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What is Accounting

According to Wikipedia: Public accounting is a discipline whose purpose is the measurement, registration and interpretation of the capital of a public or private organization. Therefore, it is a branch of knowledge whose foundations and objectives revolve around obtaining quantitative measures and relationships for decision making, through the application of mathematical instruments and techniques on figures and data provided by accounting, transforming them for proper interpretation.

University of Los Andes

International Accounting

Qualified registration Resolution No. 1840 of February 13, 2015 – Validity 7 years Duration of the program 9 – semester Bogotá – Face-to-face.

Logo University Of The Andes
International Accounting - University of Los Andes

Changing the paradigm

​By: Lina Rojas Narvaez
Scouting and Promotion Office Universidad de los Andes

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In the globalized world, dividing barriers are becoming more diffuse and what happens locally has immediate global repercussions. Part of this effect has caused business processes to change in order to respond to demand that is now not exclusive to one region. Uniandes, attending to these new needs, created the International Accounting program.


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The main goal of this undergraduate degree is to train international public accountants who become active agents within the companies in which they work.
Eric Rodríguez, dean of the faculty, tells how the role of accounting in Colombia for a few years has taken a secondary role in which the accountant is limited only to regulatory functions. Contrary to the role that this work plays in foreign companies in which the accountant is a key figure in the decision-making of an organization, because by understanding the financial and accounting information he can understand the impact of the company. 

This is the profile that Los Andes bets on, professionals capable of leading the evolution of companies -and consequently of Colombia- in a global environment.
As a result, the international public accountant will help the evolution of companies.

This is the profile that Los Andes bets on, professionals capable of leading the evolution of companies -and consequently of Colombia- in a global environment.

This more global view of organizations has led Colombian regulations to begin to promote the internationalization of business accounting systems. For this reason, the University's main interest in the training of these future professionals is focused on IFRS standards. Likewise, the development of critical and analytical skills is promoted, beyond specialized technical knowledge.

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EAN University

Accounting – Virtual

Logo Ean
Accounting – Virtual - EAN University

The Public Accounting program in virtual mode, with an international and entrepreneurial emphasis, has as its purpose, in addition to seeking a response to the business needs of our country, to develop its academic activities with the aim of training professionals with the stamp of entrepreneurs in all regions of the country. country. It seeks to train professionals in accounting with a new international vision.

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EAN University offers this program with the following objective:
Train public accountants with an entrepreneurial attitude and international vision to propose solutions to problems related to the analysis and interpretation of accounting theory applied to the evaluation, control and disclosure of financial information in economic organizations; with autonomy, investigative spirit, ethical attitude and social responsibility towards the information needs of the different users of the national and international society.

International Public Accountants with social responsibility and entrepreneurial vision

Competencies of the EAN accountant

The Public Accountant of the EAN University develops, among others, the following skills:

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• Applies the theories, standards, techniques and procedures to generate transparent, useful and reliable financial information systems in organizations.
• Proposes managerial solutions to problems of financial, accounting and tax information systems with an entrepreneurial attitude.
• Solve organizational problems based on the understanding and interpretation of the economic, social, political and legal context of business processes at the national and international levels.
• Leads financial information assurance processes based on analyzing, interpreting and applying theories and practices of financial information assurance, to perform different roles of the Public Accountant.
• Designs and evaluates financial information systems for risk analysis.
• Prepares projections of financial information considering economic events.

EAM University Institution

Public accounting

Public Accounting - Eam University Institution
Public Accounting - EAM University Institution

What does it mean to be a public accountant?

Currently, the role of the Public Accountant in organizations has been reinvented, beyond keeping accounts, paying taxes and presenting reports, he must be an honest, responsible, transparent, confidential person, willing to keep corporate secrets and have respect for his colleagues.

Armenia quindio.

The comprehensive training of the Public Accountant of the EAM allows him to perform in new and challenging situations, as well as having the ability to propose original solutions to problematic situations of the profession or discipline and, if necessary, make his own designs.

At present, the relationship with the accountant must be as intimate and close, and almost as similar, as the one with the personal doctor.

He is an advisor and friend, he seeks to generate value to the organization through reliable financial information, completely truthful taken from the economic reality of the company, which impacts the economy in taxation, in the generation of employment and its development. business.
If your academic orientation is directed towards finance, or administrative and accounting areas, come, enroll and study accounting in a quality University Institution. Here we speak the language of business and we train to be independent at work, develop projects and fall in love with mathematics.

Lumen Gentium Catholic University Foundation - UNICATÓLICA

Public accounting

Unicatholic Logo
Public Accounting - Lumen Gentium Catholic University Foundation - UNICATÓLICA

The Public Accounting Program trains upstanding professionals, capable of competing in the current labor market, with ethical and moral values, allowing them to positively contribute to their environment with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to companies, being an efficient support and solid base. in business decision making. 


He is able to perform functions related to: Direction and management, Accounting and financial management, Cost management, Information assurance management, Tax management, Formulation, evaluation and comprehensive project management.

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CEIPA Business School

Public accounting

Logo Ceipa Business School
Public Accounting - CEIPA Business School

How about studying different Public Accounting?

Studying Public Accounting allows you to acquire the skills to produce financial, social, environmental and productivity information for the resolution of organizational needs, based on theoretical and empirical knowledge required for the analysis of information.

Face-to-face: Medellin
Blended (80% virtual – 20% face-to-face): Barranquilla
100% virtual: from anywhere in the country

Different Education is:

Graduation in 4 years
Methodology by problem cores
Face-to-face mode or 100% virtual (flexibility to change the mode at any time)
Financial Laboratory and BVC point
Entrepreneurship Center Laboratory Insight lab

Pilot university of colombia

Public accounting

The world already knows the need for professionals with administrative, accounting and financial skills, study Public Accounting at Unipiloto

Unipilot Logo
Public Accounting - Pilot University of Colombia

The Public Accountant of the Pilot University is a professional with solid scientific, technical and technological knowledge of accounting and financial structures, with a high ethical, human sense, social and environmental commitment; with a critical, investigative, creative and constructive mental attitude, to contribute suitably to the development of society from the accounting, financial, administrative, tax, auditing and tax auditing fields, in the different types of national and international economic and social organizations. international.


His leadership capacity and communication skills allow him to interact as a team, promoting the development of organizations with a managerial vision for a globalized competitive environment, under the approach of National and International Accounting and Auditing Standards.

Due to the skills acquired during their training, the Public Accountant of the Universidad Piloto de Colombia is in a position to create, develop or manage their own company in the free exercise of their profession.

The world already knows the need for professionals who highlight ethics and integrity in accounting work with an international focus, developing administrative, accounting and financial skills at a global level.

By virtue of the training received in the public accounting program of the pilot university of Colombia, the public accountant is able to respond, among others, for:
– The analysis and interpretation of accounting and financial information; hold management positions, tax auditor, general accountant, internal or external auditor, financial or tax advisor, expertise in technical-accounting controversies, in companies from different sectors of the national and international economy, public or private.
– In the same way, the professional of our Public Accounting Program will be able to formulate, evaluate and manage business projects, developing financial strategies and ensuring sustainable development, guaranteeing social and equity objectives.
– Intervene in social and community development projects that aim to generate diagnoses, programs and solutions that improve the quality of life of the community.

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Escolme University Institution

Public accounting

Public Accounting - Escolme University Institution
Public Accounting - Escolme University Institution

Expand your business skills in the Public Accounting program

A Public Accountant can understand and propose new alternative solutions to problems related to accounting, financial and tax sciences existing in organizations, which allow effective decision-making, generating public trust, with managerial vision, management skills and application of International Accounting Standards (IAS) and conceptual mastery of trends in the discipline.


The institution's professionals have comprehensive capabilities with an emphasis on International Financial Reporting Standards, to practice their profession in activities related to the accounting and financial area, leading changes due to their great analytical projection.
The main purpose of the program is to train leaders in their area with tax and financial knowledge and as operators of models and control and diagnostic systems.

University of Manizales

Public accounting

High Quality Accredited Program.

Logo University of Manizales
Public Accounting - University of Manizales

​Public Accounting lasts 10 semesters, you can study during the day, at night or virtually. The program has High Quality Accreditation. When you graduate you will have the title of Public Accountant 


The professional in Public Accounting is a person capable of exercising comprehensive control of natural, material and social wealth; within the framework of production, distribution and consumption, committed to monitoring the resources of public and private organizations.
Surely you will wonder what you can work on, I give you some examples:

1. General accountant, statutory auditor, comptroller and auditor.
2. Finance manager, head of internal control, tax director and financial analyst.
3. Researcher, adviser and consultant for public or private organizations.


Public accounting

Logo - Uniagraria
Public Accounting - Uniagraria

The best calculation for your life is to study Public Accounting at UNIAGRARIA

The UNIAGRARIA Public Accounting Program focuses on the training of professionals with an attitude and the skills to respond to the requirements of the labor and social environment, with the differentiating factor that you will not find in another institution. 


Graduates of the program maintain that studying Public Accounting at UNIAGRARIA provides a great sense of humanity with a willingness and aptitude to understand, evaluate and apply your knowledge as well as having constant updating.

There are no excuses, enter the working life fulfilling your dreams and be part of our UNIAGRARISTA community!

Autonomous University of the West - UAO

Public accounting

Logo Autonomous University of the West
Public Accounting - Autonomous University of the West - UAO

A comprehensive profession with a managerial vision and a base of responsibilities that attests to the financial accounting information of the organization. The public accountant of the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente is an ethical, analytical and critical professional, with an open mind to research.


Professional who develops skills to direct the stages of the accounting, administrative and financial process, necessary for his performance as an executive in an organization. With the capacity to cover activities related to management and accounting organization, auditing and management control; direct the control of operations, certification and opinion on financial statements, carry out the exercise of fiscal auditing, tax advice and financial management and be part of macro and microeconomic planning and efficient capital management in all types of companies.

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