Udemy Coupon: The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real-World Applications – Virtual Course

Python virtual course, creation of 10 applications, in promotion of Udemy. A course with more than 245.000 students and an average rating of 4.6.
Udemy Coupon: The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real-World Applications - Virtual Course

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A complete hands-on Python course for beginners and intermediates! Master Python 3 by creating 10 amazing Python applications.

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Udemy Coupon: The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real-World Applications – Virtual Course

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The Python Mega Course is the most practical course that you will find on the web today. In this course, instead of practicing rote memorization, students are actively solving problems toward tangible goals. You'll learn how to create real-life desktop programs with graphical user interfaces, automate routine tasks, control your computer's webcam, develop interactive web applications using Flask and Django, extract and visualize data, and more. You will become a programmer capable of producing real-life Python programs and even creating professional programs. exe either. executables of the application so everyone can install and use your programs. There will be ten real-world Python applications that you will learn to build. These are:

  1. Volcano Web Map
    This first application will be a simple Python program that will help you practice all the basic components of Python that you have learned in the previous sections of the course. You will learn how to combine the basics of Python with the code base of a third-party Python web map library to create interactive web maps in the browser. That will help you understand how to use core Python building blocks like conditionals, for loops, and functions in a real-world program.

  2. Webcam Motion Detector
    This program will take Python to a new level. You will learn how to use Python to process webcam video frame by frame and detect and highlight moving objects in those video frames.

  3. Personal website with Python
    If you are interested in building web applications, this app will give you the necessary skills to build web applications using Python. The website you will create will be simple but will contain all the elements you need to get started with web development in Python.

  4. database application
    book inventory The book inventory application will be a desktop program with a graphical user interface that allows users to add new books, delete and change existing book information. You will learn how to store data in an SQL database and interact with that database through Python.

  5. Data visualization and analysis application
    This section will be a series of videos in which we analyze an extensive dataset of product reviews. You will learn how to clean, process, and analyze the data and generate various interactive charts using libraries such as pandas, matplotlib, and HighCharts.

  6. Feel Good Mobile App
    If you are interested in creating mobile applications with Python, this program will show you how to do it. However, if you are not looking for mobile apps, you can still watch the videos for this app as it helps you practice the basics of Python.

  7. Real Estate Web Scraper
    Here you will learn how to build a program that crawls different real estate website pages with properties for sale. The program extracts information such as sale price, address and property type from each web page and automatically saves all the clean information in an Excel file.

  8. Database Web Application
    This application will be an advanced web application that integrates user forms, automated emails, and PostGreSQL databases. Users of your app may provide data through the web app, and your app stores and processes that data and sends the processed data to users via email.

  9. Django Blog and Translator App
    You will learn Django with this app. The web application that you will create will consist of a blog with an administration interface where content creators can write and publish new blog posts. You will also learn how to create a translator similar to Google Translator as part of this web application.

  10. Geocoder web application
    This will be an application that will process and display data tables. Specifically, the app converts addresses to geographic coordinates using pandas and other libraries.


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More about the course

The course is updated regularly, and often you'll see a new app replace an older app. So your one-time purchase will give you lifetime access to every new app tutorial added to the course. That will help you keep in touch with Python regularly and continually improve your skills.

Before you start building the ten applications, you'll first learn the basics of Python programming. If you already know the basics of Python, you can start right away with the first application. By creating all ten applications, you will become proficient in Python and gain the skills to create Python programs independently. You can also use any of the ten apps for your portfolio.

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You'll code the apps, guided step-by-step by easy-to-follow video explanations and ongoing support from the course instructor. If you get stuck, you can ask questions at any time in the Q&A section, and the instructor or teaching assistant will step in and help you with your questions.

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Visit this course on the Udemy platform

Visit the page of this course on the platform, and learn more details.




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