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Manuela Beltran University

Bachelor of Sports Science

Bachelor of Sports Sciences - Manuela Beltrán University
Bachelor of Sports Sciences - Manuela Beltrán University

The UMB Sports Science Degree program presents an innovative academic proposal in the area of ​​sports, which is at the forefront of sports development trends, not only nationally, but also internationally. 


The program contemplates a methodological training, a strong foundation in the scientific-technical components that gives line to a research profile with the ability to solve everyday problems in any field, and also enables the student to be prepared in the management and business management under the new models of entrepreneurship.

Facing sports contexts, from potential development scenarios, UMB students within the Sports Science Degree program cover disciplines such as Paralympic sports and Golf, as one of the differentiating aspects, as it is the only career at the national that addresses the sport of Golf, within its curricular structure, in effect due to a strategic alliance with the Colombian Golf Federation and for having its own field in this discipline.

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For the Sports Science Degree program at the UMB, sport is conceived as a potential axis of development, which has had great evolution and development thanks to the projection presented by the existence of new technologies applied to sport; For this reason, the program has focused on framing a relevant position in terms of well-being and health from the classroom, integrating highly qualified teachers into its work team, not only because of their academic training, but also because of the evidence of a real experience. in the field of successful performance, in such a way that their profile manages to transmit in the different learning scenarios. Among the group of teachers, Dr. Eduardo Montenegro, Vice President of the Paralympic Committee of the Americas, Dr. César Mauricio Ruiz, Sports Physician, who has served on several Colombian professional soccer teams, and Lic. Nelson Torres, can be highlighted. , Professional Basketball Referee. 

On the other hand, the professional practices that the student of the Bachelor's program in Sports Sciences of the UMB has, successfully evaluates the ability to plan, control and assess sports processes, as well as the possibility of working in a interdisciplinary in fields such as sports training schools and clubs, training centers related to the Fitness area and physical conditioning, among which the Porto de Portugal Football School stands out, under a philosophy that sets professional practice as a work platform, based on showing the best version of the student of the program. 
Finally, internationalization is contemplated within this program as a means of training professionals with global thinking, of which five agreements are fueled with top-level universities in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Spain.




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