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In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in Occupational Therapy and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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What is occupational therapy

According to Wikipedia: The World Health Organization defines Occupational Therapy as the set of techniques, methods and actions that, through activities applied for therapeutic purposes, prevent disease and maintain health, favor the restoration of function, fulfill the incapacitating deficiencies and assesses behavioral assumptions and their profound significance to achieve the greatest possible independence and reintegration of the individual in all its aspects: work, mental, physical and social. (Promoting the maintenance, development or recovery of the person's independence)

University of Santander - UDES

Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy - University of Santander - UDES

The Occupational Therapy program at the University of Santander UDES studies the occupational needs of people with physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities; in the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation of individuals, organizations and communities; Likewise, it intervenes in the regular and special education sectors, providing advice and assistance in preventive and educational programs in their different stages of development.

Bucaramanga, Cucuta.

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In the health sector, the components of occupational performance that are dysfunctional and that affect independence in the execution of activities of daily living, productivity and free time management are established. In the Labor field, the active participation of the worker in their work, family and social integration is promoted. In the community and psychosocial rehabilitation field, in which diagnoses of needs are established for the establishment of actions and projects that seek integration and participation in society.

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Manuela Beltran University

Occupational Therapy

Manuela Beltran University Logo
Occupational Therapy - Manuela Beltrán University

Study Occupational Therapy at the UMB

The Occupational Therapists of the Manuela Beltrán University guide their interventions to promote the well-being of individuals and communities, through occupation, promoting autonomy and independence in carrying out activities and participation in different contexts.


The differentiating axis of the Occupational Therapists of the UMB is training in alternative therapies, which is complemented by disciplinary knowledge and technological development. Graduates of the Occupational Therapy program of the UMB guide their disciplinary action in the study of occupation through the foundation in biological, human and social sciences, in such a way that their professional practice favors occupational performance. Likewise, the Occupational Therapist of the UMB facilitates, from promotion, prevention and habilitation/rehabilitation, social participation, based on the integrality of the human being. 

The differentiating axis of the Occupational Therapists of the UMB is training in alternative therapies

The Occupational Therapy Program proposes a study plan with comprehensive and up-to-date training, with a differentiating stamp at the national level from the field of Alternative Therapies, responding to new labor demands. For the training process of its scholars, it has excellent teachers, significant experiences in the learning process through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and modern laboratories such as Digital Biomechanics, Anatomy and Physiology; Gaming and Neurodevelopment Laboratory, Hospital Simulation Laboratory, Splints Laboratory and the Ibero-American Center for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aid – CIAPAT, the only one in Latin America, which seeks to promote the autonomy of people with disabilities, the elderly and people in difficult situations. dependency, through technology. 

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Agreements with public and private entities

Finally, within the framework of practices, the Manuela Beltrán University has been making agreements with prestigious public and private entities in the country, in which the most relevant axes in the professional practice of the scholar are projected, achieving high levels of knowledge. and ability in the professional future, of which the following can be highlighted:
• In the educational sector: The Down Syndrome Corporation, IED Aquileo Parra, The English School
• From the point of view of physical dysfunction: The Health Battalion of the Colombian Army, Hospital de la Misericordia, Hospital Simón Bolivar, Hospital San Jose, Hospital Santa Clara
• From the mental health area: La Paz Clinic, La Inmaculada Clinic, Simón Bolívar Hospital, Fray Bartolomé Clinic, Carlos Lleras Clinic, Santa Clara Hospital.
• From business practice: National Registry Office and Fundemos IPS



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