8 of the Best Online Courses on Go Programming (2024)

In this article you will find the best courses on programming in Go or Golang in 2024, available on the main e-Learning platforms in the world. Courses of different levels, which will give you a certificate.
The Best Virtual Courses on Go Programming

If you have come this far after a Google search for “Best Online Courses on Go Programming” or Golang as it is also known, or a similar search, we can tell you that Go is a relatively new programming language, since it had a stable version 3 years after its launch in 2009, that is, it will only be a decade old. Golang is new, but it has hit a lot of ground, and in part it's probably because it was created at Google, by programming legends like Ken Thompson, Robert Griesmer, and Rob Pike. De Go stands out in particular for its great simplicity, which makes its learning curve much less steep, compared to others. In addition to its simplicity, or better thanks to it, it offers great performance.

Go or Golang, is basically the fashionable language, but it is clear that with the support of a brand like Google, which uses it in the Google Cloud infrastructure, or Netflix, or IBM or media platforms like The Economist and The New York Times, it's not a fad.

What is the programming language in Go

According to Wikipedia, Go is a compiled, concurrent programming language inspired by C syntax, trying to be dynamic like Python and with the performance of C or C++. It is currently available in binary format for the Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X operating systems, and can also be installed on these and other systems through source code. Go is a compiled, concurrent, imperative programming language. structured, object-oriented, and garbage collected currently supported on many different types of UNIX systems, including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Plan 9 (since part of the compiler is based on previous work on the Inferno operating system ). Supported architectures are i386, amd64 and ARM

In 2017, the Tiobe Index reported that there was a trend in the popularity of Go, making it advance faster even compared to Python, and other languages ​​such as Java, and C or C++.

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And, in fact, it is far outperforming its competitors. Between 2016 and 2017 he made a quantum leap in the TIOBA index which made him gain more than 2 percentage points from position 54 to 13 compared to the previous year. This dramatic variation has not been done by any language before. It has entered the top 10, but today it remains stable in the index, in position 12. This is a sign that the Go language is gaining strength and in fact this is shown by the level of appreciation that its programmers are reaching. .

Characteristics of the programming language in Go to study?

The Golang programming language has various applications, such as apps, database management, IT architecture, AI, web applications, cross-platform compilation, debugs, Cloud systems, operating systems, or servers. It's been said to sum up the power, flexibility, and ease of Go, that it's like having the best of Python and C in one place.

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Courses and programs on programming in the Go language that deal with these topics will be ideal for making the most of its possibilities.

Find in this article, information about Programming Courses in Go or also known as Golang.
Virtual courses, MOOCs, and other types of advanced virtual studies such as Professional Certificates, Specialized Programs, Expertrack, Microcredentials, among other study formats developed by the main e-Learning platforms in the world.

From world-renowned platforms such as Coursera, edX, Udemy, Linkedin Learning, among others, find in this post, courses highly valued by thousands of previous students, which will help you make better decisions about which is the most convenient course for your students. objectives.

Where to study a programming course in Go?

Courses on programming in Go, also known as Golang, can be found from many sources, including YouTube. Perhaps some of the web-based platforms provide high-quality studies. However, at AulaPro we have chosen the platforms that we believe are the most important worldwide in online studies, managing to go beyond what can be obtained with a video, by developing a state-of-the-art learning experience, made up of videos. , downloadable documents, online exams, virtual projects, simulators and sandbox, and finally, an effort reward with a Certificate of Completion, which will usually cost a fraction of what it could really be valued based on the quality of its content.

These low prices can only be given thanks to the learning environment offered by online education, and which in turn has allowed those who develop these studies to reach tens of thousands of students in various parts of the world. In other words, the scalability offered by eLearning allows the cost of creating a virtual course with high academic content, like all the ones you will find in this list, to be distributed among many more students than the group of 20 or 30 students who could attend. a face-to-face class.

In this sense, the studies on this list are developed by prestigious universities that occupy the first places in international rankings, by world-renowned technology companies, by international experts of proven effectiveness as trainers, and are made available to the public through the use of platforms with the most advanced technological developments, in terms of learning experience, or by platforms specialized in the subject.

The courses have different levels of depth. From short courses that address a specific topic with a dedication time, which will not exceed 6 weeks, to robust study programs that a period of 6 to 10 months, can leave the student with a deep knowledge and with even the ability to give a turning point in his professional career.

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In this article you will find Go programming studies of:

  • Coursera
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Udemy
  • edX



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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Udemy

Master the basics and advanced functionalities of the Go (Golang) programming language.

Go, created by Google, is an open source programming language that is seeing a rapid rise in popularity. Now is the ideal time to familiarize yourself with the basics of Go.

This course offers you a quick way to get into Go, starting with the fundamentals and moving towards the most complex functionalities. Don't settle for courses that simply teach loops and conditionals. This is the exclusive course on Udemy that will equip you to fully utilize Go's concurrency capabilities and its advanced type system through interfaces.

Go is characterized by its ease of initial learning, although it requires effort to fully master it. Through a series of projects, exams and exercises, you will become familiar with the subtleties and specifics of the language. As with any language, writing code is essential for learning it. This course will offer you the opportunity to start programming your own creations.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: University of California, Irvine

Google's Go programming language is introduced in this specialization, which also gives students an introduction to Go's unique features.

After completing all three courses, students will have the knowledge and skills to use Go to create applications that are short, effective, and clean.

The University of California, Irvine has brought together the benefits of an unrivaled Southern California location with the strengths of a major research university since 1965.

UCI's unwavering dedication to rigorous coursework, cutting-edge research, and leadership and character development make the campus a catalyst for innovation and discovery that benefits our local, national, and international communities in a variety of ways.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Udemy

Learn how to write modern, fast, and secure web applications in Google's Go programming language from an award-winning university professor with 20 years of teaching and 20 years of industry experience as an entrepreneur.

Go is a modern programming language that is secure, compiled, and extremely fast. It is ideal for developing secure, scalable and extremely fast web applications.

This course is appropriate for both complete beginners and developers who are already familiar with web development but want to add Go to their toolbox.

By the end of this course, you will have a firm understanding of what it takes to build a fully functional, secure, and fast web application from scratch, as well as a firm grasp of the Go programming language.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Udemy

At the end of this course, you will have mastered all the key concepts of Golang from scratch and will be among the best Go programmers.

This is a brand new Go Programming course that has been recently updated and is great for beginners and experienced developers alike!

Welcome to this hands-on Go programming course to learn Go, the programming language designed to solve "Google-sized" problems.

In the near future, Go (Golang) will be one of the most in-demand programming languages ​​on the job market! Go is on its way to becoming the next enterprise programming language. Cutting-edge technologies and software such as Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Ethereum are already written in Go. Golang is used by many companies, including Uber, Netflix, Medium, Pinterest, Slack, SoundCloud, and Dropbox.

Category: Computer Science -- Powered by: LinkedIn Learning

What exactly is Go? Google Go is a next generation open source programming language designed to create systems, websites and other applications.

This course is designed to get developers started with Go by covering the core elements and syntax of the language. David Gassner introduces Go workflow tools and skills, including the Go Playground, an online tool that moves Go development away from the desktop.

It also discusses fundamental programming tasks such as managing values, using mathematical operators, storing values ​​as complex types, and managing program flow. Additionally, you'll learn how to write reusable Go code, read and write files, and perform basic web requests.


Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: The Linux Foundation

For beginners, this course introduces microservices and the TARS framework. TARS is a next-generation distributed microservices application framework that supports multiple programming languages, including C++, Golang, Java, Node.js, PHP, and Python, enabling developers and businesses to rapidly build stable and scalable applications. .

This course will show you why an increasing number of developers and companies use TARS to create their services. It is aimed at engineers working on microservices as well as business managers interested in exploring internal technical architectures, particularly those working in the traditional digital broadcast industry. This course will also benefit anyone interested in software architecture.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Udemy

According to its creator, this course is the most complete resource to learn the Go programming language.

This course is appropriate for both new and experienced developers. The course is packed with examples, hands-on exercises, exercise solutions, and an amazing code repository.

This course is taught by Todd McLeod, one of the world's leading Go programming trainers. Todd was the first college professor in the United States to teach Go at the college level. Todd has taught the Go programming language to over 3,25 million students. This course has been tried and tested to teach novice and experienced developers alike how to use Go.

This course contains a wealth of content and resources to ensure you learn everything you need to know, whatever is appropriate for your skill level.

Category: Computer Science -- Powered by: LinkedIn Learning

Google Go is an open source programming language known for its concurrency and connectivity. Developers can use Go to build modern apps that save businesses money on back-end resources.

This course is intended to help developers be more productive with Go, starting with the fundamentals of the syntax. Learn the basics of Go, including basic types like numbers and strings, conditionals and loops, object-oriented code with structures and methods, and error handling.

Miki Tebeka, the instructor, also emphasizes concurrency features, such as routines and channels, as well as connectivity features for networking with APIs and databases. Mika shows him how to build a highly concurrent server that combines everything he's learned into an elegant Go-powered solution for the final project.

Go Programming Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Section

Go, also known as Golang, is a compiled, concurrent programming language that was designed to be simple, efficient, and easy to read and write. It was created by Ken Thompson, Robert Griesmer, and Rob Pike at Google.

It is characterized by its C-inspired syntax, but with modern features that facilitate concurrent programming and working in large distributed systems.

Learning Go is recommended due to its simplicity, efficiency in execution and facilities for concurrent programming. It is widely used in the industry by technology companies such as Google, Netflix, and IBM, which implies a growing demand for programmers with knowledge of Go.

Additionally, Go is suitable for a wide range of applications, from web server development to microservices and cloud developments.

With Go, you can develop a variety of applications, including web servers, command-line tools, distributed systems, backend applications, microservices, and more. Thanks to its performance and efficiency, it is especially popular for building cloud computing infrastructures, high-performance web services, and projects related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

You can find Go programming courses on several world-renowned e-Learning platforms such as Coursera, edX, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning. These courses are offered by prestigious universities and industry experts, ranging from basic introductions to advanced specializations and specific applications of Go.

By completing a Go programming course, you not only gain technical knowledge about the language, but you also gain valuable skills for modern software development. Many courses offer certificates of completion, which can add value to your resume and improve your job opportunities.

Learning Go also prepares you to work on cutting-edge projects and emerging technologies, keeping you competitive in the field of software development.

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