Why and where to study Criminal Investigation in Colombia? - major reasons

In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in Criminal Investigation and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
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If you are thinking of studying Criminal Investigation, at AulaPro the universities tell us their #WeightReasons, why you should decide to study the undergraduate of your dreams.

Leading universities in Colombia offer their arguments for you to decide to study with them.

Find in this special content, information on Criminal investigation and related programs.
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What is Criminalistics

According to Wikipedia: Criminalistics is the discipline in which methods and techniques of scientific investigation of the natural sciences are applied in the examination of significant sensitive material related to an alleged criminal act in order to determine, in aid of the bodies in charge of administering justice, its certain existence, reconstructing it or pointing out and specifying the intervention of one or more subjects in it. Criminalistics uses scientific knowledge to reconstruct the facts. The set of auxiliary disciplines that compose it are called forensic sciences.

Manuela Beltran University

Investigation criminal

SNIES 104516 Qualified Registration: Res. MEN No.07058 of May 19, 2015 – 7 years.

Criminology - Manuela Beltrán University
Criminology - Manuela Beltrán University

Study Criminal Investigation at the UMB

The Criminal Investigation program of the UMB, includes a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary development, brings together in an integral way, all the general knowledge under a verifiable and experimental systematic logic, in order to give a result that optimally synthesizes the investigative objectives against the actions criminal.

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Cajica and Bogota.

The study plan of this program aims to comprehensively train competent professionals in the solution and in the assertive language on the opinion of their field of intervention, for which the Manuela Beltrán University has constantly improved the infrastructure of its laboratories. to promote full development in the student, promoting a research culture with theoretical and practical bases in an environment of academic excellence.

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Its differential is provided by a forensic chemistry and physics laboratory, a ballistics laboratory, and an anthropology laboratory, in which the Anatomage virtual table is integrated, which includes state-of-the-art technology, allowing the student to perfectly analyze the trajectory of a projectile, the impact of fire wounds and sharp-edged weapons; In addition, it can carry out a detailed study on any type of tissue of a body with real dimensions.

Criminal Investigation Program

The scientific techniques of the Criminal Investigation Program of the UMB have contributed to the practical development of the students, managing to function in highly positioned institutions at a national and international level, among which are the Attorney General's Office, where the The performance of the scholars is evaluated under judicial police interventions as well as, from the Paloquemao Judicial Complex, where students can be intimately linked with specialized field work, giving the student the possibility of aspiring to a double degree with the Law program. from the UMB.

The UMB and the Distance University of Madrid - UDIMA, from the Criminal Investigation program and within the framework of the development of international agreements of the UMB, seek to strengthen the professional qualification processes that respond to the need for new professional profiles, with the in order to integrate and develop competent skills and abilities in the labor market, and in the same way, generate initiatives that in their actions stimulate the innovative and investigative capacity of scholars in favor of the dynamics of social transformation.
Finally, given the nature of its scientific projection and its success in expanding investigative knowledge, from a university panorama that integrates European convergence, this program was invited by Europol to participate in this exchange of knowledge, which that demonstrates its great academic, human and professional standard.

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