What is Coursera Plus?

The Coursera platform offers its users the possibility of unlimited training with an annual or monthly subscription. We tell you what Coursera Plus is and how to make the most of it.

With CourseraPlus, during a period of 12 months, thousands of courses on the platform can be accessed, which not only includes the short courses (more than 3.000) but also most of its specialized programs and professional certifications (approximately 400), which constitutes in a unique opportunity, and one of the best cost-benefit ratios offered by e-Learning platforms. Learn in this article what Coursera Plus is and all its features.

Hen leading universities in the US and the world, for more than a decade have been developing virtual courses and making them available to a global public, through the platform created by Stanford University, Coursera. In fact, not only prestigious universities publish virtual courses on Coursera.

From this platform also, technological giants such as, for example, IBM, Amazon, Salesforce y Google, have found a great scenario, to democratize access to training, in the best use of their platforms and services, with costs practically within the reach of anyone, in any country in the world. What better option to study on how to use Facebook, from the business field, or as a social network administrator, than to acquire such training through a course offered by Facebook itself?

The possibilities of training in soft skills and development for work are absolutely diverse, covering not only studies on digital topics, but you could even find options in other topics such as Music and Art, Health, Economy, Business, Engineering, Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics, among others.

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But a study membership like the one offered by Coursera Plus should not only be seen as a training option for specific skills.

In fact, with the specialized programs, an educational innovation developed by Coursera a few years ago, which offers the student a learning path to delve into a subject, acquiring much more detailed knowledge, a student could gradually acquire a very advanced, which would allow him to perform at career or mid-entry levels.


The key will be in dedication. Coursera plus, with its virtual course modality, offers asynchronous learning, in which the student will advance at their own pace. So, with a little effort, or a lot more dedication than estimated, students could quickly progress through the courses, completing them in half the time.

In a year of continued dedication, a student could become an expert, taking several of the specialized programs offered by Coursera on their preferred subject, and could even take studies from various universities or business partners and organizations that Coursera works with.


Part of the advantages of taking one or more courses, specialized programs or professional certificates offered in a program like Coursera Plus is that not only does the platform itself have a recognized name, but some of its allies offer additional certifications, such as badges. digital certificates offered by a technology giant like IBM, in its professional certificates offered in partnership with Coursera; that is, you would not only have the certificate offered by IBM and Coursera, but you could also obtain the IBM digital badges.

Some other powerful companies that offer professional certificates on Coursera, such as Facebook or Google, may propose Coursera certificates as more than suitable preparation (since it is developed by themselves), for students to take the exam to obtain other certifications, in their own platforms and under their own control (validity time, verification URL, etc.). Some studies also prepare for other certifications within their industries, which normally must be paid for in specialized tables or boards.


Coursera has modified its Coursera Plus plan, which initially worked as an annual membership, and has turned it into a much more flexible alternative so that users can choose the option that best suits their goals. Thus, Coursera Plus offers two types of subscription: monthly or annual, which have the following characteristics:

Coursera offers courses from over 200 leading universities and companies to deliver online learning around the world. With a Coursera Plus subscription, you get unlimited access to over 90% of all courses, and the most popular professional certificates and specializations on Coursera.

Data science, business and personal development. You can enroll in multiple courses at once, earn unlimited certificates, and learn in-demand job skills to start, grow, and even change careers.

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*You save up to USD$500 in 12 months, when you go from paying USD$59 for a monthly subscription, to an annual subscription with the promotion. The normal annual subscription is USD $399. With the promotion you will only pay USD $299. Find out everything by clicking the yellow button.

Find out how:

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You have an option adjusted to your needs and objectives

Monthly Coursera Plus

Focus and complete several courses in a month
$ 59 USD/Monthly
  • Access 3,000+ courses and Specializations offered by more than 170 leading companies and universities.
  • Get unlimited certificates
  • Gain job-relevant skills and tools with over 1000 applied projects and hands-on labs led by industry experts.
  • Choose from over 15 professional certificate programs from industry leaders like Google, Facebook, and others
+ popular

Annual Coursera Plus

Combine flexibility and savings with long-term learning goals
$ 299 USD/Annual
  • It's all included in the monthly plan
  • Save US$309 if you pay for the year in advance
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility to balance work and personal life and learn at your own pace
You save +


There are many advantages, as we have already mentioned, but in addition to the quality of the content, based on who develops the studies, there are other interesting reasons:

  • Free Trial: Coursera Plus offers a trial period of 7 days, time in which the student can live the learning experience, without being charged any value.
  • What includes: More than 3,000 Courses, Guided Projects, Specializations and professional Certificate programs.
  • How much can I save? As we mentioned, the key to getting the most out of Coursera Plus will be dedication. Coursera estimates that if the student takes more than one course regularly (it could be an estimate of 3 courses in 2 months), the savings in the end could exceed 30%. Find at the end a video with the story of a young man in Colombia, who managed to complete 29 courses and 5 specializations in a very short period.
  • Unlimited Certifications: How many certificates you will get is entirely up to you. 5, 10, 20 certifications or something more in a year will be completely feasible goals.
  • Any additional difference? When you start your studies on Coursera, you may notice that Coursera will sometimes inquire about your experience, with a small survey. This allows them to better understand the student learning process, and in fact this has allowed them to notice that course completion rates tend to improve among students who purchase a Coursera Plus membership or subscription.
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