Online Course Online Marketing for Hotels

Learn how to get the most out of your hotel's website in conjunction with social networks. Take advantage of tools to increase performance.

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Course description

This specialized course in Digital Marketing for the tourism sector will allow you to learn the optimal way to use all online resources to advertise your hotel and get the most out of it while saving costs and time. This virtual or e-learning course offers its syllabus in text with extra contributions of graphics, images and infographics, in addition to being accompanied by summary videos, explaining each topic. Just as many of the courses that could be compared with this one are 6 months long and without being specific to hotels, the author's approach is 1 month of study, 1 week for each subject so that you start strongly from the beginning and put into practice the whole topic.
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Addressed to

  • ​Tourism students, business management or similar
  • Hotel and Restaurant Managers, Community Manager, Revenue Manager, Trade, Hotel Clerk, Receptionist
  • Professionals looking for employment or training in Marketing

In the words of the Author

The goal is to feel comfortable using all online media to deliver the highest performing Marketing campaigns for your hotel. You will know what you need, who can do it, how to improve your positioning using keywords appropriately and at no cost. You will also see how to make good use of paid advertising and above all we will analyze each one of our movements and we will make sense of everything that until now we either did not do or delegated it to an external company. At the end of the course you will see how you can customize your product and attract more customers with less effort, knowing what you are doing and saving costs.

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