With the "new normal" does the institution have plans to change the offer of online education?

In our special "E-learning in Colombia in times of pandemic" we asked the Universities in Colombia, with the "new normality" does the institution have plans for change for the offer of online education?

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With online education or e-learning, as well as the digital transformation in companies, plans have had to be advanced within the projections that were contemplated on this study methodology in the educational sector. And it is precisely with regard to digital transformation, where the education sector has the opportunity to innovate, to respond quickly to the needs that companies will demand in the short and medium term, developing new programs that meet these training requirements.

Universities are aware of these challenges and with the support and sustenance in the provisions of the Ministry of Education due to the covid-19 pandemic, they are advancing in the development of new offers of 100% virtual studies, among other modalities.

En AulaPro We invited a group of Colombian universities to tell us about their reactions, actions, perspectives and challenges that they were facing due to the "new normality" derived from the pandemic, by covid-19, and how online education or e-learning can play a fundamental role in the near future of higher education in Colombia.

These are the answers of CESA, Autonomous University of Colombia and the free University, whom we thank for their interest in participating.

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Higher College of Higher Administration Studies CESA

Yes, in fact, as was said before, the CESA had been evaluating it since before the pandemic. Postgraduate programs will be opened under the virtual modality. In the areas of Updating or Executive Training, and in Business Education (Undergraduate), the possibility of implementing a b-learning methodology is being studied, in which students acquire knowledge thanks to the benefits of face-to-face and virtual learning.

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Autonomous University of Colombia

The "new normality" and Decree 1330 allow us to prepare conditions to design new programs under remote or virtual methodology; We are working on updating the Master's in Edumatics, a program with a long history, whose focus will be more oriented to the methodological and didactic aspect of virtual education.

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Today we do not need to ask ourselves if virtual education is valid, but how we develop it with quality. For this reason, the Deans of the Faculties of Law, Engineering, Human Sciences and Economic, Administrative and Accounting Sciences are leading the offer of courses in different modalities such as MOOC courses in mathematics, blended courses for language and virtual courses. professional updating in different disciplines.

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free University

The e-learning project is part of our program one of the Comprehensive Institutional Development Plan (PIDI) 2015 - 2024, Strengthening and expansion of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

We are working on this strengthening on the three fronts of our e-learning project: first, support for attendance, mediated by ICT, second, planning the creation of new 100% virtual programs, and third, our social projection and continuing education with online offers. .

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