Why and where to study Environmental Engineering in Colombia? - major reasons

In this article you will find information on the Environmental Engineering undergraduate program and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
Why study Environmental Engineering? - compelling reasons - Undergraduate Special - AulaPro

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If you are thinking of studying Environmental Engineering, at AulaPro the universities tell us their #WeightReasons, why you should decide to study the undergraduate of your dreams.

Leading universities in Colombia offer their arguments for you to decide to study with them.

Find in this special content, information on Environmental Engineering and related programs.
Undergraduate programs at a technological, professional technical and professional level, face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, distance blended or 100% virtual. 
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What is environmental engineering

Environmental engineering is the branch of engineering that studies the planet's problems in a scientific and integrated manner, taking into account its scientific dimensions: chemical, physical, ecological, biological, geological, social, economic and technological, with the aim of promoting a sustainable development.

EIA University

Environmental engineering

High Quality Accredited Program

Environmental Engineering - Eia University
Environmental Engineering - EIA University

Engineers by nature

Are you concerned about caring for the environment and natural resources? Would you like to create a strategy to reduce pollution on our planet? 

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The EIA Environmental Engineering program is aimed at students who are sensitive to the environmental situations in their surroundings and who are willing to contribute to the sustainable development of society.


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To achieve this purpose, they must be creative, recursive, analytical, and above all, passionate people, to develop new uses of natural resources that help their preservation and maintain the quality of life of society, propose forms of occupation of the territory that prevent the loss of biodiversity, avoid pollution and guarantee equitable access to ecosystem services, designing treatment methods that maintain minimum quality levels in natural resources.

Finally, due to the engineering training, the program implements the active learning methodology that links the student to the solution of problems in their professional field and makes them more involved in their training through the development of experimental practices, business experiences , case studies and learning projects, among others.

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University of Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Environmental engineering

Environmental Engineering: SNIES 104787 – Qualified Registration: Resolution 11337 of 27/07/2015 valid for 7 years – Duration: 10 semesters – Bogotá. Face-to-face

Jorge Tadeo Lozano University Logo
Environmental Engineering - University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano


We train creative and proactive environmental engineers, who face and provide solutions to environmental problems and challenges, and manage natural resources, through the management of water, air, soil and waste. 

Our program is a pioneer in the adoption of approaches to energy sources and land management, with an efficient and clean use of resources.


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The Tadeísta environmental engineer is able to perform professionally in government services, consulting services, industry and education.
Within these fields of action, the engineer can work as an academic in public and private universities, in the management and operational management of water, wastewater, public solid waste services, and administration of environmental regulations.

You can also work in the manufacturing industry, construction and energy, design and operation of facilities, transport of pollutants, sustainability and renewable energy sources. You can develop activities related to the environment, at a business level.

University of Santander - UDES

Environmental engineering

You logo
Environmental Engineering - University of Santander - UDES

The professional in Environmental Engineering is prepared to identify and assess environmental problems, offers comprehensive solutions and promotes sustainable development. The environmental engineer evaluates the environmental aspects and impacts of a project, work or activity, generates plans and programs for the preservation, mitigation, maintenance and conservation of natural resources; designs treatment and optimization systems; and develops environmental and risk management strategies by applying modern environmental management principles and techniques.


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National Open and Distance University - UNAD

Environmental engineering

Environmental Engineering - National Open and Distance University - Unad
Environmental Engineering - National Open and Distance University - UNAD

UNAD environmental engineers will be able to plan, evaluate, and design waste management, water treatment, air pollution control, eco-efficiency and clean technologies, environmental impact assessment, and the use of renewable energy systems.

All Colombia. Check the following link

central University

Environmental engineering

Environmental Engineering - Central University
Environmental Engineering - Central University

Achieving balance in the relationships between human beings and their environment

The Environmental Engineering program of the Central University studies the environmental problems caused by the imbalances produced by the relationships between societies and nature. This requires understanding the entire environmental dimension: the laws and principles that govern nature, the socio-cultural contexts and the economic models within which these problems occur.

Bogota, Cajica and Bucaramanga


It is a necessary profession in society due to the current and future scenarios of increasing pollution in our cities and the countryside. Likewise, because people capable of designing and implementing actions to adapt to climate variability and change will be required.

According to their personal and professional interests, the student chooses one of the three lines of deepening of our program:

– Water and sustainability
– Industry and environment
- Sustainable development

From the beginning of the program, the student lives experiences that allow him to associate the topics studied in the classroom with the complex reality of his environment. He participates in fieldwork, laboratory practices, engineering practices, integrated projects, internships, and research.

Engineering practices are spaces in which a solution to an environmental need or problem is identified and sought. To achieve this, specific concepts are required, which can be understood with the support of the teacher or by self-learning. The result is academic documents, technological engineering constructs or interventions in a community.

Environmental Engineer from the Central University

Integrated projects focus on formulating plans and executing actions —in multidisciplinary teams— to solve problems or meet environmental needs, which requires interaction with students from other UC programs. The internships are optional and are carried out in areas related to the selected line of deepening. The student can self-manage them or apply to the calls opened by our academic department.

Our academic production is the result of the projects developed by the Water and Sustainable Development research group, which has the following lines of research:

– Design, Development and Application of Environmental Technology
– Water Engineering and Management
– Urban Environmental Studies
– Studies in Sustainability

The student of this program carries out his first investigative exercises in the research hotbeds attached to the Water and Sustainable Development group, engineering practices, integrated projects and the development of the degree option chosen.

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Manuela Beltran University

Environmental engineering

High Quality Accreditation.

Environmental Engineering - Manuela Beltrán University
Environmental Engineering - Manuela Beltrán University

Study Environmental Engineering at the UMB

The Environmental Engineering student at the Manuela Beltrán University has the opportunity to learn - by doing, thanks to extensive training in various areas of this discipline through specialized academic laboratories that, together with professional practices, will allow them to gain experience in their field. professional field.


In addition, you will be able to learn about other cultures and strengthen a second language during your exchange with universities in the international arena, such as the University of Sao Pablo, the National University of Villa María, in Argentina, the Bernardo O'Higgins University in Chile, the Universidad Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, Universidad Nacional a Distancia UNED, in Spain, among others. On the other hand, the Environmental Engineer of the UMB will be able to stand out as a consultant or work within an interdisciplinary work team in the provision of environmental services, planning and execution of projects. In addition, he is qualified to work in the area of ​​research and specific studies, analysis and feasibility of projects, in public, private or mixed sector entities; such as: Environmental Authorities, Entities of Control, Public Administrations, Companies that Provide Environmental Services, and all those that include the management of environmental aspects in their activities. 

Occupational profile of the Environmental Engineer of Manuela Beltrán

The following are some areas of performance and occupational profile:

-Implementation, management and improvement of Environmental Management Systems and Clean Production Programs in public and private entities.

-Planning, environmental planning of the territory and administration of natural resources in territorial entities, public administrations and consulting companies, making use of technological tools.

-Environmental management of projects in public and private entities that seek, in addition to legal compliance, sustainable development and optimization of resources, including environmental studies and comprehensive waste management.

-Formulation, design, execution, administration and active participation in aqueduct projects, sewerage, water purification plants and wastewater treatment systems.

– Advice on the application of biotechnology
-Management of risks and mitigation of climate change.

integrated management and recovery of different types of waste with emphasis on a joint and systemic vision from a sustainable development perspective.

Faced with this, the Manuela Beltrán University, within the Environmental Engineering program, has a broad portfolio for students to carry out their professional practice, in which entities such as: CAR, National Institute of Health, Ministry of Mines, Cencosud, among other. Likewise, within the research hotbed subject to this program there is the SYRAS group (Sustainable Environmental Systems and Resources), which integrates a wide range of topics that address various aspects of water, soil management, alternative energies and the protection of environmental heritage, as well as the integrated management and recovery of different types of waste with emphasis on a joint and systemic vision from a sustainable development perspective.

Finally, the Environmental Engineering Program has Air, Water and Soil, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Information Technology and Systems Laboratories, which are characterized by their adequate equipment and infrastructure, in which there are state-of-the-art equipment for the sampling, analysis and data processing, which facilitate the simulation of cases and introduce the student to professional work through practice.

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