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In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in Finance and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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If you are thinking of studying Finance, at AulaPro the universities tell us their #WeightReasons, why you should decide to study the undergraduate of your dreams.

Leading universities in Colombia offer their arguments for you to decide to study with them.

Find in this special content, information on Finance and related programs such as Financial Engineering - Financial Administration Administration - Technology in Administration and Finance - Finance and Foreign Trade.
Undergraduate programs at a technological, professional technical and professional level, face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, distance blended or 100% virtual. 
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What is Finance

According to Wikipedia: Finance is a branch of business administration and economics that studies the exchange of capital between individuals, companies, or States and with the uncertainty and risk that these activities entail. It is dedicated to the study of obtaining capital for investment in productive assets and the investment decisions of savers. Finance corresponds to an area of ​​the economy that studies the obtaining and administration of money and capital, that is, financial resources. It studies both the obtaining of these resources (financing), as well as their investment and savings.

EIA University

Financial engineering

Financial solutions for value generation

Financial Engineering - Eia University
Financial Engineering - EIA University

Do you like to manage your personal expenses? Does the behavior of the stock market and corporate finance catch your attention?

The Financial Engineering program at EIA University arises due to the great demand for professionals trained to model and manage resources, instruments, financial risks, and the profitable and sustainable growth of organizational assets in an environment of uncertainty.

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As a Financial Engineer you will contribute to the growth of organizations, based on the management of financial variables for decision-making that generates value. Likewise, you will participate in the capital market through the operation and design of investment, financing and hedging instruments, to identify, quantify and manage the exposure to the different types of financial risk of companies.


Development Engineering

The methodology implemented in the program is based on applying the engineering method and techniques for the development and creation of strategies, mathematical tools, statistics and computational models, focused on promoting the growth of organizations.

The Financial Engineer of the EIA University will be able to work in financial areas of the real sector, stockbrokers, banks, cooperatives, investment banking, trust companies, pension funds, financial consultants and risk rating organizations.

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University of Santander - UDES

Financial Administration

You logo
Financial Administration - University of Santander - UDES

The Financial Administration program of the University of Santander is a program that is aimed at training comprehensive professionals and leaders in Finance management, with an entrepreneurial spirit, committed to the rational use of natural and technological resources, who provide innovative proposals. aimed at the sustainability of organizations, civil society and the State.

Bucaramanga, Cucuta, Valledupar.

ESUMER University Institution

Technology in Administration and Finance

Technology in Administration and Finance - Institución Universitaria Esumer
Technology in Administration and Finance - Esumer University Institution

Tactically and operationally manage the financial processes of an organization, based on moral and ethical values, with an entrepreneurial attitude, with social and environmental responsibility, with prospective thinking, through practical training that contributes to the sustainability and development of the organization.


ESUMER University Institution

Financial Administration - Complementary Cycle

Financial Administration - Complementary Cycle -Esumer University Institution
Financial Administration - Complementary Cycle -Esumer University Institution

The Financial Administrator strategically manages the financial processes of an organization, based on moral and ethical values, with an entrepreneurial attitude; with social and environmental responsibility that contribute, generating value, to the sustainability and development of the organization.


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Business University Foundation of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce UNIEMPRESARIAL

Finance and foreign trade

Uniempresarial Logo
Finance and Foreign Trade - Business University Foundation of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce UNIEMPRESARIAL

What are you going to find in the Finance and Foreign Trade undergraduate course?

Currently the business world is globalized and in that sense, it requires professionals capable of promoting companies to compete in international markets through products and services that promote economic and social development for the country.


This continuous movement of resources and capital gives value to trade in relation to the economy of a country and of course to companies. The labor demand requires that the graduate constantly interact with the ecosystem and understand the latest market trends.

In this sense, "The Uniempresarial University has structured a program that aims to meet the training needs of students in Finance and Foreign Trade, with a futuristic vision, emphasizing two transcendental issues for the country such as finance and foreign trade. ”, affirms Marco Antonio Baquero, full-time professor of the Finance and Foreign Trade program at Uniempresarial.

Uniempresarial University has structured a program that aims to meet the training needs of students in Finance and Foreign Trade, with a futuristic vision, emphasizing two transcendental issues for the country such as finance and foreign trade.

“In the first topic of finance, we can identify the foundations for the performance of future professionals, who will have extensive knowledge in topics such as corporate finance and the stock market, emphasizing efficiency in financial markets, risk analysis, value creation and optimization of resources in decision making. The second fundamental topic is Foreign Trade, in which the student will have the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to manage, administer and operate activities related to foreign trade, therefore the student must have extensive knowledge about the process of export and import, beginning with the determination of the tariff and international negotiation, until the formalization of an import or export process, which includes international physical distribution and commercial policy and international agreements”, adds the Professor on the topics with which future professionals will meet in relation to this discipline.

Approach to the real market

Due to the above, the professionals of the program will have the ability to know how banking, the market and corporate investments work; which will allow analyzing and proposing strategies that promote the development and permanent improvement in export and import processes.
The undergraduate degree in Finance and Foreign Trade is important for the country's economy because "it represents the source of foreign exchange generation, trains future entrepreneurs to be responsible for the economic management of their organizations and their tax burden, provides investment and financing alternatives Through the stock market, it allows the country to take advantage of competitive advantages, enables development, economic growth, and in turn allows channeling the operations of the foreign exchange market”, concludes the Professor.

If your professional vocation really leans towards these issues, it is important to investigate and compare the multiple academic offers and educational programs that are offered. Remember that the success of your professional future will depend on this choice.

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CEIPA - Business School

Financial Administration

High Quality Accreditation, in its face-to-face mode. Also available in 100% virtual mode.

Logo Ceipa Business School
Financial Administration - CEIPA Business School

How about studying different Financial Administration?

Studying Financial Administration allows you to develop professional performance skills for the analysis and diagnosis of the financial situation of a company, the formulation and evaluation of investment projects, the making of financing and investment decisions, with the purpose of improving its competitiveness and the generation of value.

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Face-to-face: Medellin
Blended (80% virtual – 20% face-to-face): Barranquilla
100% virtual: from anywhere in the country.

Different education is:

Graduation in 4 years
Methodology by problem cores
Face-to-face mode or 100% virtual (flexibility to change the mode at any time)
Financial Laboratory and BVC point
Entrepreneurship Center Laboratory Insight lab

Pilot university of colombia

Financial engineering

Design strategies that provide solutions to the economic and financial challenges of companies, study Financial Engineering at Unipiloto

Unipilot Logo
Financial Engineering - Pilot University of Colombia

The Financial Engineer of the Pilot University is a professional who deals with the design, development and implementation of models, instruments and processes, which provide optimal solutions to the different economic-financial problems, in an environment marked by uncertainty and risk.


When it comes to managing the dynamics of new financial systems, companies require professionals who know how to design strategies, instruments and processes that provide solutions to their economic and financial challenges.

Fields of action

The knowledge and skills acquired by Financial Engineers, through the study of applied mathematics, computational techniques, statistical analysis, and economic and financial theory, are applied to solve financial problems in a dynamic and complex environment. Therefore, the Financial Engineer is able to:

Develop financial models in mathematical and quantitative terms and implement them using computer tools

– Comprehensively manage risks and coverage
– Value derivative instruments and securities
– Structure and manage investment portfolios
– Manage assets and liabilities
– Develop new financial products
– Financially evaluate investment projects
– Evaluate companies

Escolme University Institution

Financial Administration

Financial Administration - Escolme University Institution
Financial Administration - Escolme University Institution

Provides quality financial strategies in the labor market

The purpose of the program focuses on the development of skills that allow analysis, diagnosis, value generation and decision-making on the financial situation in the business environment, being a champion in conceiving solutions and formulating new projects. His emphasis is on full knowledge of the capital market.


The Financial Administrator can strategically plan and direct the accounting and financial processes of the organizations; manage its physical, human and technical resources under parameters of quality and competitiveness; In addition, it demonstrates abilities to make investment decisions in national and foreign stock markets.


Financial and Systems Administration

Logo - Uniagraria
Financial and Systems Administration - Uniagraria

Project yourself as the best Financial and Systems Administrator studying at UNIAGRARIA

The Esumer Business Administrator will be able to manage and direct companies and businesses with a global focus, enhancing the development of the local economy. He will also have the skills to guide organizations through strategic thinking and acting based on the future, seeking to generate alliances and business agreements that help innovation and development.


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