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Find in this special content, information on Architectureand similar as Technology in Draftsmen of Architecture and Engineering, Construction and Management in Architecture.
Technological, professional technical and professional undergraduate programs. 
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What is Architecture

According to Wikipedia: Architecture is the art and technique of projecting, designing and building buildings, modifying the human habitat and studying the aesthetics, proper use and function of spaces, whether architectural or urban. Architecture was born with prehistoric man, during the Neolithic, when various human groups developed a sedentary lifestyle based on agriculture. This new way of life led to the development of stable dwellings and ceremonial precincts, which evolved aesthetically from symbolic elements present in the sociocultural context where they were developed.

University of Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano


Architecture: SNIES 55163 – Qualified Registration: Resolution 9212 of 18/10/2011 valid for 7 years – Accreditation: Resolution 19162 of 30/9/2016 valid for 4 years. Duration: 10 semesters – Bogotá. Face-to-face

Jorge Tadeo Lozano University Logo
Architecture - University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Why study Architecture at Utadeo?

The Architecture Program, as an important agent of disciplinary reflections, has consolidated over time contents that are focused on the recognition of the architectural project as an essential fact in the construction of knowledge. Therefore, it focuses on the training of designer architects who work in an integral way in the configuration of the architectural space.

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Our program focuses its efforts to train professionals who can be inserted, with property, knowledge and a comprehensive vision from the mastery of universal and disciplinary knowledge that respond, from the exercise of the workshop, to the questions associated with the construction of the human habitat. .


Graduate Profile

The Tadeísta architect is characterized by being a professional capable of having a comprehensive vision of architecture, based on the mastery of theoretical, technical, representational and design knowledge, which responds to questions associated with the construction of the human habitat. He is a person capable of asking questions, arguing ideas and making decisions about the architectural project at all levels.

Our architects can work in the field of formulating and consolidating a design associated with the construction, expansion, modification and restoration, among others, of a building or a group of buildings.

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University College of Cundinamarca

Technology in Architecture and Engineering Draftsman

High Quality Accredited Program.

Technology in Architecture and Engineering Draftsmen - Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca
Technology in Architecture and Engineering Draftsmen - Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca

This program has High Quality Accreditation and forms Architecture and Engineering Draftsmen with extensive knowledge of the specific language of interpretation, representation and presentation of building projects, with basic fundamentals in design, composition, construction and administration, with skills for application of communication techniques and graphic representation in pencil, ink and marker, competent in the handling of computer technology tools, in communication, representation and digital and virtual graphic presentation of projects.


Unicolmayor comprehensively trains technologists who act competently in the interpretation, representation and presentation of building projects, apply knowledge with a critical sense, with the ability to explore new alternatives.

He has the knowledge to manage his own company and coordinate work groups, with innovative capacity and knowledge of the sociocultural field that enables him to act suitably in a global world.

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The comprehensive training of this program successfully trains in the information management of built habitat projects for its interpretation, representation and presentation, with basic foundations in design, composition, construction and administration, and skills for the application of graphic representation techniques; the handling of computer and technological tools CAD and BIM for modeling and analog and digital presentation of architecture and engineering projects.

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Pilot university of colombia


Unipilot Logo
Architecture - Pilot University of Colombia

Build and innovate with creativity and passion, study Architecture at Unipiloto

The Architect of the Pilot University is a professional with scientific and artistic training, who is oriented towards the consolidation and improvement of the habitable physical reality of the country, with the creative production of spatial forms, aesthetic and novel achievements, duly articulated with the natural environment. and cultural, with a view to comprehensive sustainability.


It is not simply the knowledge of materials and structures, our goal is to train architects who master the rules to innovate with creativity and passion.

The sense of the Architecture Program is oriented from the commitment established in the institutional origin in terms of being in solidarity with all human conditions, and giving priority to scientifically and artistically solving the conjunctural problems that demand architectural intervention, on the basis of making them transcend by turning them into in generators of urban and regional coexistence; To do this, the Program is set in an academy that stimulates the student, faculty and management community in permanent research, projection and experimentation leading to the formation of an integral individual, understood as being critical, aesthetic and creative.

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