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The best ExpertTrack from Future Learn, the original virtual course modality from one of the world's leading e-Learning platforms.

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Here you will find a list of the best virtual courses, in the ExpertTrack modality, developed exclusively by one of the most relevant online education platforms in the world.

Future Learn offers advanced virtual studies, such as its ExpertTrack format, which are developed by some of the most recognized universities, organizations or cultural or training centers in the United Kingdom, and mainly Europe.

Find in this article, information about Los ExpertTrack from Future Learn, which have been most studied and highly valued by thousands of students from all over the world.

Virtual courses, or advanced virtual studies, on topics that are currently in high demand for training, such as Business Management, Digital Photography, Fashion Business, Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, International Relations and Global Development, among other interesting topics.

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What are Future Learn ExpertTracks

According to Future Learn, the ExpertTracks The Future Learn ExpertTracks are specialized studies composed of several courses in series, which offer deeper training in a particular subject. Students can access from anywhere in the world and start their studies at the time they consider, advancing at their own pace and availability. Future Learn, which offers virtual studies from the main universities in Europe and Asia, and also some from America, such as the University of Michigan, in the US, launches a new format starting in 2021.



Category: Languages ​​-- Developed by: The British Council

Discover the British Council's IELTS preparation strategies
If you plan to study abroad or move to another country to work or live, you may be required to prove your English language ability with the IELTS test.

The four courses in this British Council ExpertTrack give you all the information and practice you need to tackle all four parts of IELTS with the confidence that you can achieve the band score you need.


Category: Health Sciences -- Developed by: Monash University

Get a broad overview of psychology and master its basic principles.
Developed by one of the world's top-rated universities, Monash, this ExpertTrack has been created to provide a broad overview of the science of psychology, from biological and developmental psychology, to sensation perception and the psychology of learning. .

The principles of psychology can be applied in a variety of industries, such as teaching, counseling, marketing, and human resources. Once you have understood them, they will be invaluable in helping you excel in your chosen field.

Discover the history of psychology.
You'll discover the history of psychology, covering its separation from philosophy, examining the contributions of key figures, and exploring how it became the fascinating discipline it is today.

You will master the fundamental principles of the scientific method, which you can then apply in your professional and academic work.

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Category: Educational Sciences -- Developed by: Central Queensland University

Learn about the importance of neuroscience in education.
This educational ExpertTrack introduces you to the basics of neuroscience in learning. You will study our uniquely human brain, looking at the central nervous system, the limbic system, and the concept of neuroplasticity, and discover what it means for memory and learning in the brain.

Identify the most common neuromyths in education.
When it comes to educational neuroscience, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.

It will identify some of the most accepted neuromyths within the teaching community. By debunking any misconceptions about the brain and learning, you can apply your learnings from this course with confidence.


Category: Fourth Industrial Revolution -- Developed by: CloudSwyft and Microsoft

An introduction to the fundamentals of data analysis with Excel.
Data analysis skills are in increasing demand across a wide range of industries, but if math isn't your forte, learning it can be overwhelming. This ExpertTrack has been designed with exactly that in mind. It's a complete beginner's guide on the subject, covering the basics of data analysis, math, and Excel basics to refresh your memory and build your confidence in these areas.

Each course within this ExpertTrack is self-paced, allowing you to review course content as quickly or slowly as you like.

Brush up on your math before delving into data analysis
Data analysis involves applying mathematics, whether statistics or simple formulas, to data sets. This ExpertTrack offers you the opportunity to refresh your mathematical knowledge before you begin so that you feel confident in mathematical notation, the application of summary statistics, and the calculation of business metrics as you progress through the courses.


Category: Fine Art -- Developed by: Goldsmiths, University of London

Learn to play jazz piano with Goldsmiths University of London
From learning the basics of jazz improvisation to mastering more advanced techniques, this ExpertTrack will improve your jazz piano playing skills to playing in a group with other musicians and improvising in C, F, and B flat.

As you progress through this ExpertTrack, you will gain the skills and confidence to: – improvise using scales, chorals, motivating routes, and special devices play in voiced position – include other jazz-connected influences such as jazz funk, third flow, and indo- fusion.

Start building your jazz repertoire with blues
The first course in this series will introduce you to jazz improvisation on the piano and equip you to play jazz piano in a group using a game.

You'll first focus on the blues, before moving on to playing a jazz standard and building a foundation in the art of improvisation.


Category: Fourth Industrial Revolution -- Developed by: Institute of Data & Marketing

Learn how to create a social media strategy, from setting goals to measuring results
This ExpertTrack will help marketers understand how to create a social media strategy for their brand.

Under the guidance of social media professionals and experts working in the industry, you'll learn everything from why social engagement is key and how to choose the right platform to social media content formats, social metrics and analytical information.

By completing this ExpertTrack, you'll be equipped with the skills to create your own award-winning social media strategy.


Category: Languages ​​-- Developed by: British Council

Discover British culture while improving your English language skills
This British Council ExpertTrack will deepen your understanding of UK culture and history as well as help you improve your English and give you opportunities to practice at every step.

The three ExpertTrack courses look at some aspects of modern British culture, as well as looking back at some of the roots of British culture in the work of William Shakespeare and in the Magna Carta, the foundation of our modern democracy.

Throughout the three courses, you will listen to authentic English in interviews with people from across the UK, carry out language activities based on the English you hear, and share your own thoughts, experiences and opinions at every step.

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Category: Business -- Developed by: Coventry University

Implement effective project planning and execution to drive business performance
How can you become a better project manager and what are the principles that drive effective project management within an organization?

This ExpertTrack has been put together to give you the opportunity to cover everything you need to know about good project management.

You will be able to learn to make strategic changes and transformations through project management in organizations.

You will also be able to develop your understanding of the stages, tools and techniques necessary for project initiation, planning, execution, control and closure.


Category: Languages ​​-- Developed by: British Council

Learn to plan and deliver thoughtful and engaging English lessons
Take responsibility for your own continuing professional development (CPD) with this ExpertTrack from the British Council.

The British Council's CPD framework identifies twelve professional practices that describe what a teacher does and help you plan your own professional development. These three courses cover all twelve practices, from Knowing the Subject to XNUMXst Century Skills, and provide you with a wealth of great tips and ideas for action in your own practice.


Category: Languages ​​-- Developed by: British Council

Find out how to help children learn English as a second language
Teaching English to children while they are still learning their native language is a challenging yet rewarding experience. In this ExpertTrack, you'll learn how, as a parent or teacher, you can help children get the most out of a language learning experience.

You'll explore early childhood development and examine how young children learn English, as well as discover how and why children learn best through play.

Study with experts in language development
You will learn from British Council educators, global providers of high-quality English courses. You'll learn the best ways to talk to young children, how to create a supportive environment for them to learn English as an additional language, and how to monitor their progress.


Category: Fine Art-- Developed By: Future Learn

More UX designers are required to show UI (user interface) skills. So how does UI design relate to the broader field of UX? You will discover how to incorporate visual design with interaction design, and how these 'micro' elements exist within the big 'macro' world of UX.

Know the 5 stages of the process of design thinking. You will examine the five-stage design thinking model proposed by the Hasso-Plattner Design Institute at Stanford University: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. You will explore the non-linear nature of this methodology that will allow you to overcome obstacles and bring ideas to life.

Learn how to create a user journey with Value Stream Mapping The user journey map is an excellent tool for digital designers as it allows you to visualize how a user interacts with a product and allows you to see a product from the user's perspective. You'll learn how to use mapping to understand all the touchpoints where a customer will come into contact with your business, online and offline.


Category: Fourth Industrial Revolution-- Developed by: Coventry University

During the five courses in this ExpertTrack, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with security controls used to prevent, detect, and recover from security breaches at different stages of the system lifecycle.

You will understand how these controls are implemented and learn to apply formal analysis techniques to verify if systems meet the necessary security standards. Contextualizing Cybersecurity in the Software Development Lifecycle In the first course, you will discover the importance of secure system design and how a security-first mindset can improve the software development process. You will learn to examine security in the software development life cycle and discuss the legal and ethical aspects of secure systems.

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