and give them the well-being they deserve

The love for animals is expressed in different ways and one of them is to study Zootechnics. If you do it at UNIAGRARIA you will develop great strengths and job opportunities thanks to our emphasis on entrepreneurship and business vision and environmental management.


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the deepening in the use of unconventional nutritional sources, the use of promising animal species, the application of livestock information systems as an instrument of economic and productive management and animal management based on Animal Welfare, in addition to having a special addition: you will have the possibility to have a double degree with the Veterinary Medicine program and the co-terminal plan with the Specialization in Sustainable Tropical Animal Nutrition and Feeding and the subscription to various UNIAGRARISTAS clubs (cattle, pigs, canines, horses) with which you would participate in livestock fairs and regional and national exhibitions.

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