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In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in Physiotherapy and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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What is Physiotherapy

According to Wikipedia: Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a health science discipline that offers non-pharmacological therapeutic and rehabilitative treatment to diagnose, prevent and treat symptoms of multiple ailments, both acute and chronic, for through physical agents such as electricity, ultrasound, laser, heat, cold, water, manual techniques such as stretching, traction, massage.

Simon Bolivar University


High Quality Accredited Program.

Physiotherapy - Simón Bolívar University
Physiotherapy - Simón Bolívar University

Physiotherapy, a profession with wide projection

The Simón Bolívar University Physiotherapy program is the only Physiotherapy program in the Caribbean region that has High Quality Accreditation. 

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Having the human body movement as its object of study, it has a broad training profile that allows its students to acquire the skills so that you can perform in different fields of action such as clinical therapeutic, sports, administrative, health promotion and protection. , rehabilitation and research. For this we have laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and diverse practice scenarios, all covered by inter-institutional agreements. In addition, the comprehensive education of the student is promoted through participation in cultural, sports, and artistic activities, among others. 

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According to Erika Patricia Palacio Durán, its director, all teachers have postgraduate studies at the specialization, master's or doctorate levels, which guarantees teaching at the highest level. It also highlights that the program has its own research group, categorized by Colciencias in A and four interdisciplinary research groups, in categories A, B and C.
“The Physiotherapy program promotes research as an activity inherent to professional practice; For this reason, we have a research hotbed where the investigative culture of students is fostered from the Program's research groups, giving them the opportunity to become student researchers in the different hotbed categories, which allows them to access discounts on tuition fees; and the possibility of becoming a young researcher sponsored by Colciencias”, adds Palacio Durán.

The Physiotherapy program promotes research as an activity inherent to professional practice

Exchange options

It also informs that students have the possibility of carrying out internships and national and international mobility during the last semesters of the degree at Universities in Latin America, North America and Europe with which there are agreements, to experience the possibilities offered by physiotherapy in a global context and of interculturality. 

"We are currently working on the reaccreditation process with the conviction of achieving it thanks to the joint work of the entire academic community: students, teachers, graduates and businessmen, given the social role we play to respond to the needs of our context," said the director. 
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Autonomous University of Manizales


High Quality Accredited Program.

Logo Autonomous University of Manizales
Physiotherapy - Autonomous University of Manizales

Physiotherapists UAM: versatile professionals

Studying Physiotherapy at the Autonomous University of Manizales is to delve into the problems of health and human body movement, to intervene preventively, in the treatment of disease and alterations in movement or in the projection of competitive athletes.

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A UAM physiotherapist, has management capacity and ethical commitment, can work in health services; participate in research and production of knowledge in the area of ​​health, disability and body movement; working with high-performance athletes or influencing the occupational health systems of companies.

To enter the UAM, applicants have various financing alternatives, scholarships and discounts, such as: Study Plan with discounts for students from strata 1, 2 and 3. 50% scholarship for the best high school graduates from the region's schools or Ser Pilo Paga, the scholarship-credit offered by the national government to Sisben students with good academic performance at universities with high-quality accreditation.

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Manuela Beltran University


High Quality Accredited Program.

Physiotherapy - Manuela Beltrán University
Physiotherapy - Manuela Beltrán University

Study Physiotherapy at the UMB

The Physiotherapy program at the Manuela Beltrán University has allowed scholars with the skills to know, do and know-how to practice their practice in all areas of professional competence to be incorporated into the professional world: disease prevention and health promotion, rehabilitation – habilitation, administration and management and research.

Bogota and Bucaramanga

At the UMB critical professionals, leaders, participators and agents of competitive transformation are trained, with an interdisciplinary vision, capable of facing the challenges of the national and international context and solving the problems surrounding the body, movement, health-disease and disability from the conventional and alternative therapies.
With a group of professors recognized in different professional contexts and areas of knowledge, the UMB physiotherapist is a professional with a great humanistic, ethical and critical sense, open to change and the progress of science, who bases his actions in comprehensive training, leading intervention processes and programs that affect the health and conditions of human movement and the well-being of the individual, family and community.

Currently, our graduates have a greater employment relationship in the clinical area with 84%, and the rest, in a lower percentage, in the administrative areas, occupational health, sports and education." Says Claudia Milena Combita - Director of the Physiotherapy Program of the UMB.

"Currently our graduates have a greater employment relationship in the clinical area with 84%, and the rest, in a lower percentage, in the administrative areas, occupational health, sports and education." Says Claudia Milena Combita – Director of the UMB Physiotherapy Program.

The Manuela Beltrán University, in its Alma Mater, holds from the academy a profile with excellent investigative, scientific and ethical training, its approach is given in an innovative way under critical and innovative thinking within its object of study: the human body movement.

As a product of an integrating vision, at the national level, the Physiotherapy program of the UMB has 48 agreements with public and private institutions, with which academic activities are developed in all areas of knowledge, including vulnerable populations, athletes of high performance, productive sector workers.

Agreements and international mobility

Other institutions allow the intervention of Manuelist students in the clinical areas of external consultation, hospitalization and special care units. Within these institutions are: Food Bank of Bogotá, Tennis and Athletics League of Bogotá, Chía and Zipaquirá Recreation and Sports Institute, Doria, Avantel, Positiva, Colcafé, Huawei, Military Hospital, Santa Clara Hospital, San José Pediátrico, Hospital de Suba, Clinic for Work Accidents, Hospital de la Misericordia, Clínica la Paz, among others.

Finally, in the international arena, within the framework of student and faculty mobility, the UMB has inter-institutional agreements with universities with a long history such as: Juan Agustín Maza from Argentina, Católica de Valparaíso and Andrés Bello from Chile, Minas de Gerais from Brazil , Autonomous of Aguas Calientes in Mexico, University of Texas in the United States, Santa Paula in Costa Rica and in Europe with Universities such as: La Coruña and San Antonio de Murcia in Spain and in China with the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Henan - UMTCH , among other.

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