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What is Gerontology

According to Wikipedia: Gerontology (from the Greek Geron, "old man" and logos, "study", "treaty") is the science dedicated to studying the various aspects of old age and the aging of a population,1 such as biological psychological, social, economic and cultural. On the other hand, it understands their physical, mental and social needs, as they are addressed by the institutions -governmental and non-governmental- that serve them and the aging of a population. Gerontology is also the study of the aging process of individuals and populations.

Quindio's University


SNIES 102153
Qualified Registry: Res. MEN No.17166- 27 Dec 2012 – 7 Years

Uniquindio Logo
Gerontology - University of Quindío


The training of the gerontologist at the University of Quindío as a health profession is based on an adequate knowledge of the basic areas: biology of aging, sociology of aging and psychology of aging within a cultural, economic, political, environmental, historical context. and epidemiological among other components such as the socio-humanistic and professional axis. 

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This approach to training determines three central themes that define the mission and purpose of contemporary gerontology: age, which represents an episodic dimension of the life process, since events usually occur or not at specific moments during the course of life ; aging represents the dynamic passage of time and the effects on the person; the elderly, who society defines as old; and old age, which refers to a social construction that varies according to the historical and cultural context.


These topics are conceptually linked to the work of gerontology's parent disciplines and are useful in organizing the understanding of gerontology as a profession.  

For a positive culture of aging and old age in Colombia.

In this sense, the training proposal does not intend to privilege a particular area, it lies in making a comprehensive approach of a multidimensional type, in which skills will be acquired for the understanding of the topics described and their training will be characterized by interdisciplinarity, allowing an intervention holistic or comprehensive and multidimensional without dividing the aging individual and analyzing the needs from the perspective of people.

Currently, Gerontology as a professional career is based on a set of needs and aspects that have resonance at different scales (global, national and local) such as: demographic aging and its consequences at the local, regional and international level; the social profile of the older adult population in Colombia and in Quindío; the epidemiological transition; the challenge of dependency; the role of older people in the socialization of younger generations and, in the regulations on issues related to aging and old age in Colombia.

These topics are conceptually linked to the work of gerontology's parent disciplines and are useful in organizing the understanding of gerontology as a profession.

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Gerontology at the University of Quindío

In addition to the reasons stated, other situations are enunciated that justify the need to train professionals in gerontology. These are:
• The creation of the National Research Node on Aging.
• The existence of the program as the only one in Colombia at a face-to-face level with 30 years of experience.
• The inclusion of the Research Line on Aging and Old Age in the National Science and Technology Agenda (Colciencias 2010).
• The National Policy on Aging and Old Age 2007-2019.
• The consensus achieved in the first, second and third teacher training courses in gerontology in Latin America held in Manizales (2009), Armenia (2011) and Manizales (2013).
• The conclusions of the First International Congress of undergraduate and graduate programs in gerontology held at the University of Maimones (Argentina 2010).
The conclusions of the Second International Congress of gerontology degree and undergraduate programs held at the Universidad Católica de Oriente (Rio Negro- Antioquia- Colombia)

Catholic University of the East - UCO


UCO Logo
Gerontology - Catholic University of the East - UCO

The gerontologist graduated from the Universidad Católica de Oriente, in its broad context, will be able to:

Design or execute research and social management projects related to aging and old age.

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Rionegro, Antioquia

Implement socio-cultural and intergenerational, health, productivity and socio-educational plans and activities that promote active aging, quality of life, participation and empowerment of the elderly in their socio-family environment.

Promotion, prevention and gerontological intervention.

Generate a change of attitude in the population in general in order to promote a culture of aging that, added to other substantial conditions, allows to modify stereotypes and myths related to the aging process and old age.

Implement business plans in order to expand supply, demand and coverage in the provision of gerontological programs and services.



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