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In this article you will find information on the Cardiorespiratory Therapy undergraduate program and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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What is Respiratory or Cardiorespiratory Therapy?

According to Wikipedia: Respiratory therapy (RT) is a profession belonging to the health sciences, in which trained professionals work with patients suffering from acute or chronic cardio-pulmonary or respiratory problems and/or conditions. In some countries they are known as respiratory doctors or kinesiologists. Respiratory therapists are also called respiratory therapists, cardiopulmonary therapists, or respiratory and brain care professionals. Pediatric or Adult.

Manuela Beltran University

Study Cardiorespiratory Therapy at the UMB

Logo Autonomous University of Manizales
Logo Autonomous University of Manizales

The Cardiorespiratory Therapy program at the Manuela Beltrán University trains proactive, competitive professionals in the clinical-assistance, teaching, research, administrative, commercial and home care areas, with professional criteria based on scientific and technological knowledge, participating in therapeutic processes through traditional interventions and alternative therapies that seek to improve the quality of life and cardiorespiratory health care, working interdisciplinarily, standing out for its suitability, ethics, responsibility and commitment.  


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The student graduated from the Cardiorespiratory Therapy program of the UMB from a comprehensive perspective, will be the means to respond to the needs of society in the management of people with cardiovascular and respiratory disorders and not only to these patients but to all those in those with compromised heart and lung function, in an assertive manner, in such a way that it promotes the restoration of cardiorespiratory health at different levels of care such as primary care, neonatal, pediatric and adult intensive care, rehabilitation and laboratory cardiopulmonary, emergency rooms, hospitalization and home care or care at home responding to the needs of society.

To strengthen the skills of our scholars and guarantee the quality of our academic processes, the Cardiorespiratory Therapy program has a teaching team with extensive experience and post-graduation training in the different areas of professional performance as specialists in Cardiorespiratory Therapy in critical care, rehabilitation cardiopulmonary, university teaching and research, health management and auditing, public health management and epidemiology, among others, providing quality training to our scholars.
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Important research contributions

The Cardiorespiratory Therapy program seeks to contribute through high-impact research to cardiorespiratory health. This is how the Cardiorespiratory Care Research Group has category B, in the Colciencias classification, and has managed to position the program under three research axes significant for the professional development of the scholar: Basic and Critical Care, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Public Health.
With the aim of socializing this investigative path with scientific and humanistic training, which tends to act in view of new intervention modalities such as Alternative Therapies, Health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitation from the field of pulmonary and cardiac disorders, the program has achieved active participation through the cardiorespiratory group in countries such as Spain, Seoul, Amsterdam, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and Argentina, Costa Rica generating an important social echo as an international reference program in terms of to scientific contributions for the quality of their research. 
Lastly, the Cardiorespiratory Therapy program directs the student profile with competitive projection to institutions of great social impact for the full exercise of their practices, among which the following stand out: Central Military Hospital, Misericordia Hospital Foundation, San José Children's Hospital , Santa Clara Hospital, Navarra Cardiovascular Clinic among others.
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