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This is the second course of the Social Marketing Specialization entitled – “The Importance of Listening” – you will delve into Social Big Data and get a broader picture of what can be learned from interactions in social media. social networking sites. You will be surprised at the amount of information you can get from a simple publication, whether it is text, image or video. In this MOOC, some of the guest speakers from Social Gist, BroadReader, Lexalytics, Semantria, Radian6, IBM's Bluemix and Social Media Analytics Tools (SMA) will join Professor Hlavac to take you through a super varied range of analytics tools. , the options available and how you can get the most out of these tools. Best of all, the vast majority of these tools will be available to course students for free! Those who purchase the MOOC will receive special tools, templates, and videos to enhance your learning experience. By completing this course you will develop a more complete understanding of data and will be able to increase the effectiveness of your content strategy by making better decisions and detecting crises before they happen. The additional content of MOOC 2 in the paid toolkit includes access to the Semantria analysis engine to extract some data from the markets in which your business operates, with the invaluable possibility of analyzing it. NOTE: By enrolling in this course, you will have access to IBM's Bluemix technology for one month free of charge, as well as Lexalytics' Semantria tool. For those who obtain the course certificate, an additional five months of Bluemix and three months of Semantria will be given at no cost with a special discount code generated just for your email address. By enrolling in a course certificate for this MOOC, you acknowledge that your email will be shared with IBM and Lexalytics for the sole and express purpose of generating your individual key code. Once the key code is generated, IBM and Lexalytics will remove your email from their records.


By passing the course and earning the certificate, you will gain official recognition for your work and be able to share your success with friends, colleagues, and employers.

Author:Randy Hlavac

Lecturer, Medill BMI; CEO, Marketing Synergy Inc.


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