Udemy Promotion: Docker Mastery: With Kubernetes + Swarm from a Docker Captain – Virtual Course

Docker course with Kubernetes in promotion of Udemy. A virtual course with more than 240.000 students and an average rating of 4.6.
Udemy Promotion: Docker Mastery: With Kubernetes + Swarm from a Docker Captain - E-Course

Build, test and deploy containers with the best mega course on Docker, Kubernetes, Compose, Swarm and Registry using DevOps

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Udemy Promotion: Docker Mastery: With Kubernetes + Swarm from a Docker Captain – Virtual Course

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Update 2021: Ready for Apple Silicon (M1 arm64) and Raspberry Pi!
Get Ready for the Future of Dockerized with the ONE Docker + Kubernetes Mega Course on Udemy
 . Welcome to the course more complete and updated to learn and use end-to-end containers, from development and testing to deployments and server production. Taught by an award-winning Docker Captain and DevOps consultant.

Getting started with Docker? Perfect. This course begins with the assumption that you are new to containers.

Or: Are you using Docker right now and need to deal with real world issues? I'm here for you! See my production topics on Swarm, Kubernetes, secrets, logging, rolling updates, and more.

BONUS:  This course comes with Slack Chat and Live Weekly Q&A with me!


“I have followed another course on (Udemy). This one is a million times deeper.” “…when it comes to all things Docker, this is the course you will want to take” – Student Udemy Review

Why should you learn from me? Why trust me to teach you the  the best  ways to use Docker?   (Hi, I'm Bret, let me talk about myself for a second):

  • I am a practitioner. Welcome to the real world: I have 20 years of experience as a sysadmin and developer, 30+ certifications, and have been using Docker and the container ecosystem for my consulting clients and my own businesses since the early days of Docker. Learn from someone who has run hundreds of containers across dozens of projects and organizations .

  • I am an educator. Learn from someone who knows how to make a study plan: I want to help you. People say I'm good at it. During the last years, I have trained thousands of people on the use of Docker at workshops, conferences, and meetings. Watch me teach at events like DockerCon, O'Reilly Velocity, GOTO Conf, and the Linux Open Source Summit . I hope you decide to learn from me and join the fantastic online Docker community.

  • I lead communities. Also, I am a Docker Captain, which means that Docker Inc. thinks I know a thing or two about Docker and share it well with others . In the real world: I help host two local meetups in our fabulous tech community in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, USA. I help online: Usually on Slack and Twitter, where I learn and help others.

“Thanks to the Docker Mastery course, I got my first job in DevOps. Thank you Captain!" – Student Ronald Alonzo

"There are plenty of Docker courses on Udemy, but ignore them, Bret is the most qualified person to teach you." – Kevin Griffin, Microsoft MVP

Giving Back: A portion of my earnings from this course will be donated to support open source and protect our freedoms online. This course is only possible thanks to the amazing people who create open source. I stand on the shoulders of (open source) giants! Donations will be divided among my favorite charities, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Free Software Foundation. Look for them. They are incredible!

This is a dynamic course and will be updated as Docker and Kubernetes features change.

This course is designed to get you started quickly, but also to delve deeper into the “why” of things. Simply the best and fastest way to learn the latest container skills. Look at the scope of the topics in the session and see the breadth of skills you will learn.

Also included is a private Slack Chat group with 20.000 students for help with this course and continue learning Docker and DevOps with the help of myself and other students.

"The Bret course is a notch above all of those resources, and if you're struggling to get a handle on Docker, this is the resource you need to invest in." – Austin Tindle, Course Student

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Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez
Udemy's course buyer
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I am going to take this course, after reviewing different options in AulaPro. I give my assessment not to the course but to you for this excellent initiative. I'm sure the course will be fine. Then I will come to comment. ThX!
Udemy's course buyer
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This course helped me a lot, the most important thing was to rediscover the joy and passion for drawing. Thanks for that to your instructor, Jaysen! <3. I return after doing so also to thank AulaPro. Get a good promo by this website. :)
Faith Mendez
Faith Mendez
Udemy's course buyer
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"Perfect. Links to the technical documentation of the concepts would be the icing on the cake. Amazing course! The explanations were all amazing. I would like a little more depth on certain points. But, having said that, the technical explanations were already great." and any more would really bog down the course. Updated too!"
william erazo
william erazo
Coursera's course buyer
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This course is a great introduction to data science, especially for those with no prior knowledge of the subject.

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