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What is Child Pedagogy

According to Wikipedia: Child pedagogy is a scientific discipline whose object of study is the education of children. Children's pedagogy does not have to do with the child's schooling, but with the acquisition of new skills through the development of it. Children's pedagogy is the space where different knowledge, acknowledgments and acceptances meet in the face of great diversity, social, cultural and academic interaction, from which the comprehensive training of professionals who will be in charge of educating children and girls, as individuals with skills and competencies for life

University of Los Andes

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

SNIES 105051 Qualified Registry Resolution No. 16244 of September 30, 2015 – Validity 7 years Duration of the program 8 – six-monthly Bogotá – Face-to-face

Logo University of the Andes
Biomedical Engineering - University of Los Andes

Uniandes wants to train the first teachers

By: Lina Rojas Narvaez

Scouting and Promotion Office Universidad de los Andes

The project "All for a new country" contemplates the need to make Colombia the most educated by 2025, there it is stated that "education is the most powerful instrument of social equality and economic growth in the long term, with a vision aimed at closing gaps in access and quality to the education system, between individuals, population groups and between regions, bringing the country closer to high international standards and achieving equal opportunities for all citizens”.


This is a commitment that all of Colombia must work on, especially all the organizations dedicated to education.

The education of an individual begins from early childhood, during this period of formation the skills of children, both conceptual and social, are strengthened. The work of teachers has many professional challenges in Colombia. One of them is to be able to transform the country.

Understanding that training during the first five years of life are builders of skills that will be used throughout life; This Bachelor's Degree integrates pedagogical training with training in child development, training future teachers in conceptual and methodological skills that promote the development of children in various educational contexts.

The work of teachers has many professional challenges in Colombia. One of them is to be able to transform the country.

Education for Children in Uniandes

Another of the challenges of teaching work is to inspire and transform the lives of its students, which is why this degree focuses on designing training models with enough opportunities for practice and accompaniment in the classroom, to understand them and learn how to interact with them. . In addition, it prepares future teachers in a job focused mainly in the classroom to promote curiosity, equity, citizen participation, community life, while accompanying them in this first stage of life.

The work of a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education is mainly to pave the way and cultivate in their students the first marks of quality and educational excellence necessary to transform their lives in the long term. For this reason, Los Andes turns its attention to teaching students of this degree skills for building effective interactions with children, especially in developing reflective skills of future teachers.

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Cafam University Foundation

Bachelor of Early Education

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education - CAFAM University Foundation
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education - CAFAM University Foundation

Pedagogical knowledge for childhood development

Train creative professionals in the use of artistic languages, literature, play and exploration, as well as knowledge of Pedagogy, to generate projects, strategies, pedagogical experiences and qualified care aimed at girls and boys in early childhood (between 0 and 6 years), in the different development environments (educational, toy libraries, museums, communities, public spaces, hospitals).


Our purpose is based on educating upstanding professionals with the ability to propose optimal solutions for the health area, from the technological, scientific and administrative fields, focused on contributing to the processes of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases from the implementation of the Engineering method and techniques.

As a student at the EIA University, you will have the opportunity to carry out a semester of special projects in highly recognized national and international research centers and laboratories thanks to the alliances established with the Mayo Clinic, the University of Vermont, the Universidad Iberoamericana de México, among other.

Similarly, the EIA Biomedical Engineering program has great strength in the field of research reflected in various active projects of great relevance and impact for the health sector, thanks to the quality of the professors and researchers and the availability of laboratories for all areas of performance.

Catholic University of the East - UCO

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

UCO Logo
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education -Universidad Católica de Oriente - UCO

The Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education aims for a comprehensive training of early childhood educators, as long as they develop high academic skills and as subjects of knowledge interact from anthropoethics, with qualities, skills and abilities that allow contributing to the generation of a culture in early childhood education, in which they will have to act as promoters of the integral development of boys and girls between the ages of zero and six years of life, intentionally enhancing the dimensions of the human being.


Early childhood teachers will carry out their work by adopting the principles of playfulness, participation and comprehensiveness, within the framework of comprehensive care from health, nutrition, protection, mobilization and initial education.

Work and participate in nurseries, kindergartens, toy libraries and children's rooms in the communities.

During professional training, immersion in different social, cultural and economic scenarios and contexts is promoted in order to understand situations faced by the child population, to approach and recognize multiple factors in their different dynamics and to glimpse fields of training, intervention and education in the different modalities (formal, informal and education for human development and work); also to exchange and interact with interdisciplinary groups of comprehensive care for early childhood.

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