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In this article you will find information on the Biomedical Engineering undergraduate program and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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If you are thinking of studying Biomedical Engineering, at AulaPro the universities tell us their #WeightReasons, why you should decide to study the undergraduate of your dreams.

Leading universities in Colombia offer their arguments for you to decide to study with them.

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What is biomedical engineering

According to Wikipedia: Biomedical engineering is the result of applying the principles and techniques of engineering to the field of medicine. It is mainly dedicated to the design and construction of health products and health technologies such as medical equipment, prostheses, medical devices, diagnostic devices (medical imaging) and therapy. It also intervenes in the management or administration of the technical resources linked to a hospital system. Combine engineering expertise with medical needs for health care benefits. Tissue culture, like the production of certain drugs, is often considered part of bioengineering.

University of Los Andes

Biomedical engineering

SNIES 91142 Qualified Registry Resolution No. 2158 of March 18, 2011 – Validity 7 years Duration of the program 8 – six-monthly Bogotá – Face-to-face
Logo University Of The Andes
Biomedical Engineering - University of Los Andes

Innovating in the exercise of health

By: Lina Rojas Narvaez

Scouting and Promotion Office Universidad de los Andes

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The main task of an engineer is to think of solutions to various difficulties and concerns that human beings face. The engineer's technical output has fueled social advancement, from areas such as irrigating crops on the Nile to speeding rockets to take us to the Moon.


The mind of an engineer is curious and is attentive to what it finds in the environment. This allows him to understand different disciplines, combine them and put them at the service of the communities.
One of the main interests of society has always been to improve the quality of life of human beings. This implies increasing life expectancy, seeking equal conditions among human beings despite their disabilities and, of course, being able to deal with specific diseases. Those who inquire about these unknowns are biomedical engineers; they have the opportunity to collaborate with doctors and other health professionals to work on these issues and seek the well-being of all.

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in our environment where the vast majority of solutions, devices and medicines are brought from other countries, we must develop local solutions that address our unmet needs in the field of health.

Biomedical Engineering at Uniandes

The Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Universidad de los Andes seeks the meeting of medicine, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics in order to offer better solutions. David Bigio, professor of the department, tells us that the possibilities in biomedicine are diverse, such as: the development of intelligent applications that facilitate the diagnosis of diseases or the construction of mathematical models that help us understand how diseases spread and how the body works human. It is also possible to work on improving materials used in everyday treatments such as wound healing, by developing biomaterials or even understanding the biomechanics of the human body to correct and prevent problems. Among multiple possibilities that facilitate the understanding of medical processes.

In Colombia, this type of studies must go hand in hand with ideas of innovation and entrepreneurship, the specialty of Professor Bigio, to promote different projects in the area of ​​health that are useful in Colombia because, as he assures, "in our environment where the great Most of the solutions, devices and medicines are brought from other countries, we must develop local solutions that address our unmet needs in the field of health.” For this reason, the Faculty of Engineering bets on these studies, of which the University has already obtained several patents and is now working so that this new knowledge leaves the university space and is available to everyone.

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EIA University

Biomedical engineering

High Quality Accredited Program.

Biomedical Engineer Lr Eia
Biomedical Engineering - EIA University

Technological and administrative solutions for health, with an emphasis on the human.

Do you want to innovate and develop high technology applied to the health area? Would you like to generate a positive impact on society and improve people's quality of life by providing engineering solutions?
The Biomedical Engineering program of the EIA University was the first program of this specialty created in Colombia, which translates into a great trajectory backed by high-quality accreditation and excellence.


Our purpose is based on educating upstanding professionals with the ability to propose optimal solutions for the health area, from the technological, scientific and administrative fields, focused on contributing to the processes of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases from the implementation of the Engineering method and techniques.

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As a student at the EIA University, you will have the opportunity to carry out a semester of special projects in highly recognized national and international research centers and laboratories thanks to the alliances established with the Mayo Clinic, the University of Vermont, the Universidad Iberoamericana de México, among other.

Similarly, the EIA Biomedical Engineering program has great strength in the field of research reflected in various active projects of great relevance and impact for the health sector, thanks to the quality of the professors and researchers and the availability of laboratories for all areas of performance.

Autonomous University of Manizales

Biomedical engineering

High Quality Accredited Program.

Logo Autonomous University of Manizales
Biomedical Engineering - Autonomous University of Manizales

UAM biomedical engineers, professionals with a great future

The Biomedical Engineers of the UAM are professionals capable of integrating technology with biology and medicine, to offer well-being to the population, with the design of medical devices and equipment. 


Biomedical Engineering graduates from the Autonomous University of Manizales are the best response to the changes that the population pyramid has undergone, in which an increase in people who require innovations that improve their quality of life and meet their needs in the field of health.

Those interested in studying Biomedical Engineering at UAM are people motivated by the development and appropriation of new technologies, critical spirit, interest in science and research, and observation, abstraction, analysis, and synthesis skills.

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Manuela Beltran University

Biomedical engineering

High Quality Accredited Program.


Biomedical Engineering Manuela Beltrán University
Biomedical Engineering Manuela Beltrán University

Study Biomedical Engineering at the UMB

The Biomedical Engineering program of the Manuela Beltrán University has a history of nearly 20 years, during this time the skills of design, development and adaptation have been developed and potentiated in its fields of approach, which are the digital processing of medical imaging, clinical and hospital engineering towards rehabilitation and biomechanics and finally biomaterials. 

Bogota, Cajica and Bucaramanga

In its exercise, the knowledge acquired within the Biomedical Engineering program will serve the future professional to develop design, development, innovation, adaptation and maintenance capacities against optimal conditions in the exercise of approaching maintenance plans from the area of Health; Similarly, in the management of Biomedical technology, in the acquisition and purchase of medical equipment, as well as its final disposal, and lastly, in the full exercise of the creation of protocols and standards that allow guaranteeing a better use of the themselves and patient safety around the Biomedical technology that is implemented.

Biomedical Engineering at the UMB: high-tech laboratories and resources

On the other hand, from a look towards the Digital Processing of Medical Images, the student will achieve, from the academy, the acquisition of biological signals through medical images and from these they will be able to intervene in mathematical algorithm treatments to obtain statistical values ​​that give a clear diagnosis. From the Rehabilitation approach, the UMB has a specialized laboratory at the Cajicá headquarters, where the student can comprehensively practice gait analysis, the dynamics of the human body and the vertiginous study of force, this from two lines of work, the first contemplates a process of physical, motor and cognitive rehabilitation, and the second line of action is determined by sports gestures, by which the student will have an approach and intervention in athletes of great trajectory and national and international recognition.

On the other hand, the Biomedical Engineering program is backed by internship agreements with highly renowned companies with national and international positioning, among which the National Institute of Health and the Country Clinic are worth mentioning; Regarding the organizational field, there are currently agreements with the Philips Multinational, in which several of the students have been hired directly for their excellent performance in the framework of their professional practice. Finally, the program has a wide offer with universities for academic mobility, such as the State University of Saint Petersburg, in Russia, the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, among others, achieving a unique and innovative role for the improvement of human performance against the automation of processes in the Biomedical area.



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