What are Future Learn ExpertTracks?

Start 2021 with innovations in virtual education, from the hand of Future Learn and a new format of specialized studies, called ExpertTrack.

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Future Learn's ExpertTracks are the answer to the need to continue offering alternatives to new students, with more robust and specialized educational formats. As we have already mentioned, several years ago e-Learning platforms decided to go beyond the MOOC format, with which they began their first years.

Coursera, edX and Future Learn have evolved their educational proposals to meet the demands of new consumers of their studies, who were looking for greater "weight" in the studies they were taking. This is how products like the ExpertTrack are born.

After a year 2020 that they have called the "2nd year of MOOCs", in reference to what at some point was one of the most commented articles within the world educational environment, published in November 2012 by Laura Pappano in the New York Times and which headlined “The year of the MOOC”.

Much has happened in this time and the evolution of MOOCs is the protagonist of a year that was exceptional.

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It is not for less. The year 2020 for many and rightly so, a year to forget, was without fear of exaggeration, the best in its history, for e-Learning platforms.

The digital platforms registered record numbers in visits to their sites or web platforms, likewise, a record number in new users and consequently record income.

I would say that practically this would not be the 2nd year of MOOCs, but rather the first. I say this because there is no point of comparison with the explosion of a phenomenon that starts off on the right foot in its early years, with a second explosion that is generated 2 years later, at the moment in which the product has evolved and matured. That was what happened with virtual education and in particular with e-Learning platforms in 8.


But let's not deviate too much from the objective of this article, which is to present to society the latest evolution developed by one of the most relevant e-Learning platforms in the world.

Future learn, which offers virtual studies from the main universities in Europe and Asia, and also some from America, such as the University of Michigan, in the US, launches a new format starting in 2021.

The ExpertTrac Future Learn are specialized studies made up of several courses in a series, which offer deeper training in a particular subject.

Students can access from anywhere in the world and start their studies at the time they consider, advancing at their own pace and availability.

Following the line of Micro-credentials which Future Learn launched in early 2020, ExpertTracks have some special features that set them apart.


This new study format may be a response from Future Learn to needs that may be more pronounced in an audience from the American continent and specifically from Latin America.

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A student connected from any of the countries in our region can perfectly be aware of and recognize the academic quality of universities and cultural and technological organizations in Europe and Asia.

However, possibly among his plans, in principle, is not to take advantage of an academic credit that he can "redeem" in a postgraduate degree from a European university, as is one of the benefits offered in the Microcredentials.

That would be an added value that may be interesting for a small segment of students.

It is one of the most important differences between ExpertTrack and Microcredentials, which are also study groups “packaged” to offer in-depth training on a particular topic.

Microcredentials generally offer mentorship with instructors, and this also means two things: they have specific start dates, and they may be more expensive.

For some, the tutoring experience of an instructor, similar to what they would live in a face-to-face study environment, is an added value that is worth having in a training process and for this reason a Microcredential fits perfectly to that requirement. It would be the closest thing to living the experience of studying at a university in the United Kingdom, or Europe, at a fraction of the value, and from the comfort of your home in Latin America. 

But what can be an advantage for some, can also be limitations for others. The advantage of advancing at your own pace and starting a study and taking the evaluations at the exact moment you want or your occupations allow it, a possibility offered by the Future Learn Experttrack, is also an interesting consideration.


However, the most outstanding advantage of the Future Learn ExpertTracks is that they are generally developed based on the academic content of the Microcredentials, but with a much lower value.

It is also possible that they vary in some more aspects of a technical or managerial nature, which for example, can only be administered by the instructors who offer the microcredentials, but the EspertTrack preserves the important and key part of the learning, which is the valuable academic content. .


Through a monthly subscription established at a value of USD $39, students can access all the courses that make up the ExpertTrack, develop the content, tests, and advance at their own pace.

Going at your own pace means that with dedication and a little discipline, an ExpertTrack can be completed before the suggested time. Thus, for example, if on average the program can take 3 or 4 months to complete its, for example, 3 courses that make it up, these could finally be completed in just 2 months, saving 1 month of subscription.

Another advantage of the Future Learn ExpertTarck subscription model is that as soon as you finish and pass the evaluations of the last course, the subscription is cancelled. This would avoid that, due to carelessness, if the student had to cancel it manually, and does not do so, they would end up paying for an additional month.


And of course, the best thing, the satisfaction fetish of a student, after so much effort and dedication, is the certificate that tells the world that he is an expert in the subject of the ExpertTrack that he has chosen to study.

This certificate can be downloaded to add to your collection and also shared or uploaded as a new certification to your LinkedIn profile. As always, it is crucial that you update your resume with the new achievement, to catch the attention of recruiters.

So, in conclusion, with the Future Learn ExpertTrack, a new way is born, much more flexible and affordable, to train with top-level European universities and organizations, from anywhere in the world.

fabian mendoza

fabian mendoza

Digital Marketing specialist and higher education expert, Fabian Mendoza has dedicated more than a decade to transforming the teaching landscape. With a significant track record in student retention for dozens of universities in his native Colombia, Fabian has played a crucial role in developing strategies that maintain student interest and engagement in virtual environments. Currently, in his work with AulaPro, he has guided thousands of visitors in the search for online courses and programs that enhance his professional skills. His contribution has been essential to making online education an accessible and relevant option for a global audience.

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