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What is process engineering

According to Wikipedia: Process engineering combines specialties from areas such as biology, chemistry, physics and computer science to study the different conversion processes of matter. Process engineering studies the operations by which products are created from substances by means of physicochemical or biological procedures. Process engineering seeks to optimize processes under certain restrictions that ensure their economic, environmental and social sustainability.

EAFIT University

Process engineering

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Process engineering, a profession that transforms

During our lives we interact with products that satisfy different needs and desires. These products are obtained from natural resources that need to be transformed in order to be useful to us. 

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The transformation occurs through different processes that are intelligently designed and managed so that the resources are converted or transformed into beneficial products, avoiding negatively affecting the environment and people. Therefore, understanding, analyzing and creating processes is essential so that our needs and desires can be satisfied, without affecting the environment and contributing to sustainable development.

PROCESS ENGINEERING a profession that transforms

A Process Engineer has a broad and inclusive vision and deeply understands each stage of the process, the process as a whole and its interrelationships with the environment. The foregoing allows the Process Engineer to be versatile and have a wide possibility of performance in different sectors and companies at a national and international level.

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Graduates of Process Engineering from EAFIT University are located in the chemical industry (chemical products, petroleum, polymers, fertilizers, dyes, ceramics, etc.), biotechnology-based industry (solvents, alcohols, cosmetics, biofertilizers, dairy products, biological control, biopolymers, etc.), food industry (meat, cocoa, dairy, beverages, baking, etc), extraction industry (mining) and transformation of materials. They also work in areas related to product research and development, the service sector, and several EAFIT Process Engineering graduates stand out as entrepreneurs thanks to the developments they have had with innovative ventures.



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