What books on digital marketing to read in [2022]?

The adoption of a digital strategy, as a marketing, positioning and growth tool in companies, is no longer an option. Here is our selection of the best books on Digital Marketing that you should read today.
Books on Digital Marketing

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The new normality that is already beginning to be experienced due to the global crisis derived from Covid-19, has meant that the plans that were had for the medium and long term, have to be brought forward abruptly.

One of those plans is the thorough inclusion of a solid and robust digital strategy in, not the future, but the present of any organization regardless of its size. Reading a good book, in this case books on Digital Marketing, will always be one of the main resources to achieve, not only understand how to take on this new challenge, but also keep up to date in the case of those who are already navigating those challenging waters.

Today more than ever, organizations face extreme conditions in terms of competitiveness. If the situation was not easy just a few months ago, the current crisis has accelerated what some call the “digital darwinism“, which is basically the adaptation of companies to survive in an increasingly harsh environment.

For this it is necessary to understand that Digital Marketing is not something that can be chosen to do or not. Companies must be clear that today it is, in fact, a lifeline, and potentially the only one, for their businesses. But each year has trends to follow and implement, so in this list we will focus on the books on Digital Marketing, which cover these trends, and that today can be of great help for the application of the digital trends that will mark 2022

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Table of Contents

1. Advertising and engagement with Streaming Video

Video, as a solid promotion strategy for brands, will continue to be one of the main resources to consolidate positioning in the mind of the consumer. Tower Sensor, a company specializing in data analysis in applications, revealed that the App Tik Tok, reached 2.000 million downloads, after having the quarter with the highest number of downloads in the history of any application, adding the two large application stores, App Store and Google Play.

It is important to know the audience of the brand, to develop a digital strategy that is attractive to its segment. TikTok can help brands targeting a young segment, but YouTube, might be right for a segment that includes a broader range.


Know how to create live video programs from your phone, to broadcast live on social networks of Facebook y Twitter, can be a great resource as a branding strategy, but even as a direct or indirect income generator. Here are some books on digital marketing in this specific digital trend.

Recommended books on streaming video strategy

2. Artificial Intelligence and Data Driven Marketing

For movie lovers, hearing the words Artificial Intelligence can bring to mind wonderful pieces of science fiction where we see robots, making complex decisions and behaving like human beings. Although these technological developments are becoming more viable and closer, in terms of Digital Marketing, the goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to build a better understanding of the end consumer. And these are things that are already happening. Through Big Data data analysis technologies, such as Machine Learning, and through programming languages ​​such as Python, today it is possible to establish a better optimization of marketing campaigns, which allow processes to be automated, resources to be optimized and errors to be minimized. human. The following are books on digital marketing that address these topics.

Recommended Books on Artificial Intelligence and Data Driven Marketing

3. Stories on Social media

One of the most used features on Instagram are the so-called "Stories", and in a very short time they became one of the most important resources of any digital marketing strategy that seeks to impact said network. To understand the impact of Instagram Stories, suffice it to say that while Instagram is used by 1.000 billion people monthly, Stories are used 500 million times daily.

This type of format has been adapted to other apps such as Facebook y WhatsApp, which makes it a highly valuable resource for brand strategies. understanding it to get the most out of it is necessary, for any digital strategy in 2022, that intends to tell the story of a brand.

Recommended Books on Social Media Stories

4. Influencer Marketing

Hen social media and its viral status has turned anonymous people who, under other conditions, would be almost impossible for them to stand out, into literally Rock Stars. A study of Google and your initiative Think With Google, found that 70% of users teenagers of YouTube They claim that for them Youtubers they have more credibility than traditional celebrities.

Find a an influencer or a group of influencers can be key to being able to get in touch with your customers. Developing a digital strategy that helps you connect with your consumers and speak their same language will have more chances of impacting and generating credibility hand in hand with the Influencer Marketing.

Recommended Books on Influencer Marketing

5. SEO through voice search and zero position (Featured snippet)

These two trends are related to the digital strategy in SEO to implement to stand out in 2020. Voice search is becoming more and more popular. According to Think With Google, in 2018, 27% of searches that were made in his seeker, were by means of the "voice search". In 2016 this figure was 20%. This trend will only continue to grow due to, among other things, devices such as Alexa.

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On the other hand, it is called zero position  to search results that are above the 1st search result, and that carry a preview of the content of the indexed page. Also known as “Feature Snippets” These results within a SEO strategy, they will have a better chance of being achieved, if the content is focused on answering direct questions, such as those that would be made in a voice search. Adapting to these new search trends could give you a competitive advantage in terms of web visibility. These books on digital marketing in SEO are highly valued.

Recommended books on SEO, voice search and position zero

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6. Transformation in Digital Marketing

Something that can cause confusion is that today the implementation figures of the Digital marketing they are surprising but in a negative way. A study of Google Russia In collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), conducted with 200 international companies, found that only 2% had implemented data and technology to create valuable and relevant experiences during the “Custom Journey”. Using the tool Digital Maturity Benchmark, Google and BCG determined that the companies that had implemented the multi-moment marketing they increased profitability by 30% and revenue by 20%. The digital transformation despite the advances, it is still incipient, even in large companies, so in 2022 we will continue to see many of them make the leap

Recommended Books on Digital Marketing Transformation

7. Creative campaigns first (creative-first)

The speed and immediacy of results sometimes mean that marketing is automated where it should not be, for example, in its concept, which must always be focused on impacting the final consumer. It is there where to resume creativity as the center of communication with the client You can drive great results by building on data, A/B testing, and measurement. A digital strategy with a high component of creativity will be able to find in 2022 in the Big Data, its best complement, when you follow the 3 steps to mastering a digital creative process: learn (understand), rehearse (try different approaches), and orchestrate (put it all together).

Recommended books on digital creativity

8. GDPR and legal aspects for digital businesses

El General Data Protection Regulation o GDPR for its acronym in English, which initially governed the European Union, is beginning to be adopted in the West. The state of California is developing a new law, and it is predicted that all companies in EE. UU must comply with the privacy of consumer data.

En Colombian Law 1581 It is the one that governs the protection of consumer data, however, it still seems to have aspects to improve, especially with regard to electronic commerce and the information that websites collect through cookies. But that certain limbo in which local and possibly regional legislation in Latin America still finds itself, in terms of digital consumer protection, does not exempt companies with a web presence, not only with transactional objectives, from having their websites updated in legal terms and handling of personal data. These are some books on digital marketing that deal with the management of privacy and data on the Internet.

Recommended books on GDPR and laws for e-commerce

9. Personalized Marketing

That traditional marketing, in which a campaign was launched with the intention of impacting the greatest number of potential clients, with the same message, is a thing of the past thanks to the Machine Learning. Through it, marketers can develop personalized campaigns on a large scale - something that would not have made sense in other times - to reach specific customers at specific times.

El Machine Learning allows brands to develop advertising campaigns personalized marketing, with a more detailed ability to adapt and understand the client, and this allows them to react better to a message that they feel is made especially for them.

Skoda, the vehicle manufacturer managed to take full advantage of this technology to, through Machine Learning, join pieces of mini videos with different images and messages, to produce personalized marketing with literally, thousands of commercial videos on YouTube, aimed at various segments with outstanding results in terms of statistical measurements in YouTube as “Cost Per View” (CPV), “View-through rates” (VTR) and the “Completion Rate” (CR).


Recommended Books on Personalized Marketing

10. Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing

El Content Marketing, is and will continue to be apparently for a long time, an essential element in a Digital Marketing strategy. En el content marketing converge, if not all, the vast majority of the components of a digital strategy.

There are many considerations that must be addressed so that the brand can develop memorable experiences in the different stages of the process. Customer Journey of your customers. Properly identify the profile of the Buyer People, create attractive content for them, distribute it on all channels to maximize and analyze the different touch point. Going from interested visitors to conquering clients should also go hand in hand with the implementation of the content marketing complement, the evolution of the relationship with the audiences: the inbound marketing and inbound sales. Next, books on digital marketing, specifically address content marketing and its variants. 

Recommended books on Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales.

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Finally, we leave you with a small group of recommended books, which do not fit entirely within the trends of 20212 but which are essential for different objectives and which, like all the previous ones, will be of great support in the Digital Marketing strategy in this year full of challenges and opportunities

Additional Recommended Books

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