10 of the Best Online Courses on ReactJs Programming (2024)

In this article you will find the best courses on programming in ReactJs for 2024, available on the main e-Learning platforms in the world. Courses of different levels, which will give you a certificate.
The best virtual programs on programming in ReactJs

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If you've landed here after a Google search for “Best Online Courses on ReactJS Programming”, or a similar search, we'll tell you first that React makes it easy to create interactive user interfaces. Create simple views for each state of your app, and React will update and render only the necessary components when your data changes.

Declarative views improve the predictability and debugging of your code. React can also be used to render on the server with Node and power mobile apps with React Native.

What is the programming language in ReactJS

According to Wikipedia, React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a free and open source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components. Meta (formerly Facebook) and a community of individual developers and companies maintain it. With frameworks like Next.js, React can be used as a foundation for developing single-page, mobile, or server-rendered apps. However, because React is only concerned with state management and the rendering of that state in the DOM, developing React applications typically requires the use of additional libraries for routing and certain client-side functions.

React allows you to create encapsulated components that manage their own state and then compose them to create complex user interfaces.

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Because the component logic is written in JavaScript instead of templates, you can pass rich data through your app while keeping state outside of the DOM.

Because React makes no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, you can create new functions in React without having to rewrite existing code.



Programming language features in ReactJS to study?

The component, a part of the UI, is the most important feature of ReactJS. When you build an app with React, you create self-contained, reusable components that can be used to create more complex user interfaces.

Therefore, ReactJS is based on a paradigm known as component-oriented programming, in which each component is a piece that the user can interact with. These components are built using JSX syntax, which allows you to write HTML (and optionally CSS) inside JavaScript objects.

As stated above, these components are reusable and can be combined to create larger components or to set up an entire website. This is the method to have HTML with all the functionality of JavaScript and graphic styling of CSS centralized and ready to be abstracted and used in any other project.

Courses and programs in React JS that deal with these topics will be ideal to make the most of its possibilities.


Find in this article, information about Programming Courses in ReactJS.

Virtual courses, MOOCs, and other types of advanced virtual studies such as Professional Certificates, Specialized Programs, Expertrack, Microcredentials, among other study formats developed by the main e-Learning platforms in the world.

From world-renowned platforms such as Coursera, edX, Future Learn, Udemy, Linkedin Learning, CFI, Edureka, among others, find in this post courses highly valued by thousands of previous students, which will help you make better decisions about which one to choose. the most convenient course for your goals.

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Where to study a programming course in ReactJS?

ReactJS programming courses can be found in many sources, including YouTube. Perhaps some of the web-based platforms provide high-quality studies.

However, at AulaPro we have chosen the platforms that we believe are the most important worldwide in online studies, managing to go beyond what can be obtained with a video, by developing a state-of-the-art learning experience, made up of videos. , downloadable documents, online exams, virtual projects, simulators and sandbox, and finally, an effort reward with a Certificate of Completion, which will usually cost a fraction of what it could really be valued based on the quality of its content.

These low prices can only be given thanks to the learning environment offered by online education, and which in turn has allowed those who develop these studies to reach tens of thousands of students in various parts of the world.

In other words, the scalability offered by eLearning allows the cost of creating a virtual course with high academic content, like all the ones you will find in this list, to be distributed among many more students than the group of 20 or 30 students who could attend a face-to-face class.

In this sense, the studies on this list are developed by prestigious universities that occupy the first places in international rankings, by world-renowned technology companies, by international experts of proven effectiveness as trainers, and are made available to the public through the use of platforms with the most advanced technological developments, in terms of learning experience, or by platforms specialized in the subject.

The courses have different levels of depth. From short courses that address a specific topic with a dedication time, which will not exceed 6 weeks, to robust study programs that a period of 6 to 10 months, can leave the student with a deep knowledge and with even the ability to give a turning point in his professional career.

In this article you will find ReactJS programming studies of:

  • Coursera
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Future learn
  • Udemy
  • edX
  • edureka
  • Skillshare



Aulapro Logo

Category: Web Development -- Developed by: Meta

Become a cross-platform mobile application developer. Learn the most in-demand skills for developing reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use mobile applications for various operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

Specialization: Series of 8 Courses

Estimated dedication: 6 months of study at an average of 6 hours a week.

Edureka - Month End Offer-Flat 30% OFF ON Live Course

If your goal is to learn how to develop applications for Android and iOS devices, this course is designed for you. Taught by renowned Meta industry experts, it prepares you to excel in the field.

Multi-platform mobile app developers specialize in creating and programming apps compatible with multiple operating systems. Their work ranges from the initial design of the app to the solution of post-launch problems. They are responsible for designing interactive and visually attractive user interfaces, thus guaranteeing optimal experiences for end users or clients.

This series of courses represents an excellent opportunity for those looking to establish themselves professionally as an iOS or Android developer.

Throughout the program, you will learn to:

  • Master fundamental concepts of cross-platform programming and become familiar with the essential tools for creating applications.
  • Use web technologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Manage and manipulate data on different mobile operating systems, such as iOS and Android.
  • Acquire in-demand skills for developing, testing, and maintaining cross-platform mobile applications using React and React Native.
  • Employ repositories on GitHub for version control and content management systems (CMS).

To finish, you will apply what you learned by creating a realistic portfolio project. You will develop a dynamic mobile application with a responsive design, ideal for presenting in job interviews. In addition, you will have assistance in your job search process.

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category: fine arts -- developed by: meta (facebook)

The Meta Career Programs job board, a job search network that connects you with more than 200 organizations that have committed to finding talent through Meta's certification programs, as well as professional assistance services to help you in your job search will be exclusively yours once you have completed the program.

This curriculum will teach you:

  • how to use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to create dynamic websites
  • By employing industry standard tools like Bootstrap, React and Figma, great web designs can be created with the help of in-demand design expertise
  • GitHub repositories for Figma content management systems (CMS), version control, and image editing
  • How to prepare for technical interviews for positions as front-end developers

By the end, you'll have developed your own front-end web application and put your newly acquired knowledge to work by finishing a real-world portfolio project. You will build a responsive website that is dynamic so you can demonstrate it in a job interview. Plus, you'll get assistance with your job search and tips for excelling in a coding interview.

Program schedule, course offerings, and launch date are variable. In case of change of date, you will be informed. Before the program starts and the free trial period expires, you will not be charged.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: IBM

This professional certificate will equip you with all the knowledge and skills needed to launch your career as a full-stack cloud-native application developer. He will be guided by IBM experts as he builds his own cloud-based applications and practices working with the technologies that power them. This program includes a wealth of instructional content as well as hands-on exercises and projects to help you hone your skills and build your IT portfolio.

No previous programming experience or knowledge of the Cloud is required. You'll learn how to use the tools and technologies that successful software developers use to build, deploy, test, run, and manage Full Stack Cloud Native applications, giving you the practical knowledge you need to start a new career in a high-demand environment. countryside.

Cloud Basics, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GitHub, Node.js, React, Cloud Native Practices, DevOps, CI/CD, Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Istio, Python Programming, Databases, SQL , NoSQL, Django ORM, Bootstrap , application security, microservices, serverless computing and more will be covered in this program.

You will have developed various applications using front-end and back-end technologies and will deploy them on a cloud platform using cloud-native methodologies after completing the program.

This program is recommended by ACE® and you can earn up to 18 college credits if you complete it.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Udemy

This course is completely up to date with the latest version of React and includes React Hooks! Of course, it will be kept updated in the future.

What is this course about? Learn React or dive deeper into it.

Learn the theory, solve tasks, practice on demo projects, and build a great app that gets better throughout the course: The Burger Builder! More details please! JavaScript is the main driver of modern web applications as it is the only programming language that runs in the browser and thus allows you to provide highly responsive applications.

You will be able to achieve user experiences similar to those of a mobile application on the web.

But using JavaScript can be a challenge: it quickly becomes overwhelming to build a good web app with just vanilla JavaScript and jQuery.

React to the rescue! React is all about components, basically custom HTML elements, with which you can quickly build amazing and powerful web applications.

Simply create a component once, configure it to your needs, dynamically transfer data (or listen to your own events!), and reuse it as many times as needed.

Category: Computer Science -- Powered by: LinkedIn Learning

React.js stands out among JavaScript libraries. For UI development, it relies on reusable components rather than templates, allowing developers to render views where data changes over time. React apps are more scalable and easier to maintain, making developers more efficient and users happier. Eve Porcello introduces the basics of the React library in this course, using the latest syntax and best practices for building React components.

Learn how to set up Chrome tools for React, create new components, work with React's built-in hooks, use the Create React app to run tests, and more along the way. By the end of the course, you'll understand the basics of React.js and be better prepared to create your own browser-based projects.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed By: SkillShare

Without all the distractions, learn React. This course will focus on the fundamentals and walk you through the process of building your first app.

Many React newcomers obsess over external dependencies like webpack and redux. While tools like this are great, they tend to add additional complexity when first launched.

I'll avoid all of these distractions in these lessons and instead focus on the basics of React and walk you through building your first app.

Among the topics discussed are:

  • Components and Elements
  • Using state and JSX lifecycle
  • Forms in action
  • Creating stateless/dumb components
  • Creating your first app

In addition to the videos mentioned above, I've included two additional videos on React rendering and updates. If you've ever wanted to learn more about how React works under the hood, these are the resources for you.

Category: Computer Science -- Developed By: SkillShare

Follow this tutorial on React JS and Redux to become a highly sought after software engineer. Learning to react, as one of the highest paying skills for web developers, will open doors and jobs for you.

This project-based course will help you start coding right away. This course will improve your skills in modern web development by having you build four carefully thought-out example applications.

First, create two apps to learn the basics of React JS. The first introduces ES6/Babel and the second shows how to use an API to handle HTTP web requests in React. Learn how to manipulate browser cookies with the third application. Finally, you'll create a complete application with full authentication and a real-time database.

CS50 Mobile App Development with React Native - Course - edX

Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Harvard University

This course continues from where CS50 left off, moving from web development to mobile app development with React Native.

The course covers both modern JavaScript (including ES6 and ES7) and JSX, an extension to JavaScript. You'll gain experience with React and its paradigms, application architecture, and user interfaces through hands-on projects. The course culminates in a capstone project where you will build an application completely from scratch.

Aulapro Logo

Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Edureka

Edureka's React certification training will teach you how to build efficient React applications by mastering the concepts of React, Redux, and React Native. You'll learn how to build simple components and integrate them into more complex layout components in this React course.

After completing this React online training, you will be able to build applications using React concepts such as JSX, Redux, asynchronous programming using the Redux-Saga middleware, fetching data using GraphQL, testing using Jest, deploying applications using Nginx and Docker, and building applications. mobiles. apps that use React Native.

Aulapro Logo

Category: Computer Science -- Powered by: LinkedIn Learning

React is a powerful framework that allows you to achieve more with less. To figure out how to use it, you must first learn the basics of React and how to integrate it with other technologies and approaches. Get a solid foundation in React and learn how to build real-world applications by combining React with other leading tools.

  • Determine the best structure and set of state containers for your React app.
  • Deploy an application that runs efficiently, allowing users to accomplish more while using fewer server-side resources.
  • Create user interfaces that present complex information to users in a manageable way.

This program or Learning Path of LinkedIn Learning is made up of 8 courses, which complete 24 hours of video content and address the following topics:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Programming in ReactJS

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library designed for creating user interfaces with a focus on single-page application development. It is maintained by Meta (formerly Facebook) and a community of developers. Learning ReactJS is crucial due to its efficiency, component reuse, and its ability to dynamically handle data changes, making it popular for developing modern web and mobile applications.

Key features of ReactJS include its focus on reusable components, allowing developers to build complex interfaces from small, manageable pieces of code. It uses JSX, a syntax that allows you to write the component structure in a more readable way, making it easier to pass rich data and maintain state outside the DOM, for better performance and easy application state management.

While having a foundation in programming, especially JavaScript, can be very beneficial for learning ReactJS more quickly, there are resources and courses designed for people with different levels of experience. From programming beginners to experienced developers looking to expand their skills, there are learning options available for all levels.

To start learning ReactJS, it is recommended to start with online courses offered by recognized e-Learning platforms, which cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced concepts. These courses typically include video lessons, hands-on projects, and supplemental resources. Practicing building your own projects, contributing to open source projects, and participating in development communities are also great ways to deepen your knowledge.

Mastering ReactJS opens up a wide range of career opportunities in web and mobile development. Developers with ReactJS skills are in high demand for roles including front-end development, single page application (SPA) development, and mobile app development with React Native. Additionally, knowledge in ReactJS is highly valued for positions in front-end and full-stack development, in a variety of industries and projects of all types and sizes.

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