Udemy Coupon: Microsoft Power BI: A Complete Introduction [2022 EDITION] – Online Course

Microsoft Power BI virtual course from Udemy in promotion. A course already taken by more than 180.000 students and a rating of 4.6.

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Learn how to use Microsoft's Power BI tools, including Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro (service), and PowerBI Developer

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Udemy Coupon: Microsoft Power BI: A Complete Introduction [2022 EDITION] – Online Course

Take advantage of the special price you can get today, and acquire this powerful virtual course, which can help you improve your professional profile.

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[This course is completely updated (= re-recorded) to reflect the latest updates to Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro (Service), and Power BI Mobile that have been made recently. Enjoy this 100% updated course]

Wants analyze data from one or more sources? Wants can bring to life their data sets based on these sources and transform their results into visualizations beautiful and  easy to make ? do you also want share your results  with colleagues or to collaborate  in your projects? Finally, do you want to be able access your data from multiple devices?

Then Power BI tools are the tools to choose for you!

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In this course, you'll learn why Power BI offers you a complete set of business intelligence tools for your data analysis goals, and how to use these tools to accomplish all of the above tasks, and more . imagine structure quickly your data , add calculations easily and create and publish attractive graphics in just a few minutes. 

This is what you will learn:


  • Know the Different tools of the Power BI universe and learn how to use them

  • Understand Power BI Desktop and its components

  • Learn to use the query editor to connect Power BI to various types of sources ,  how to work on it data model and understand the difference between those two steps.

  • How to work in the different views of the data model

  • How to create columns y measures calculated

  • how to build relaciones between different tables

  • How to create a report with different types of interactive visualization

  • Learn to use the service Power BI  (= Power BI Pro) to create dashboards and share and publish your results

  • How to access your results from multiple devices using Power BI Mobile

  • How to create custom visual elements using typescript and the  Power BI development tools

  • And more!


This is what this course offers, but is this the right course for you?

Yes you…

  • … I've never worked with Power BI tools before

  • … you have a basic understanding of selected tools from the Power BI universe and want to learn how these tools work together

  • …want to understand the latest updated version of the Power BI service, including the newly introduced app workspaces and app authoring and publishing, including their dashboards, reports, and datasets

  • ...want to understand the basics of creating custom visuals using the Power BI development tools

… then this is the right course for you.

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Visit the page of this course on the platform, and learn more details.

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Visit this course on the Udemy platform

Visit the page of this course on the platform, and learn more details.

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