Why and where to study Human Administration in Colombia? - major reasons

In this article you will find information on the undergraduate program in Human Administration and related careers from leading universities in Colombia.
Why study Human Administration? - compelling reasons - Special AulaPro undergraduates

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If you are thinking of studying Human Administration, at AulaPro the universities tell us their #WeightReasons, why you should decide to study the undergraduate of your dreams.

Leading universities in Colombia offer their arguments for you to decide to study with them.

Find in this special content, information on Human Administration, Human Talent Management and related programs .
Technological, professional technical and professional undergraduate programs. 
Search for the university or universities of your interest, compare and explore the information on their academic offer and the city where it is available. Finally, click the green more info button to explore the information in more detail.

What is Human Administration

According to Wikipedia: Human Administration or talent management refers to the process that develops and incorporates new members into the workforce, and also develops and retains an existing human resource. Talent management in this context does not refer to show management. Talent Management basically seeks to highlight those people with high potential, understood as talent, within their job. In addition, retaining or even attracting those talented people will be a priority. The term was coined by David Watkins of Softscape published in an article in 1998. The process of attracting and retaining productive employees has become increasingly competitive among companies and is more strategically important than many believe. It has become a "war for talent" and even more so in a stage where competition between companies is very tough.

CEIPA Business School

Human Administration

High Quality Accredited Program in its Face-to-Face version. Also available in 100% virtual methodology

Human Administration - Ceipa Business School
Human Administration - Ceipa Business School

How about studying different Human Administration?

Studying Human Administration, allows you comprehensive training, for the intervention in organizational processes related to the planning, management, development and retention of people, in order to improve their performance, personal and work well-being to achieve the fulfillment of objectives that generate value to the organization.

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Face-to-face: Medellin
Blended (80% virtual – 20% face-to-face): Barranquilla
100% virtual: from anywhere in the country.

Personal and work well-being to achieve the fulfillment of objectives that generate value for the organization.

Different Education is:

Graduation in 4 years
Methodology by problem cores
Face-to-face mode or 100% virtual (flexibility to change the mode at any time)
Financial Laboratory and BVC point
Entrepreneurship Center Laboratory Insight lab


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