Why and where to study Industrial Design in Colombia? - major reasons

In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in Industrial Design and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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If you are thinking of studying Industrial Design, at AulaPro the universities tell us their #WeightReasons, why you should decide to study the undergraduate of your dreams.

Leading universities in Colombia offer their arguments for you to decide to study with them.

Find in this special content, information on Industrial Design and related programs.
Undergraduate programs at a technological, professional technical and professional level, face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, distance blended or 100% virtual. 
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What is the industrial design

According to Wikipedia: Industrial Design is a project activity for the design of serial and/or industrial products, which we can differentiate into two types: consumer goods and capital goods. It is one of the many tools that seek to improve the qualities of industrial products, emphasizing form, function and use with a priority focus on the user. Industrial design seeks to satisfy the needs of users as its main objective. Although this emphasis and approach does not limit it, since the life cycle of the product, the rational use of materials and resources in its manufacture, the sociocultural relations of the object with its social environment, among many others, are also its responsibility.

University of Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Industrial design

Industrial Design: SNIES 1144 – Qualified Registration: Resolution 12534 of 13/09/2013 valid for 7 years. Accreditation: Resolution 5438 of 24/04/2015 valid for 6 years – Duration: 8 semesters – Bogotá. Face-to-face

Jorge Tadeo Lozano University Logo
Industrial Design - University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano


Our program has three deepening routes: object, interaction and context; From them, practical scenarios are proposed that favor the application of knowledge and help guide the plans for continuous improvement of the profession and, therefore, to optimize the professional profiles of students. 

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In the same way, we innovate in the contents, processes and training resources of Industrial Design, in coincidence with contemporary educational models, and delve into essential aspects from the areas of representation, processes, innovation, human factors and theories. Each of them is placed at the service of the structural axis of the profession: the projects.



The Tadeísta industrial designer works professionally in the following spaces:
Intervention in projects where the qualitative and quantitative assessment of social and economic phenomena is required from the design approach. Example: intervention in technical-productive projects with specific communities.
Intervention in projects that demand the reading of specific realities through the use of methods of social innovation, with a view to the cognitive and social transformation of human groups. Example: work with participatory design tools, playful elements for idea generation and co-creation of ideas.
Participation in projects that require the staging of formal / object / discursive representations, with a critical character around issues of political, economic, social and cultural focus.
Advice on the design of simulation tools and visualization of dynamic systems for knowledge management.
Diagnosis, characterization and management of environmental resources for rational and sustainable use over time, around object systems and forms of habitability.

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Autonomous University of Manizales

Industrial design

High Quality Accredited Program.

Logo Autonomous University of Manizales
Industrial Design - Autonomous University of Manizales

UAM Industrial Designers

The Industrial Designers of the UAM are professionals focused on the creation, development and transformation of products, responding to the needs of consumers and society.


During their training in the Industrial Design program at the Autonomous University of Manizales, applicants learn about form, function, design, materials and the manufacturing system, through academic challenges, case studies and projects that promote their creative, investigative and productive capacity.

On the UAM campus, students have more than 53 square meters, which include laboratories, study rooms, a library, virtual classrooms, sports spaces, auditoriums, study rooms, cafeterias and a square, where projects are developed harmoniously. professionals of the students in an integral way.

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