The Best Online Courses on Java Programming (2023)

In this article you will find the best courses on Java programming, available on the main e-Learning platforms in the world. Courses of different levels, which will give you a certificate.
The best virtual programs on programming in Java

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If you've landed here after a Google search for “Best Online Java Programming Courses” or similar, we can give you a quick answer by defining the Java programming language Java is a computer programming language platform created by Sun Microsystems in 1995.

It is a young program but it has managed to make a way for itself in software development, consolidating itself as a language that has evolved to become a protagonist in today's digital world, since it is a reliable platform on which many services and applications. Java is not only going strong today, but promises to remain the basis for many of the digital products and services designed for the future that are still based on Java today.


What is Java programming language

According to Wikipedia, Java is a programming language and computing platform that was first marketed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems and was later acquired on January 27, 2010 by the Oracle company. There are many applications and websites that probably won't work unless they have Java installed, and more are being created every day. Java is fast, secure, and reliable. From laptops to data centers, from game consoles to high-end computers, from mobile phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere. If it runs on one platform it doesn't have to be recompiled to run on another. Java is, as of 2012, one of the most popular programming languages ​​in use, particularly for client-server web applications, with a reported ten million users.

The user experience, or UX for 'User Experience' in English, is a discipline that begins with its application in computer systems very focused on the evolution of web page development but, however, has currently managed to cover different fields of action completely separate from the design. This is due to the conception that today any contact of a user or consumer with a product or service implies an experience. 

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This is why the focus on product design has undergone a positive transformation with the new concepts that UX or UI design brings that seek to deliver maximum satisfaction to the consumer, who becomes a "user" who goes through these experiences. From industrial design, Del Giorgio Solfa and others state: “The user experience —due to its focus on the man-machine system relationship— appears as an evolution of ergonomics (physical and psychological) and maintains the leading role of design for tireless search for satisfaction from experiences.

According to Glasdoor, a UX or UI Designer, as professionals or experts in this field are called, has an average annual income (salary) of US$89.720, in the United States.



What kind of Java programming courses to study?

Java is an object-oriented programming language that is independent of the hardware platform on which it is developed and uses a similar but simplified syntax of C++. It is a language with a low learning curve (that is, it is easy to learn) and with a lot of basic functionality (which is enhanced by the large amount of third-party code available). Java, as a programming language, provides robust code with automatic memory management, which reduces the number of errors.

The existing Java programming community is large and active, with more than 9 million members worldwide, resulting in a wealth of up-to-date resources.

Java is used in the development of many of the world's most popular websites, such as Facebook, Amazon, and eBay, as well as some popular video games such as Minecraft.

Java has become a popular programming language for cloud application development as well as for the Internet of Things because it is widely used in home appliances and other home devices.

Java is a high performance programming language, which makes it ideal for data processing applications. As a result, with data science and Big Data, Java is regaining prominence.

Courses with these themes are ideal for learning Java programming.

Find in this article information about Java Programming Courses.
Virtual courses, MOOCs, and other types of advanced virtual studies such as Professional Certificates, Specialized Programs, Expertrack, Microcredentials, among other study formats developed by the main e-Learning platforms in the world.

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From world-renowned platforms such as Coursera, edX, Future Learn, Udemy, Linkedin Learning, CFI, Edureka, among others, find in this post courses highly valued by thousands of previous students, which will help you make better decisions about which one to choose. the most convenient course for your goals.


Where to study a Java programming course?

Java programming courses are now available in a variety of locations. Perhaps some of the web-based platforms provide high-quality studies. However, at AulaPro we have chosen the platforms that we believe are the most important worldwide in online studies.

In this sense, the studies on this list are developed by prestigious universities that occupy the first places in international rankings, by world-renowned technology companies, by international experts of proven effectiveness as trainers, and are made available to the public through the use of platforms with the most advanced technological developments, in terms of learning experience, or by platforms specialized in the subject.

The courses have different levels of depth. From short courses that address a specific topic with a dedication time, which will not exceed 6 weeks, to robust study programs that a period of 6 to 10 months, can leave the student with a deep knowledge and with even the ability to give a turning point in his professional career.

In this article you will find Java programming studies of:

  • Coursera
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Future learn
  • Udemy
  • edX
  • edureka



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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Duke University

With this introduction to Java, you can take your first step toward a career in software development. Java is one of the most popular programming languages ​​and the basis of the Android operating system. Designed for beginners, this specialization will teach you basic programming concepts and prepare you to write programs to solve complex problems. In addition, you will learn the fundamental skills required of a software engineer to solve real-world problems, such as designing algorithms and testing and debugging his programs.

Applied Learning Project
This project-based specialization will help you develop a portfolio of work to demonstrate your new programming skills. You will create a recommendation engine similar to those used by Netflix or Amazon for your final project. Your portfolio will also include an interactive web page that filters images, an analysis of CSV data files, an encryption program and a predictive text generator.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Udemy

You've just found the most comprehensive and in-depth online Java programming course.

With over 700.000 student enrollments and tens of thousands of 5-star reviews to date, these comprehensive Java tutorials cover everything you'll need.

Whether you want to: – develop the skills you need to land your first Java programming job – move into a more experienced software developer role – pass the Oracle Java certification exam – or simply learn Java so you can create your own Java applications quickly.

This comprehensive Java Masterclass is the course you need to do all this and more.

Do you want to land your first Java Programming job but are having a hard time figuring out what skills employers want and what course will provide you with those skills? This course is designed to give you the Java skills you need to land a job as a Java developer.

By the end of the course, you will understand Java extremely well and be able to create your own Java applications and be productive as a software developer.

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Category: Computer Science -- Powered by: LinkedIn Learning

Do you want to learn more about the Java programming language and platform? In this advanced Java course, instructor Bethan Palmer delves into some of the more advanced features of the language in this platform- and framework-neutral course, allowing you to expand your programming skills while equipping you with techniques you can use to build applications. in any environment where Java is used: the web, mobile devices and office applications.

Bethan's experience includes genetics, collection management, and functional programming.

Learn about I/O in Java, as well as how to work with files and directories and structure applications using the Java modular system.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed By: Learn Quest

This Core Java specialization is part of a series of programming specializations stemming from LearnQuest's private Java Bootcamps that are designed to provide the skill set needed to get hired as an IT developer using Java in a variety of corporate environments.

This is an intermediate level study. To be successful in this specialization, you must be familiar with the fundamentals of software development in any language. LearnQuest has a Beginning Programmer specialization that can help you prepare.

The Java programming language and the packages that make up its rich set of core libraries will be quickly mastered in the four courses in this specialization. We will provide practical exercises so that you can put your new knowledge into practice.

Category: Computer Science -- Developed By: Learn Quest

This course is the first in a series comprising the Core Java Specialization. The Basic Java Specialization is part of a series of programming specializations stemming from LearnQuest's private Java Bootcamps that are designed to provide the skill set needed to get hired as an IT developer using Java in a variety of corporate environments.

This course includes hands-on practice and will provide you with a solid understanding of the Java programming language. You will be able to identify the benefits of Java, program in basic Java syntax using Java data types, and incorporate branches and loops after completing this course.

The audience for this course:
– Anyone interested in learning Java
– Programmers
– Technical Managers
– Application developers

Prerequisites: To be successful in this course, you must be familiar with the fundamentals of software development in a procedural or object-oriented language.


Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Edureka!

The Advanced Java Certification course aims to provide a springboard for you to work on advanced and cutting-edge technologies, such as Hadoop and its ecosystem, other businesses, or mobile applications. Concepts are explained for each topic using a combination of theory and production quality code.

Learning Objectives: Variables, Operators, Java Wrapper Classes on Primitive Types, Expressions, Declarations, Control Flow Blocks and Declarations, Data Hiding, Abstraction, Inheritance and Encapsulation, Constructors, Class Methods and Access Specifiers, Cycle life of an object, class types, method types, interfaces and when to use them, Type enumeration, packages, Java annotation, among many other topics.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Giorgia Tech

“Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java” is a set of courses based on Georgia Tech's credit-bearing online version of CS1331: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

This course begins with an overview of the Java programming language. Gives a brief history of Java and explains what distinguished it from other programming languages ​​(procedural and object-oriented) at the time of its creation. Students will then explore writing interactive programs that incorporate concepts and constructs such as primitive data types, classes, arithmetic operations, conditionals, loops, arrays, console input and output, methods, and reuse.

In this Professional Certificate in Introduction to Java, students will learn:

  • Basics of the Java programming language
  • Fundamentals of object-oriented programming and algorithms
  • Understand and apply exceptions, data structures, recursion, and graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: edureka!

The advanced Java certification course is designed to give you a springboard to work on advanced and latest technologies such as Hadoop and its ecosystem, other companies, or mobile applications. For each topic, concepts are explained using a combination of theory and production-quality code.

In this course you will learn about variables, operators, Java wrapper classes about primitive types, expressions, declarations, blocks and control flow statements, data hiding, abstraction, inheritance and encapsulation, constructors, class methods and access specifiers, object life cycle, class types, method types, interfaces and when to use them, among many others topics.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Future Learn and Github

Learn the skills needed to work in a development environment.
This ExpertTrack is intended to help you improve your software development skills by covering popular programming languages ​​like Python and Java.

You'll learn about the world of software development and the skills needed to become a high-performing developer.

You'll have access to Github, an industry-leading integration software company, providing you with the employability skills in demand.

Investigate the programming languages ​​Python and Java.
You will dive deep into the Python programming language, examining its dynamic semantics and key aspects of code syntax. In addition, you will learn how to use variables, data types and operators, arrays, and control statements in Java.

After completing this course, you will be able to describe applications for the Python and Java programming languages, create simple objects in Python and Java, and become familiar with the key characteristics, traits, and career paths of a professional software developer.

Finally, you'll be ready to launch your own software development career.


Category: Computer Science -- Powered by: LinkedIn Learning

Java is the main programming language used by Android and many enterprise web applications. Start your journey to become a professional developer by learning the Java programming language.

  • With Java, you can learn the basics of programming.
  • Learn how to solve common programming problems in Java
  • Java allows you to create mobile, desktop and web applications.

This study program is a "Learning Path" with video content of more than 21 hours and a package of 9 courses that will give you all the tools you need to become a true Java programmer.

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