PRISMA App and bring out the artist in you!

Prisma is a very simple app that already has a considerable number of followers. on both iOS and Android and best of all, it's free.

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You only have to download it to your smartphone to start enjoying the wonderful effects that are achieved with this application.


Cell phones increasingly have more advanced technology that allows photography enthusiasts to take visually very well-achieved images, and the hardware, combined with increasingly powerful cameras, are the perfect mix to have an application like PRISMA.

There are many of us who are in love with mobile photography. Every day new mobiles appear on the market with great innovations; but the one that can never be missing is the attention to the camera.

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PRIMA has more than 30 filters that transform that image you took into literally a work of art in a matter of seconds.

PRISMA allows you to take a photo at the moment to edit it in the APP or search through the images of the cell phone gallery to start playing with the artistic effects of artists such as Picasso, Munch, Mondrian.

This app works by the use of a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, presenting a real spectacle for everyone. It does not disguise the image, but rather creates an authentic artistic image. You can also increase or decrease the filter just by sliding your finger over the image.

Here are some examples of using this app:

By sliding your finger from right to left and vice versa on the screen (having the image to which the effect will be applied) you can measure the intensity of the effect, however the effect in its maximum transformation turns the image into a work of art, cartoon or any other design without almost being over-saturated or unbelievable and really preserves the characteristics of objects or faces.

Like all these types of applications, we have the possibility of sharing our work on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others, but especially Instagram.

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(Original published by Mayte Pelegrín)

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