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In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in Logistics and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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Find in this special content, information on Logistics and related programs such as Technology in logistics management – ​​Logistics administration – Technology in logistics – Logistics administration.
Undergraduate programs at a technological, professional technical and professional level, face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, distance blended or 100% virtual. 
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What is Logistics

According to Wikipedia: Logistics is defined by the Dictionary of the Spanish language, published by the Royal Spanish Academy as the "set of means and methods necessary to carry out the organization of a company, or a service, especially distribution ».1​ In the business world there are multiple definitions of the term logistics, which has evolved from military logistics to the contemporary concept of art and technique that deals with the organization of the flow of goods, energy and information.

Esumer University Institution

Logistics Management Technology

Technology in Logistics Management - Institución Universitaria Esumer
Technology in logistics management - Esumer University Institution

Technology in Logistics Management aims to manage in a logical, creative and efficient manner, the different logistics processes of organizations, emphasizing the management of quantitative and qualitative tools; under a comprehensive, systemic, prospective thinking. With a strong focus on offering adequate levels of customer service in the supply chain.


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Esumer University Institution

logistics administration

Logistics Administration - Esumer University Institution
Logistics administration - Esumer University Institution

The professional in Logistics Administration will be able to manage and direct the supply chain (supply, production and distribution) of goods and services of national and international organizations, as well as innovate in logistics operations and optimize processes in such a way that their Proposals are aimed at generating added value and contributing to increasing the competitiveness of organizations.



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Catholic University Foundation Lumen Gentium UNICATÓLICA

logistics technology

Unicatholic Logo
Technology in Logistics - Lumen Gentium Catholic University Foundation - UNICATÓLICA

The Technology in Logistics program seeks to train high-quality professionals with social sensitivity, who from disciplinary training respond to the dynamics of internationalization of the economy and the construction of a fairer society. From his professional performance, the UNICATÓLICA Logistics Technologist must develop, implement and control the global processes of the supply chain, and especially those related to storage, supply and transportation in large, small and medium-sized companies, and public and private institutions, with or without profit.


Unipanamericana University Foundation

logistics administration

Logistics Administration - Unipanamericana University Foundation
Logistics Administration - Unipanamericana University Foundation

It is a person with solid knowledge and high capacity to manage and direct processes of transport and distribution of goods, supply and provision of products and / or services, organize the operations of the product storage area in the warehouse, warehouse and distribution center with for the purpose of inventory control.


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Unipanamerican Logistics Manager

With great capacity to plan logistics processes of International Physical Distribution (DFI)
As a graduate of the professional program in Logistics Administration, you will be able to perform:
The design of logistics improvement plans within the organization.
The management of supply chain processes for the management of goods and services within the global context.

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It is a field where common sense or intuition are no longer enough and professionals who understand this dynamic and know how to work with it are increasingly necessary, that is, a person like you.

The leadership of logistics processes in foreign trade with quick solutions that benefit the parties involved.

The design and implementation of strategies and concrete actions for the integration of logistics processes in Supply Chain Management environments.

During the course, Unipanamericana offers an educational model for preparatory cycles that gives the student the opportunity to become a technician in Warehouse and Transportation Operations, a technologist in Logistics Process Management and a professional in Logistics Administration.

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