Best Future Learn Microcredentials (2022)

The best Microcredentials from Future Learn, the original virtual course modality from one of the world's leading e-Learning platforms.

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Here you will find a list of the best virtual courses, in the Microcredential modality, developed exclusively by one of the most relevant online education platforms in the world.

Future Learn offers advanced virtual studies, such as its Microcredentials format, which are developed by some of the most recognized universities, organizations or cultural or training centers in the United Kingdom, and mainly Europe.

Find in this article, information about Los Future Learn Microcredentials, which have been most studied and highly valued by thousands of students from all over the world.

Virtual courses, or advanced virtual studies, on topics that are currently in high demand for training, such as Business Management, Digital Photography, Fashion Business, Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, International Relations and Global Development, among other interesting topics.

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Search the list for the course of your interest, explore the information on its characteristics. Finally click on the title or name of the course to delve deeper into the details of the course.

What are Future Learn Microcredentials

According to Future Learn, Microcredentials or Microcredentials are advanced virtual studies that offer relatively quick, easy access for professionals seeking training in the most demanded topics in the current labor market. Among its most outstanding characteristics is that it is a fast study, compared to other specialized studies. They can focus on a specific area of ​​interest, and in that sense they can be more practical and much cheaper by allowing the student to focus on the subject that their work is demanding of them.



Category: Fine Arts -- Developed by: The Open University

According to IbisWorld, the photography industry grew by 2.1% between 2014-2019, and the demand for professional photography and digital imaging is expected to continue to increase. Most people own a camera that would have been the envy of professionals 10 years ago, but it takes more than a click to create amazing digital images.

In this Microcredential, you will explore the theory and practicalities of digital imaging., from how light refracts through a camera lens to what makes a scene visually pleasing. In addition to theoretical work, you will tackle a series of practical tasks designed to progress your technical and artistic skills and share them with a supportive online community. You will experiment with applying a variety of photographic techniques to a specialized photographic genre, from nature and people to architecture and fine art, challenging you to step out of your photographic comfort zone.


Category: Education Sciences -- Developed by: The Open University

Many institutions have had to rush to bring their teaching online, on an unprecedented scale. Student assessment has also been affected, with many exams canceled and others moved online, creating uncertainty for all involved. Regardless of when the pandemic ends, this 'online pivot' in education is likely to become permanent as more and more learning opportunities move online.

Knowing how to create engaging online courses for adults will be a key skill in the future now that distance and online learning are so widely used. In this microcredential, you'll discover how adults learn online, and at a distance, from key theories. You will evaluate technologies to support online and distance learning in specific contexts, drawing on a variety of experiences and research to learn how to successfully design engaging and inspiring online courses.

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Category: Business -- Developed by: Institut Français de la Mode (IFM)

Develop the key skills needed to be successful in fashion management.
Globally, the fashion market in 2020 is valued at 300 billion dollars.

Using case studies of major fashion brands such as Gucci and Celine, you will develop your professional understanding of the key business components of the global fashion industry, from building a fashion collection and brand to entrepreneurship. of fashion

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Discover the business models of fashion brands and analyze consumer behavior in fashion
To fully understand the inner workings of the modern fashion business, you'll examine the fashion market from three key perspectives: fashion from a historical and anthropological point of view, established and emerging fashion business models, and the business of fashion. from the perspective of consumer behavior.


Category: Business -- Developed by: The Open University

Get the marketing skills you need to advance your management career
From understanding customer behavior to designing products and services that meet customer needs, marketing techniques and tools are used to solve management problems in a wide range of professional contexts.

Whether you work in a commercial or non-commercial industry, as a management professional it is crucial to understand the value of marketing and its impact on various business functions.

This microcredential will introduce you to the basics of marketing, covering both digital and offline perspectives.


Category: Fourth Industrial Revolution -- Developed by: The Open University

Cyber ​​security is rapidly evolving, and professionals need to keep up with the complexities of different cyber threats., as well as the different technologies under attack. In this Microcredential, you'll learn how cybersecurity professionals respond to a recent, active, or imminent cyber threat.

You will explore how to resolve attacks and how to complete legal investigations of any potential cybercrime. You'll build skills in this exciting area using the up-to-date experience of the internationally recognized Cisco CCNA Cyber ​​Security operations certification.


Category: Economics, Administration, Accounting and Related -- Developed by: Instituto de Ventas Empresariales (ESI)

In this micro-credential, you will have the opportunity to certify your sales skills to a professional standard. and develop the sales skills, competencies, and mindset that employers need from their salespeople. Created and led by experts from the Entrepreneurial Selling Institute, this credential will help you develop your professional approach to sales, as you learn to think about sales in a more thoughtful and results-oriented way. You'll discover the value of understanding your buyer's motivations and develop your collaborative skills to work with a potential client to ensure you close on time and mitigate risk.

You'll finish the microcredential with a deeper understanding of how to think like a high-performing sales professional, as well as the motivation and skills to achieve it. This micro-credential meets the standards established by the Common Micro-Credential Framework. You'll discover the value of understanding your buyer's motivations and develop your collaborative skills to work with a potential client to ensure you close on time and mitigate risk. You'll finish the microcredential with a deeper understanding of how to think like a high-performing sales professional, as well as the motivation and skills to achieve it.


Category: Business -- Developed by: QA and AXELOS

Earn a PRINCE2® certification with the UK's leading provider of project management training to advance your career.


Enhance your career prospects with a PRINCE2® project management certification
Earn a PRINCE2® Foundation certification in just six weeks, giving you the skills and confidence to successfully manage complex projects, as well as global employer recognition of your project management skills.

The PRINCE2® certification is fully accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of Axelos, and will provide you with the knowledge and frameworks to successfully manage complex projects.

QA is the UK's leading organization for technology and project management skills.

PRINCE2 Foundation accredited training and Certification is provided by QA, accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of Axelos. QA is an Axelos Accredited Training Organization (ATO)

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Category: Health Sciences -- Developed by: QA and AXELOS

An increasing number of students in schools and universities are experiencing mental health problems. The act of learning can be extremely positive for students' mental well-being, but it can also exacerbate or even cause mental health difficulties.

Although there have been calls to action on mental health globally, there is little guidance in this area. In this microcredential, you will learn how to integrate mental wellness into your teaching. You will discover how to apply inclusive teaching strategies and learn to design appropriate learning activities that promote the mental health of students.

The World Health Organization reported that 10 to 20% of children worldwide experience mental disorders and that half of all mental illnesses begin by the age of 14. Although 98% of the teachers surveyed had come into contact with students experiencing mental health problems, only 46% received mental health training.

Help young people build resilience in the modern world and get the training you need to support mental health in your classroom. This micro-credential meets the standards established by the Common Micro-Credential Framework.


Category: Fourth Industrial Revolution -- Developed by: Monash University

Data becomes valuable when it enables us to make a decision or take action in the real world. In this microcredential, you will work through hands-on programming exercises in the R language to learn the process of ordering, collecting, and discussing data and to apply statistical models to simulate complex functions that solve a wide range of problems. Using data visualization techniques, you'll learn how to interpret and explain data to inform your decision-making process and communicate your message to others.

You will also explore the essential ethical, legal and organizational issues of data collection and management. You'll gain the skills you need to apply for data scientist positions or use the knowledge you've gained to improve your current organization. The data science and data analytics industry is expected to grow sevenfold in the next few years, reaching a value of $103 billion by 2023.


Category: Fourth Industrial Revolution -- Developed By: Future Learn

This microcredential has been created in collaboration with Tableau for professionals seeking to master key statistical concepts and techniques and to harness data analysis tools essential to the modern practice of data analysis. You'll develop basic quantitative data analysis skills to manage and analyze complex data sets with Excel and SQL, and learn to make business recommendations using analytical models, progressing from diagnostic analysis to predictive models.

Access Tableau Professional Training In addition to enhancing your data analysis and modeling skills, this micro-credential offers the latest training in using the business intelligence tool, Tableau, to communicate your analysis through data visualizations and dashboards. Is data analytics in demand?

This credential will help you develop these highly valuable and marketable data storytelling skills and learn how to use Tableau to communicate ideas and solve business problems. Develop data visualization and storytelling skills that are translatable across industries, and equip yourself with the skills to get hired in a market expected to be worth $500 billion by 2026.


Category: Fourth Industrial Revolution -- Developed by: Dublin City University

In this microcredential, you will explore key elements of the FinTech landscape, as well as the main technologies and applications behind the FinTech revolution. You will understand how technological innovation has benefited the financial industry and develop arguments and ideas on how FinTech developments can greatly improve the customer journey.

You'll gain the skills you need to apply for a FinTech position or become a cutting-edge financial or investment manager. FinTech is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with the number of FinTech firms expected to double by 2030. Learn more by downloading the FinTech – Financial Innovation brochure and detailed list of topics.

This micro-credential meets the standards established by the Common Micro-Credential Framework.


Category: Social and Human Sciences -- Developed by: The Open University

Development is a complex process, and managing development intervention requires a combination of purposeful design and the confidence to flexibly adapt to changing circumstances. In this microcredential, you will develop the skills to effectively manage the development intervention process on the ground.

By using real-life case studies, you will engage with development tools, frameworks, and methodologies that can be used to plan, implement, and evaluate development interventions. In addition to practical development strategies, you will explore associated theoretical issues and debates.

This micro-credential meets the standards established by the Common Micro-Credential Framework.


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