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In this article you will find information on the Electronic Engineering undergraduate program and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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Find in this special content, information on Electronic Engineering and related programs such as Systems Engineering and Electronic Engineering – Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications.
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What is electronic engineering

According to Wikipedia: Electronic engineering is a branch of engineering that is responsible for solving engineering problems such as the control of industrial processes, electronic power systems, instrumentation and control, as well as the transformation of electricity for the operation of various electrical appliances. It has application in industry, telecommunications, in the design and analysis of electronic instrumentation, microcontrollers and microprocessors.

central University

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering - Central University
Electronic Engineering - Central University

Generate technological innovations for well-being and development

The Electronic Engineering program of the Central University has promoted the articulation between teaching, research and extension or social projection from the lines of deepening, which are dynamic and depend on their evolution and relevance within the program.


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Each of them is approached in three phases that imply:

The connection with a particular problem, which can occur: 1) through a research problem raised by one of the study and research groups of the Faculty; 2) as a consequence of the intervention work in a company or institution, to which the student or the work group in which he/she is involved has access; or 3) due to the detection of a problem in the labor or social spheres.


– Modelling, design and simulation of a solution for a problem.
– The construction and commissioning of its solution.

Electronic engineering has become a transversal field to all other areas. Therefore, the graduate of the Electronic Engineering program of the Central University has the generic and specific skills necessary to apply techniques and methods in proposing technological solutions to problems in their area of ​​knowledge, as well as to understand mathematical concepts and principles. that allow you to model processes and phenomena present in the real world. On the other hand, the unicentralist mechanical engineer is able to design and implement electronic devices, through the use of modern technological techniques and tools, and to lead technological projects with an innovative sense.

The curriculum of the program has academic spaces called Electronic Engineering Practices, in which the student acquires the concepts related to the engineering design process and applies them through innovative solutions in business, industrial and social problems.

It also has internships or professional practices, which are optional spaces that provide the student with a closer link with the work of the engineer in the business context, the application of the theoretical knowledge and practices acquired, and the strengthening of the competencies set forth in the profile of the unicentralist Electronic Engineer.

Likewise, the student can choose his degree option, in which he has the opportunity to display all his creativity, capacity for innovation and leadership. These options are: degree work, deepening course, postgraduate modules and entrepreneurship.

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Autonomous University of Manizales

Electronic Engineering

High Quality Accredited Program

Logo Autonomous University of Manizales
Electronic engineering - UAM

Systems Engineering and Electronic Engineering at UAM

The System Engineers of the Autonomous University of Manizales are professionals who implement computer solutions to solve problems of an organization or society, making use of scientific and technological knowledge and personal and disciplinary values ​​and principles.


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In the same way, the Electronic Engineers of the UAM use technology and scientific knowledge to solve problems in telecommunications, telephony, audio, video, robotics, computer science or biomedicine.

At the Autonomous University of Manizales, it is possible to carry out two undergraduate programs simultaneously, saving time and money, thanks to the possibility of homologating credits in the common area between both careers and advancing subjects in the inter-semester periods.

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Autonomous University of Colombia FUAC

electronic Engineering

Fuac Logo
Electronic Engineering - Autonomous University of Colombia FUAC

Prepare professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and social commitment to apply electronics to industrial processes, analog-digital signal processing and telecommunications. Develop in students the imagination and creativity to transfer adequate and innovative technology to the industry and to the different business levels, as the foundation of national and international competitiveness.


The Autonomous University of Colombia is a democratic, independent, participatory and pluralistic academic center, committed to the development of the human person and to the realization of the essential values ​​of the Colombian legal system through the cultivation of rational knowledge, with a view to comprehensive training. , research and the participation of the university community in the socioeconomic, cultural and political life of the nation.

Manuela Beltran University

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering - Manuela Beltrán University
Electronic Engineering - Manuela Beltrán University

Study Electronic Engineering at the UMB

The Electronic Engineering program of the Manuela Beltrán University, has been structured under a training of students with methodological projection, which allows them to professionally and assertively carry out designs and prototypes in terms of information and communication technologies, such as also, of automation, control and robotics applied from the necessary concepts of Engineering.

Bogota and Cajica

Faced with these lines of deepening, the student of this program acquires a series of skills that allow him to be at the forefront of all technological advances.

Its solid preparation in basic sciences makes it possible to approach the processes that occur in the different fields of action, from a logical and critical thinking thanks to the expertise of its teaching staff, within which a great academic career with training in master's degree and doctorate and for his professional practice in leading companies in innovation such as Civil Aeronautics and the Telecommunications Company of Bogotá.


From the integral and humanistic impulse, the focus of each subject is planned to train the best Electronic Engineers in the Country, with an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial incentives, who contribute to the productive sector generating a high impact on society.

The Electronic Engineering student has a high capacity for abstraction, observation, execution, analysis and research, with a willingness to assimilate and innovate on new technologies, a leader in his area with a vocation towards interdisciplinary and transversal work that contemplates practical solutions to the daily problems, and the exercise of entrepreneurship with a view to creating companies that will revolutionize the market.

The Electronic Engineering student has a high capacity for abstraction, observation, execution, analysis and research, with a willingness to assimilate and innovate on new technologies.

Faced with globalized skills, demanded by the productive sector at a national and international level, the Electronic Engineering program has managed to maintain self-training and constant updating throughout the professional projection of the student from the development of their business practices, therefore, Manuelist students have the opportunity to carry out their internships with highly prestigious companies in the sector, among which the following stand out: Compensar, Qoopa SAS, Certicamara, Claro, Avantel, among others.

Finally, in the international field, the UMB, from the Electronic Engineering program, has academic mobility agreements, under guidelines for homologation that can be extended for one semester or one academic year, among those that stand out in Spain – Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, in Italy - University of Calabria, in Brazil - University of Sao Paulo with its San Carlos School of Engineering, and in Mexico - Autonomous University.

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Catholic University of the East - UCO

Electronic Engineering

UCO Logo
Electronic Engineering - Catholic University of the East - UCO

Electronic Engineer from the Universidad Católica de Oriente

The Electronic Engineer of the Universidad Católica de Oriente develops skills to plan, analyze, model, design, develop, evaluate, modify and supervise the manufacture of electronic systems used in commercial, industrial, government, consulting and service companies.

Rionegro, Antioquia

Electronic engineers must acquire skills to plan, analyze, model, design, develop, evaluate, modify, and supervise the manufacture of electronic systems used in commercial, industrial, government, consulting, and service businesses.

combines abilities, skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values ​​to perform in different engineering contexts related to computer networks, wired and wireless telecommunications, and industrial automation; in the business environment is able to identify, formulate, evaluate, administer and manage technology-based projects.

The core competency of electronic engineering is related to the ability to design hardware and software used in commercial, industrial, medical, or scientific applications.

Autonomous University of the West - UAO

Electronic engineering and telecommunications

Accredited program in High Quality.

Logo Autonomous University of the West
Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications - Autonomous University of the West - UAO

Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering is a discipline that provides original solutions to the country's needs and challenges through the application of scientific knowledge to design and develop advanced technology for industrial systems, automation, process control, data networks, computers, telecommunications and connectivity, in a globalized world.


The Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer of the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente has the skills to design, install, adapt and support solutions aimed at the telecommunications and industrial automation sectors, applying current norms and standards, which allows them to identify and solve problems technological order.



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