The future of Web Design

What is the future of Web Design? A career always in the professional desires of young people, will be necessary along with global digitization.


Without going into an evaluation of the working conditions with low salary wages in countries like Colombia, which are still pending tasks in these and other professions, it is irrefutable that web design, in light of technological progress, will be increasingly important. The digitization of all aspects of human life, users demand more and more enriching experiences when accessing different products and services.

Let's analyze a little what is the future of web design.

"There's a demand for good software, but generally speaking, there aren't enough good developers to build those projects," says Craig Frost, designer of Pusher. Pusher is a British company that develops applications for websites to offer personalized attention in real time, such as chatbots. he goes on to say, "And even if it did exist, infrastructure is something that requires a lot of time and attention, time that could be better spent building features for customers."

The good news is that today we are literally seeing the explosion of tools for developers implementing different programming languages ​​and solving various needs in a modern website.

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Demand for web designers

The truth is that the skills in web design today they are more desirable than ever before and that is not likely to change any time soon. If you are or plan to work in a large company, a small family business, a non-profit organization, you work in politics, a school, a government entity, or any other type of business or organization, it is almost certain that in any of these cases you will need a website. This, of course, means that also you will need web designers to create or maintain those websites. This includes the website design and developmentas well as a long term management and the marketing of an organization's digital presence. All of these responsibilities fall under the category of “web design jobs”. Gone are the days when companies developed sites with Home, Mission, Vision, Services, Our Team and Contact Us sections.

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What to expect from Web Design as a profession in the future?

If you are thinking of entering the web design industry, is now a good time to take that leap. maybe you're a high school student thinking about her college options, or maybe an older worker and are looking for a career change and long-term employment. Either way, the web design industry can offer you a challenging and rewarding opportunity.

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Nowadays, companies need to have a well-defined presence on the Internet, and this implies that their sites have advanced interaction mechanisms with the user or visitor, constant usability or user experience (UX) evaluations, and continuous feeding of valuable information through the regular publication of content.

Part of being competitive means being up to date with trends in our professions, constantly documenting ourselves by reading books, or even watching tutorial videos on YouTube. However, a better way to take advantage of the time of exploration and professional updating is through virtual courses offered by online platforms such as Coursera and Udemy and the reason is very simple: These specialized E-learning portals offer course certifications, which will allow you to demonstrate the knowledge acquired and add it to your studies in your resume. Youtube doesn't do that yet.

Writing for the web is what it is today

Even though newspapers are struggling to keep their readership, there are more and more jobs for writers that are specifically focused on the web. If you want to enter the web design industry throughout writing, you will need to focus on the differences between writing ONLINE and OFFLINEas well as the content strategy.

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It also helps to understand the basics of information search in search engines like Google or especially Google. 

Some web writers or bloggers or content strategistsThey create articles specifically to be published on web pages. Others focus more on the digital marketing side of the industry, creating landing page or landing page designs for web portals and email campaigns or may become social media administrators. Many bloggers play in all of these areas and write a variety of online content for their businesses or clients. 

If you have good writing skills, becoming a blogger is a great way to break into this digital medium. If you also understand how build web pages with codes such as HTML and CSS, you will be in a better position since you also you will be able to manage the website for the one(s) you are creating content(s). 

El web design has taken on a new lease of life and has gone from being a not-so-indispensable profession to play a critical role in the business world and in the future it will play a central role in the marketing strategies, customer relations and brand management and of this there is no doubt.

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