Start your Artistic Adventure: The Best Virtual Animal Drawing Courses

Explore the diversity and creativity of drawing animals with virtual courses. Learn techniques from basic to advanced and join a community passionate about art.
The Best Virtual Animal Drawing Courses


Welcome to the artistic adventure of AulaPro, where you will find the best virtual animal drawing courses. These courses offer a unique experience, combining flexibility and access to a variety of techniques and styles. From realistic drawing to digital illustration, each course is designed to inspire and develop your skill, no matter your level. Join us to improve your drawing techniques, stimulate your creativity and connect with a global community of artists and drawing lovers.

Introduction to Virtual Animal Drawing Courses

In the digital age, virtual animal drawing courses have emerged as a fascinating and accessible avenue to learn and perfect artistic techniques. These courses offer unprecedented flexibility, allowing students of all ages and abilities to learn at their own pace, from anywhere with internet access.

What is notable about these courses is their diversity. They range from teaching basic drawing techniques to addressing more advanced styles and methods, such as digital illustration, watercolor, or realistic drawing. Each course typically focuses on a specific aspect of animal drawing, from anatomy and movement to capturing unique expressions and textures.

Furthermore, these courses not only improve drawing skills but also offer cognitive and emotional benefits. Drawing animals can be a therapeutic activity that improves concentration, visual memory and creativity. It's a great way to connect with nature and wildlife, fostering a deeper appreciation for the animal world.

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Finally, virtual animal drawing courses represent an opportunity to join a community of artists and drawing enthusiasts, allowing students to share their work, receive feedback, and learn from each other.

Drawing Techniques in Virtual Courses: Pen and Ink

Learning to Draw with a Pen

Courses that focus on pen drawing teach students how this common instrument can be a powerful tool in art. You will explore how to control pressure, stroke and texture to create detailed images of animals, from realistic portraits to more abstract compositions.

The Magic of Ink and Pen

These courses offer an immersion in the use of ink and pen, a classic technique that provides a distinctive look to drawings. Students will learn to manipulate light, shadow, and shape to illustrate animals in a style reminiscent of old travelogues.

Benefits of These Techniques

In addition to improving artistic skills, these courses foster a deeper understanding of visual elements and composition. Students will discover how these techniques enhance their ability to observe and capture the essence of animals in their art.

Encouraging Creativity and Concentration with Animal Drawing

Stimulating the Imagination

Virtual animal drawing courses are excellent for stimulating creativity. Through exercises and projects, students learn to experiment with shapes, colors, and textures, allowing them to develop a unique and personal style when illustrating animals.

Improving Concentration

Drawing requires attention to detail and concentration, especially when it comes to capturing the complexity of animals. These courses help students focus better, improving their observation skills and attention to detail.

Cognitive Benefits

In addition to artistic skills, drawing animals contributes to improving brain function, such as visual memory and problem-solving skills, making these courses an investment in cognitive development.

Current Trends in Online Drawing Courses: What Do They Offer?

New Techniques and Approaches

We will explore the latest trends in online animal drawing courses, highlighting innovative approaches and emerging techniques. This includes everything from digital drawing to traditional methods revisited, offering a wide range of skills to learn.

How to Choose the Right Course

I will discuss key factors to consider when selecting a course, such as personal interests, skill level, available resources, and reputation of the platform and instructor.

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Benefits of Learning Online

Finally, the advantages of online courses will be highlighted, such as flexibility, accessibility and the opportunity to join a global community of artists.


Drawing Lovely Animals in Photoshop: A Course for Illustrators

Discovering the Fundamentals

Ideal for intermediate illustrators, this course guides you through the basics of drawing cute animals in Photoshop. It begins with sketch studies to become familiar with the anatomy and general characteristics of animals, a crucial stage for any children's book illustrator or licensed artist.

Simplifying and Exaggerating

You will learn how to simplify anatomy and exaggerate features to create attractive illustrations. The course ranges from digital sketches to finished art, focusing on how to stylize animal drawings and give them a unique touch.

Coloring and Texturing in Photoshop

The creative process is enriched with lessons on adding color and texture using Photoshop. These skills are essential to bringing your illustrations to life, making them vibrant and attractive.

Practical applications

Throughout the course, the importance of these methods in professional development will be highlighted, highlighting how these skills are applicable in various products such as books, greeting cards, wall art, and more.

Final Project and Community

At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to draw your own lovely animals and share your project with the class. Additionally, students are encouraged to share their work on Instagram, tagging @stephfizercoleman and using the hashtag #stephfcskillshare.

This course not only focuses on the development of technical skills, but also on the enjoyment of the creative process, promoting fun while learning.

Find more information about the course here.

How to Draw Animals

Rediscovering Drawing

This course is designed for those who loved to draw in their childhood or are looking to improve their skills in drawing animals. Through a series of intense, concise and detailed videos, the course offers clear steps to perfect your animal drawings.

Structure and Content of the Course

Starting with 10 animals, one per unit, the course will expand with new units based on student feedback. With over 5 hours of initial content, the course promises to grow and evolve.

Units and Practice

The first units include rabbits, rhinos, gorillas, leopards, horses, armadillos, sharks, monkeys, bats and wolves. The course is designed for you to follow along with the attached PDF, which contains pages of instructor sketches and blank spaces for your own drawings.

Invitation to Learn

This course invites you to rekindle the joy of drawing animals from childhood and join a creative and enriching learning experience.

Find more information about the course here.

Animation Fundamentals: Drawing Cartoon Characters

Learn to Draw Animated Characters

This course, taught by Dermot O'Connor, is an excellent opportunity to learn how to draw cartoon characters for classic animation, digital animation, and comics. Suitable for both hobbyists and budding artists, the course covers everything from basics to advanced character drawing techniques.

Principles and Techniques

Fundamental principles such as silhouette, exaggeration, squash and stretch, asymmetry, texture and line weight are reviewed. These concepts are essential to creating effective and expressive characters.

Focus on Body Parts and More

The course delves into drawing body parts, such as eyes, mouths, hands, and hair, as well as representing different types of animals and creatures.

From Sketch to Animation

Watch as Dermot takes a drawing from start to finish, creating an unforgettable character ready to be animated.

Drawing tools

You can follow the course with your favorite illustration program, a Wacom tablet, or simply with paper and pencil.

Find more information about the course here.

NewcastleX: Drawing from Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101

Exploring the World of Scientific Illustration

This course is a unique opportunity for those interested in scientific or medical illustration, as well as for those who enjoy drawing the wonders of nature. Offers an introduction to the fascinating field of Natural History Illustration.

Observation and Replication of Nature

You will learn to observe and illustrate subjects from nature, science and culture, with a focus on their links to the environment. This ability provides a unique perspective on life and our environment.

Fundamental Skills and Techniques

The course teaches essential skills for creating accurate and striking replicas of natural subjects. It is ideal for both those looking to be professional illustrators and those who want to explore a passion.

From the Field to the Study

Taught by world-class experts, the course demonstrates practical methods for developing skills from the beginning, covering the fundamentals of Natural History Illustration, from initial observation in the field to final replication in the studio.

Find more information about the course here.

Learn to Draw Animals by Drawing Doodles

The Art of Drawing Doodles

This course is perfect for those who have felt intimidated by drawing. Here you will learn that anyone can doodle and that there is no wrong way to do it. The joy of creating something fun is what counts.

Creative Process with Doodles

I'll show you how to create something totally random with just a pen and paper. You will learn step by step how to draw an elephant, from the first mark on the paper to the last stroke of the background.

Key Lessons

  • Making Marks: You'll explore the creative marks you can make with a pen.
  • Start with Simple Shapes: You will see how to convert a photograph of an elephant into simple shapes.
  • sketch: You will learn how to transform these shapes into the outline of your elephant doodle.
  • Shading: You will discover how to shade to give solidity to your elephant.
  • Add a Background: I will teach you how to give the elephant an environment by adding background features.

This course is a short adventure into the world of doodling, designed to inspire confidence and foster a lifelong habit of fun.

All you need is a pen, paper and the desire to be creative.

Find more information about the course here.

The Ultimate Animal Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced

A Learning Journey in Animal Drawing

This course is designed to transform you from a beginner with little knowledge of animal drawing to an advanced artist with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of animal drawing.

Course Content and Projects

  • Starting with the basics, you'll learn all about the fundamentals of drawing animals, including structure, shape, and shading techniques.
  • The course covers the application of perspective in your drawings, teaching you both 1-point and 2-point perspective.
  • You'll learn how to create realistic textures like fur, wrinkles, and scales.
  • He focuses on drawing animals from real life, a crucial skill in art.
  • You will delve into animal anatomy, including the skeletal and muscular system.

Additional benefits

  • Access to 11 sections with more than 10 hours of content.
  • Projects ranging from dogs and cats to lions, bears, horses and more.
  • Additional section on how to draw animal characters in animation style.

Find more information about the course here.

Animal Drawing Masterclass: From Beginner to Advanced

Fundamentals of Drawing Animals

This extensive 10+ hour course will teach you how to simplify shapes of various animals, use lines effectively, and build layers to finish your artwork.

Animal Anatomy and Structure

You will learn about the structure and skeleton of different animals and their importance in realistic drawing. Additionally, the course covers shading techniques, including hatching lines and coloring.

Practical application

With practical examples and the use of various materials, this course will guide you step by step through the process of drawing animals in different styles.

Detailed Anatomy and Movement

You will understand the anatomy of different animals, including their muscles, bones and movements, and how to represent these elements in your drawings.

Drawing of Wild Animals and Cartoons

In addition to the fundamentals, the course includes lessons on how to draw wild animals and cartoons, developing your own unique style.

Variety of Media

You will explore the use of pencils, markers, colored pencils, markers and watercolors, and how each medium brings a unique dimension to your works.

Practical Exercises and Feedback

Includes practical exercises and assignments with feedback from instructors to improve your skills as an artist.

This course is ideal for expanding your artistic knowledge, developing your skills and becoming a master at drawing animals.

Find more information about the course here.

AulaPro's virtual animal drawing courses are an open door to a world of creativity and learning. Whether you are looking to improve your skills, explore new techniques or simply enjoy art, these courses offer you all that and more. Learn at your own pace, connect with other artists, and discover the joy of drawing the beauty of nature. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this vibrant artistic community. Explore, learn and create with the best animal drawing courses AulaPro has to offer!

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