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What is Bilingualism

According to Wikipedia: With bilingualism we refer to the ability of a person to use two languages ​​indistinctly in any communicative situation and with the same efficiency. an institution or a society, can be considered bilingual. Although clearly a distinction must be made between: individual bilingualism; that is, the ability of an individual to process two different linguistic systems. This type of bilingualism is studied mainly by applied linguistics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. Social bilingualism, that is, the effects of the existence of bilingualism in a human group. This issue is of special interest to sociolinguistics and anthropological linguistics.

Colombo American University Institution – UNIQUE

Bachelor's Degree in Bilingualism with Emphasis in Spanish and English

Unique Lr Languages
Bachelor's Degree in Bilingualism with Emphasis in Spanish and English - Institución Universitaria Colombo Americana – UNIQUE

Studying the professional program of Bachelor's Degree in Bilingualism with Emphasis in Spanish and English of the Colombo American University Institution - ÚNICA, is to take a step towards globalization, to know and understand different cultures, and to prepare as professionals who manage to communicate and teach perfectly. in both languages, which allows them to obtain excellent job opportunities in Colombia and abroad.


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Likewise, it should be noted that there are excellent Colombian and foreign teachers, and students from different regions of the country, which allows new students to be involved in diverse environments from the first semester, managing to perceive changes in their way of discovering the world and extending their knowledge with experiences and points of view of people from different backgrounds. In addition, the fact that the Program takes place within the Colombo Americano center, allows ÚNICA students to develop in a bilingual environment that promotes culture through spaces such as: art galleries, concert hall, bilingual library and dynamic programming. which invites national and international artists to exhibit the best of contemporary art and travelers from different countries to perceive the best of our society.

The curriculum of the Bachelor's Degree in Bilingualism with Emphasis in Spanish and English covers components of English, Research, Education, Linguistics and Language, History, Civilization and Culture, Literature, Social Support and Administrative Support, which allows graduates to compete professionally in any Spanish-speaking or English-speaking country, with the advantage of having a bachelor's degree and the versatility to work while traveling the world.

This is how studying at the Institución Universitaria Colombo Americana – UNIQUE is to open doors to globalization, culture and excellent job opportunities. 13 years ago when it was founded, ÚNICA was consolidated as the first bilingual university institution in the country; Thanks to its trajectory and various awards in the sector, today ÚNICA is a leader in bilingual education in Colombia.

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