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What is mechanical engineering

According to Wikipedia: Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that applies, specifically, the principles of thermodynamics, mechanics, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, fluid mechanics, structural analysis, statics, dynamics, differential equation, trigonometry, calculus vectorial and materials science for the design and analysis of various elements used today, such as machinery for various purposes (thermal, hydraulic, transportation, manufacturing), as well as ventilation systems, refrigeration, land, air and motorized vehicles. maritime, among other applications.

EIA University

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Eia University
Mechanical Engineering - EIA University

Solutions for the use of energy and the production of goods

Have you ever wondered how industrial machines work? Do you like to make inventions, design useful things or processes that make life easier?
Mechanical Engineering, in addition to being one of the engineering fields with the greatest tradition, providing solutions in the transformation of energy, for jobs where the motor skills of people are not sufficient, is constituted as a discipline of high projection necessary in the implementation of solutions to sensitive problems of societies.


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The creation and sustainability of new manufacturing companies, as well as the strengthening of existing ones, all aimed at supporting the nation's competitiveness in the face of demanding and changing markets, demand engineers capable of supplying and transforming not only materials and energy, but also societies themselves through technological solutions derived from mechanical practice.

The Mechanical Engineering student at the EIA University, in addition to receiving classic courses from the mechanical engineering programs traditionally offered, will also enjoy a study plan that contemplates the development of skills for numerical models and simulations of phenomena involved in the different systems. mechanics that involve the processes of transformation of energy and/or movement.


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Mechanical Engineering at the EIA

In addition, thanks to institutional agreements, the student can participate in international exchanges to strengthen a second language and/or specific subjects considered as electives within the plan. It also has a semester of special projects, in which you can develop an approach, either nationally or internationally, for the development of your business practice, research project or entrepreneurship.

central University

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Central University
Biomedical Engineering - EIA University

Improving people's lives through physical knowledge of the world

The Mechanical Engineering program at Universidad Central studies the problems of energy conversion, mechanical systems, products, materials, manufacturing, and machines, as well as their design and maintenance. Likewise, it is interested in the search for automated uses that improve productivity, through the use of computational tools.


The Mechanical Engineering students of the Central University are trained in dynamic and varied pedagogical spaces: face-to-face classes, laboratories, workshops and integrated projects. The latter refer to academic processes in which the concepts of creating and manufacturing products are applied to the development of functional prototypes. In all of them, follow-up is carried out on the development of the skills that students require to generate possibilities of success in the professional field.

Mechanical Engineering at the Central University is supported by the articulation of theory and practice through the development of integrated projects, in which the theoretical knowledge that supports the development of mechanical engineering and the development of practical projects established since communities and industry

The lines of deepening of this program are distinguished by their interdisciplinary nature, which gives rise to permanent interaction with the other areas of the Faculty of Engineering and Basic Sciences. These are:

– Design of mechanical systems: modeling, simulation, optimization and automation of said systems.
– Energy: rational use of energy, application of sustainable sources and optimization of thermal systems.
– Manufacturing: transformation of materials from modern manufacturing processes.
– Bioengineering: study of natural systems that applies mechanical engineering in areas related to health and the environment.

The Mechanical Engineering program is articulated with the specialization in Industrial Mechatronics in virtual modality, as one of the degree option possibilities, since students can take two (2) modules of the specialization to opt for the degree, and if the student wants it, these modules are homologated to continue the specialization in a formal way.

Autonomous University of Manizales

Mechanical Engineering

High Quality Accredited Program.

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Logo Autonomous University of Manizales
Mechanical Engineering - Autonomous University of Manizales

UAM mechanical engineers: creative and innovative

The Mechanical Engineer of the UAM applies his knowledge in the analysis, design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of machinery and mechanical systems; therefore, he is capable of managing engineering projects, designing equipment and devices, carrying out productive transformations or creating new tools in biomechanics, manufacturing, robotics or materials.


UAM Mechanical Engineering graduates are oriented towards generating solutions to problems in industry and the productive sector, they are sensitive to social and economic problems and respond creatively to them, contributing to development.

At the Autonomous University of Manizales campus, Mechanical Engineers are trained in interdisciplinary settings, with a highly qualified teaching team and with access to laboratories and research and development teams that encourage them to innovate and undertake.

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Autonomous University of the West - UAO

Mechanical Engineering

High Quality Accredited Program.

Logo Autonomous University of the West
Mechanical Engineering - Autonomous University of the West - UAO

The Mechanical Engineer of the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente is a person who has a solid comprehensive education in science and engineering; It has the skills to evaluate, lead and execute projects related to the design, implementation and maintenance of machinery, equipment and processes for manufacturing, metal-mechanic production and in general, the transformation and optimal use of energy and materials.


Efficiently uses human, technological and material resources with functional, ecological and economic criteria that allow it to assume the transformation of the environment for social benefit

Mechanical Engineering at UAO

With the ability to efficiently use human, technological and material resources with functional, ecological and economic criteria that allow them to assume the transformation of the environment for social benefit. The Universidad Autónoma de Occidente offers the most complete and modern mechanical design and simulation laboratories and software in southwestern Colombia, so that you can live real experiences throughout your career.

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