Why and where to study Civil Engineering in Colombia? - major reasons

In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in Civil Engineering and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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What is civil engineering

According to Wikipedia: Civil engineering is the discipline of professional engineering that uses calculation, mechanics, hydraulics and physics knowledge to take care of the design, construction and maintenance of the infrastructures located in the environment, including roads, railways, bridges, canals. , dams, ports, airports, dams and other related constructions. Civil engineering is the oldest after military engineering, hence its name to distinguish non-military activities from military ones.

EIA University

Civil Engineering

High Quality Accredited Program.

Civil Engineering - Eia University
Civil Engineering - EIA University

Development of physical infrastructure for competitiveness

Would you like to contribute to the development of the country through infrastructure projects that allow road and land connectivity? Do you know how many engineering laws were implemented to build the Burj Khalifa building, considered the tallest in the world? 

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Civil Engineering is a profession that directly impacts the quality of life of the inhabitants of a region and its economy, due to the projects that are carried out that cover basic needs such as the supply of drinking water, housing, the supply of energy and mobility. For this reason, although it is one of the oldest engineering fields, it is considered a cutting-edge profession with a high level of performance and application.

Civil Engineering at the EIA

The Civil Engineering program of the EIA University seeks to train upstanding professionals capable of designing, building and maintaining efficient, economical, safe and sustainable infrastructure works that respond to the needs of a region, improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and promote its competitiveness.
Our study plan is based on offering professional technical training, complemented with economic/administrative and socio/humanistic training that allows us to understand the panorama of the problems and infrastructure needs of the country, to propose pertinent solutions, taking into account financial, ethical, of social responsibility and professional suitability.

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Pilot university of colombia

Civil Engineering

High Quality Accredited Program.

Unipilot Logo
Civil Engineering - Pilot University of Colombia

Learn to materialize the solutions required by the infrastructures of the XNUMXst century, study Civil Engineering at Unipiloto

The Civil Engineer of the Pilot University is a professional responsible for the materialization of solutions to the growing needs of civil infrastructure presented by today's society. He participates in the global planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the different civil infrastructure works in which he is involved. 

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Its management responds, therefore, to the needs of today and at the same time it is able to face the changes in context that the future holds, effectively and efficiently, through ethical and responsible management of technology and within a framework of action balanced technically, scientifically, managerially, with a social and environmental background, which allows it to exercise comprehensive action, as a powerful vector of change.

Thinkers who observe the social and material context. Our Civil Engineers learn to materialize the solutions required by the infrastructures of the XNUMXst century.

The Civil Engineering of the Pilot University promotes the development of a set of training processes that are oriented towards the comprehensive training of people, characterized both by its solid conceptual foundation in the technical and scientific areas of civil engineering, and by its strengths. humanistic and economic-administrative, to face the reality of their country and participate in the search for specific solutions to the development needs of the nation, through the sustainable construction of urban infrastructure projects, framed in ethics, quality and environmental and social responsibility.

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Civil Engineering

Logo - Uniagraria
Civil Engineering - Uniagraria

Study Civil Engineering at UNIAGRARIA and build the first step to fulfill your dreams

Get ready to face the world from Engineering studying Civil Engineering at UNIAGRARIA.


If you opt for our sustainable and environmentally friendly offer, you will not only have the knowledge of the profession, but you will also be oriented to the solution of multiple needs and problems of the regions, municipalities and especially, their rural areas with the certainty that, in the field, a professional capable of understanding the development requirements with infrastructure and appropriate local technology is required that allows the producer to develop skills to analyze, propose and implement solutions to the problems of urban and especially rural infrastructure as well as promote the improvement of the quality of life of the regions, interacting positively with natural resources to achieve sustainable human development.



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